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The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ANALYSIS of the events of 9/11.

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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 10:56 PM

originally posted by: samkent
a reply to: LaBTop

Here is a clear demonstration of either a big FAE (fuel/air/explosive) or a smaller TB used in rebel occupied Ukraine.
When you know the characteristics of both weapons, it's VERY obvious.
I once posted a small video of an FAE exploding like an opening umbrella, above a small house, that feature is exactly the same as you see here, in the following video :

So you agree that anything that powerful makes a big noise heard miles away ?
But we didn't hear anything at WTC ??? So no explosives.

Well DUH.... obviously they used silent explosives, that also do not give off any seismic waves! Also all the blast effects were covered up by a hologram of the buildings....
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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 10:57 PM
This next picture shows the conical 10x15 foot crater left in Shanksville on 911, This image was taken shortly after the alleged crash of a large Boeing commercial airliner.

Obvious that a large commercial airliner did not crash here.

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 06:32 AM

originally posted by: Shadow Herder
10x15 foot crater

Do you mean the 124' 10" wide, same size as a Boeing 757, crater ?

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 11:13 AM
Just Search ATS for " grass in crater 93 ", enough to keep you busy for 3 months.

waypastvne IS right, that imprint was wide enough. Do not get distracted by long since proven hoaxes, go search for the real mysteries, like the missing 3 seconds in the Fl.93 recovered FDR.
See for that, to begin with, my posts here.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 11:16 AM

originally posted by: samkent
a reply to: 1Providence1

I would like to add that Hoover

Hardly a man I would use as of strong moral American values.
Now it you wanted an opinion on a dress . . .

H.W. also managed to block Carter from reading classified UFO and e.t. related documents when Bush was director of the CIA.

What does this man know about these phenomena that he so desperately seeks to conceal?

You are starting to mix your conspiracy theories.
Tin foil anyone ?

Don't do that. You're just trying to pick a fight.

Many things are linked by way of the same person being involved. It's basic. I'm surprised you couldn't even fathom it.

9/11 has a lot of obvious holes regarding the offical story. This is considered reasonable doubt. It's basic judicial here in the U.S.

At the very least more investigation is needed. Basic, basic, basic.

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: 1Providence1

What "holes" do you speak of? The ones that are commonly listed on ATS are normally ones that were filled in long ago.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 07:02 AM

samkent : So you agree that anything that powerful makes a big noise heard miles away ?
But we didn't hear anything at WTC ??? So no explosives.

That Ukrainian rocket explosion was a 500lb rocket-based FAE or TB, exploded in free spaced air, which really gives some punch.

A 10lb TB as WTC Tower initiator, or even as progress-charges to keep the collapses going, exploding in a concealed core space, then encapsulated in its own huge dust and water vapor cloud (GREAT muffler "blanket" by the way), delivers far less of an audio footprint, more like these :

LIST link.

" WTC 7: Sound Evidence for Explosions " :

"911 Eyewitness - Sound analysis shows explosives etc." :

"Audio Spectrum Analysis of WTC explosions - Pt 1, the best so far! " :

The most important video, "9/11 WTC Detonations Finally Revealed" from ATS moderator
, does not get one word to address it, from OS-trusters. Because at last you can hear clearly the first detonations that forced that top-part of WTC North to collapse in on itself, downwards. And pulverized a great deal of that top-part already.

And then you can find many more in my LIST-link above and in my 3 other signature links (only visible for ATS members, thus one remedy, become a member.! )
There are a few copyrighted links in there, removed by YouTube. It's easy to find the original ones back, by searching YouTube with the full titles, which I have always included.

Samkent, you keep spreading your "no explosion sounds" lie.
KNOWINGLY spreading lies in this forum, when these lies were already countered multiple times by solid evidence, is supposed to be a SERIOUS violation of the rules, and should be indicated as such by mods in those posts wih a small banner.
It never happens. Why?
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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 07:18 AM
For once in your ATS-life, would you, well known flock of ATS OS-trusters, refrain from trying to drawn the above post by posting meaningless and link-less posts.?

For once, try to counter my evidence with your evidence, if that is at all possible of course.
Especially the Matt H. one, the -BoneZ- one..!
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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 09:42 AM
by John Sosman (view his other 75 video's at YouTube) :
This is evidence for planted explosives, see the same black muffler blankets cloths spit out of WTC1N and during that public demolition :

John Sosman :
A. The opening scene (as well as the part at the end) comes from one of the archival NIST FOIA 9/11 videos. It shows an ejection of air, or air, smoke, dust, and debris. The thing to notice happens quickly. Look for the black object being ejected. This object has been the source of some confusion. It has been theorized that it is a piece of clothing or even a body. It is neither.

B. The center of the video shows some scenes from videos made by CDI, Inc., of known, acknowledged demolitions- the first of an apartment building, and the second of a bridge. In the clips of the demolition of the apartment building, numerous black objects remarkably similar in both appearance and behavior to the black object seen at the beginning (and end) of this video can be seen at the forefront of the demolition "squibs".
In the bridge demolition video, it can be seen that the demolition charges are wrapped in some black material, which goes flying when the explosive is triggered.

If A is the black object seen in the beginning, and B represents the black objects seen in the apartment demolition, and C represents the flying black pieces which wrap the explosive charges on the bridge, it is not at all difficult to see that, in all likelihood, A = B = C.
CDI, Inc. was hired for the 9/11 cleanup job. It should be noted that CDI is a demolition company, not a debris cleanup company, although cleanup is part of their own demolition jobs.

Those black objects are KEVLAR enhanced muffler blankets, used by CDI to muffle the cutter charges sounds, and even more important for them, to concentrate the explosive power of the cutter charges in the first milliseconds, and also to catch the sheared off parts of cut columns and slow them down, so they can't injure people or break windows etcetera, in close by buildings.
Any WTC demolition planner would of course not worry about that, the only thing they would try to conceal, are those muffler blankets spitting out of the exterior facade. This one they failed to keep inside. And what a lucky shot by that camera. Those are the small but significant wrenches in the oiled machinery that the false flag 9/11 operation was.

Do understand you have to look for and expose the signs of the small interventions they had to perform on 9/11. Don't think that it was done with boatloads of operatives.
For sure it was done by small groups of strategically placed individuals, both technically trained operatives, and high placed politicians and military operatives.

John Sosman : Audio proof of many of the explosions is very difficult to pinpoint. Far less was recorded than was actually happening. The reason for this is quite simple: the dense curtain wall of the falling pulverized concrete and other materials muffled even loud explosions almost completely. It is hard to hear through a heavy fog, even harder to hear through one or two hundred feet of concrete cloud, which was making its own noise.

Add the residual water vapor exploded out of the many composite concrete floors too, in to the dust. And the huge amount of water from the collapsing water tanks on the higher mechanical floors.
And everybody knows the huge muffling effect from thick fog clouds. You only hear the passing car when it comes really near your car or better, bicycle, in a thick fog bank.

John Sosman : Probably most of the charges were planted inside the elevator shaft area, which could have been done without detection. Listen to the chief electrical design engineer of the World Trade center, Richard Hummen:

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:30 AM
At 10:40 and on in the Hummen video : The four 30,000lb electrical substations on the 108th mechanical floor were just after the impact still delivering electricity to the Lobby, as can be seen in videos of firemen entering that Lobby, since the lights were still on.
That means that the cables that run adjacent to two of the core columns, were not severed, and thus indicate that the plane did not damage those columns.
I explained already before, that the plane acted as a snow shovel after it severed at impact, the Vierendeel triplets from their tops and bottoms, thus shoving them in front of the now compacted plane debris towards the core columns, compacting even more on the way to them. And collecting more and more office equipment debris on that short trajectory.
It will have immensely slowed down that plane debris packet, mixed with exterior column triplets, pushing all that through several floor heights.

That is some real huge and fast acting brake-mechanism, that most people do not take in account, when trying to describe the impact mechanism. Just enlarge the impact holes in HD videos, then you see those huge heaps of exterior triplet "shovels", resting against the outer core columns. With the bulk of plane debris in front of that heap.

And as said before, they also do not take the huge explosions sounds muffler effect in account of that huge dust cloud racing down the floors, spitting out up to a hundred yards outside the original exterior peripheries on all four sides.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:02 AM
9/11 Early ejection of building materials: Freeze Frame evidence of controlled demolition :

You see a ring of explosive dust and steam burst out of the top plane-impacted floor, just a moment after you see that Vierendeel triplet on the far left side of the center plane impacted floor, hinge to the left. That top impacted floor was only damaged on the far right side, by a wing tip.

That floor its steel was basically perfectly fire proof isolated (for 2 hrs) for more than 95 %, as you can see as 5 % plane wing-tip imprint damage on the far right facade part of that floor.
So where is the logic.? Why should it fail first, instead of much more critically impacted floors.?

Then read this long explanatory post of mine :

You should also pay attention to this post by Plube, and the follow up posts :
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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 12:10 PM
Homeland Security file depository.

Over half of the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) resources are not openly available to the public at large. See the options below to determine whether you are eligible for further access.

Funny. It reminds me of Franco years, Hitler years, Stalin years, Suharto years, and all these other DICTATORS. These HS fascists were chosen by the PEOPLE, who can not view half of their own country its 9/11 depository.....!

You, other less trusted US citizens are still, after all these years of secrecy, only eligible to read their full depository, when you become or are a civil or military servant, paid by the government of the US.
If you dare to use it "unconstitutional", you will surely loose your job.

For those less "lucky" ones, there's restricted access : (fill in Search : 9/11 ) :
""Home > Search Results 1 - 30 (of 57688) Sorted by Relevance | Sort By Date(0.354 seconds""

The limited HSDL Collection is a collection of federal government documents. It is a subset of the much larger, full HSDL Collection, that includes resources from state and local agencies, research institutions, think tanks, non-profits and more. Select the HSDL Collection (full) to search a much broader collection of resources.

If you WANT TO VIEW the other, circa 18,000 restricted files as a non OS servant type :
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 ATTACKS : (Click "Home", --> sour smile.! )

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:40 PM
Some recent remarks by myself in this thread are based on these reports :

Rising China: Shifting the Economic Balance of Power Through Cyberspace.
Open Abstract
Open Resource [125 page pdf]
From the thesis abstract: "The growing evidence of Chinese government complicity in commercial cyber espionage and theft of intellectual property, costing the United States billions of dollars, has blurred the distinction… more
Kihara, Stacy A. 2014-12 1967KB Pages 96 to 99 / 125 : E. CONCLUSION.

You will not find the now secret, Jan 2006 report by LDEO researcher Kim Young, made for NIST, in the Public HSDL Collection. I don't know if it's in the limited HSDL Collection.
Terms: ALL (term in any field) (Kim AND seis) within the HSDL Collection (public) did not produce that report in the 73 results.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:44 PM

originally posted by: cardinalfan0596
a reply to: 1Providence1
What "holes" do you speak of? The ones that are commonly listed on ATS are normally ones that were filled in long ago.

That is the main problem on many 9/11 forums. Fresh doubters are relying on websites that do not change/edit their pages after being proven wrong on certain subjects, long ago already. That's why it starts to look as if these websites are helping the government and its agencies and institutions, to confuse the hell out of its citizens.
Many, many leads which did look promising as evidence of some sort of false flag operation, were quickly proven wrong/false leads, but were never ever corrected on those sites their pages.
Dry grass in the foreground, unburned, it confused the hell out of many doubters :

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:58 PM
Now, if you, the fresh or seasoned 9/11 researcher, want to follow a sure definitive lead, to the only conclusion it leads to (false flag), just study my four signature links.

The recorded seismic record can not be falsified anymore, they really tried hard to do so, failed, and then decided to bury as much of it as they could. Too late.

You will thus not find back anymore, anything seismic related, in the huge 9/11 NIST depository, from after 2005/2006, when I lead them to the HUGE discrepancies in their seismic stories and reports, posted by NIST years AFTER LDEO published their 9/11-seismograms already in the same week as the 9/11 Tuesday, 2001.

And NIST can't change their atomic clock checked time stamp anymore on the Cianca photo, since they used exactly the photos in Cianca's digital camera, to explain the procedure they developed to pinpoint wrongly set times in such digital cameras back to the real-time atomic clocked 9/11 events. They based that methodology on one WTC Tower event, and then calculated all other events back to that atomic clock registered event. I have explained this NIST technique extensively in one of my signature links.

Which at last, made it possible for me to connect both the by NIST by photo, and the by seismographs LDEO recorded WTC-7 east-penthouse denting event.
The WTC-7 Cianca photo and the LDEO seismogram for WTC-7, now firmly locked very precisely to each other, based on the, used by BOTH official US-institutions, OWN ATOMIC CLOCKS, for the two recorded events.

Which show however a 14 to 17 seconds gap between the Cianca photo and the WTC 7 seismic record of that same event (east WTC-7 penthouse denting) recorded by LDEO.
When you correct all the atomic clock times, stamped under that WTC-7 seismogram, to values that are 14 to 17 seconds earlier, then suddenly every amplitude peak on that seismogram fits exactly ALL the video taped WTC-7 collapse events.

Which were the first sign of collapse (first dent in the roof of the east penthouse, then it sinks out of sight), the second sign (west penthouse toppling over into the main roof, these two signs took 8.3 secs), and the third sign (start of the main collapse) : the whole parapet roof line on top of the whole building outline and all visible facades sink down as one still intact entity.

When you correct those times, you see that the first huge amplitude peak now is situated before the east penthouse starts to collapse and not after that anymore, which would indeed be the logical thing to expect.
Some sort of far greater energy than the following global collapse of all WTC-7 core and exterior columns must have caused that column 79, under that east penthouse, to first fail, then the roof portion under that east penthouse collapsed inwards. Then a few seconds you don't see much happening in the video records, and the the global collapse of WTC-7 starts, depicted by the second distinctively less huge amplitude peak in that WTC-7 seismogram.

Thus, only when you correct that WTC-7 seismogram, does it fit EXACTLY with the video recorded events of that full collapse.
CONCLUSION : someone(s) at LDEO and/or NIST, tried to hide the much stronger seismic effect that explosives have on the Manhattan bedrock, in this case that huge first peak in the WTC-7 seismogram, that dwarfed the next peak which depicted the fall of a whole 47 stories high steel and concrete roof and floors decked building.

Which is thus clear evidence of tampering with evidence, and thus indication of the huge false flag operation, that 9/11/2001 indeed was.

PS : more evidence the US government and its institutions do not hesitate to suppress eyewitness evidence at all, read all its text, use Ctrl and then push 7 times the +sign :

Another one :

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:09 AM
The same definite evidence for a false flag operation goes for the erasing of three MINUTES from the Flight 93 recovered FDR.
As evidenced by the many eyewitnesses in Lambertsville and a few miles north, who ALL report MUCH lower altitudes for that plane, than is recorded in the FDR's OFFICIALLY boosted LAST 3 seconds, ending at 10:03, says NIST....

But all other institutions, like RADES (radar records), LDEO (seismogram) and FAA (flight controller time sheets), all put the crash time of Fl.93 at 10:06. Especially a seismic record is a very precise one, just as a radar record can be, when the radar records of the Fl.93 plane its descend will be covered by the radar beams from different stations, as RADES always does.

When you calculate the FDR-altitudes from that NIST report back from 10:06 instead of the NIST 10:03, then suddenly all those reported altitudes by 7 people who were REALLY standing there, and followed that plane with their own eyes, fit like a glove again.
Thus,...WHY would there be a need to erase those last three minutes?

Only when the CVR which is the cockpit voice recorder, recovered together with the FDR, which is the flight data recorder, did contain the real conversations in those last three minutes.! And thus some people with early access to the FDR and CVR must have swapped those utterly important real conversations, for 3 minutes wind noise, which means NIST tries to let us believe that the cockpit window(s) were broken. How, why and by what? Their CVR transcript online, does not indicate anything like wind noise nor shouts from the hijackers when eventually a window would have broke. But the families of the plane passengers did hear that wind noise, and say it lasted 3 minutes in the CVR which was played back for them in a closed meeting.

An online textual, non-audio CVR-transcript does not indicate a breach of the cockpit door, nor entry from the brave passengers in the cockpit, only the pilot asking his mate to block that door, and use the cockpit ax on anyone trying to enter.

Those three erased minutes strongly indicate tampering with that FDR. Which indicates a false flag operation, Just as the seismic and radar and flight controller time slips indicate : a three minutes later crash time than NIST keeps insisting on.
And I believe those three, not NIST or its sources that fed them an already tampered with, CVR and FDR. Those two recovered from the impact site recordings were lost for a few days, according to the FBI its own reports about them. And then they suddenly turned up in the FBI its Quantico, Virginia labs, on a desk, and no one says he/she left them there, they simply returned back, out of the blue.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:17 AM
Posted by the now dead, ATS member and former NSA civil servant, ULTIMA on August 2, 2008 :

Lawyers about blackboxes.

Another investigative report in the Philadelphia Daily News (9-16-2001) revealed that

“a three-minute gap between the time the tape (produced for the victim families last spring by the FBI) goes silent -- according to government-prepared transcripts -- and the time that top scientists have pinpointed for the crash.”

But the American people have accepted the smoke and mirrors presentation as if it were a Rosemary Woods Presidential production.

Thus, complete and unaltered transcripts from the memory chips become all the more important in determining answers regarding “bomb-on-board” and “military shoot-down” hypotheses -- totally un-addressed by Congress during recent sham hearings.
(But such compliance has likely not been provided to the families thus far, since attorney Mike Elsner revealed to us that no lawyer has had access to the original memory chips, boxes, or FBI-transcribed tapes).
“It’s extremely rare that we don’t get the recorders back. I can’t recall another domestic case in which we did not recover the recorders,” said Ted Lopatkiewicz, spokesman for the NTSB. And FBI spokesman Joseph Valiquette said “We don‘t know what was said in the cockpits, by the crew members or by the hijackers.” (Associated Press, 2-24-2002)
According to a Reuters report (11-27-2001), “the Justice Department and the FBI have so far declined to release even an edited transcript of Flight 93’s cockpit voice recorder, saying that it is evidence in a criminal investigation” -- indicating early-on the extreme reticence of the government to let the public have full access to complete and authentic transcripts compiled from raw memory chip data as to what was said in the cockpit.
Curiously, a report only found in the New Delhi Indian Express (10-17-2001) revealed that “people involved in air traffic control said the FBI seized the air traffic tapes of the conversations with that airplane (Flight 93), and no transcript was made available of air-to-ground communications for the flight. Thus, lawyers may also need to hear the original recordings between the air traffic controllers and the cockpit.
Ellen and Neil Mariani -- Neil Mariani could not obtain a ticket on Ellen’s plane as they traveled to their daughter’s wedding in California. So Neil purchased a ticket on United flight 175 which was hijacked by Saudi nationals living at the supposedly secure Pensacola Naval Air Base in Florida where the terrorists registered their cars and residences -- but also where a recent and mysteriously-deceased Saudi military flight instructor lived. Mrs. Mariani attends every hearing -- sitting next to her attorneys and usually staring at Judge Hellerstein.
Mariani had continually referred to the Compensation Fund as the “Shut-up and go-away Fund,” adding that “without my day in court, I’ll never learn the truth and who did this to my husband -- let alone get justice and accountability.”

Never one to mince her words, Mrs. Mariani told us “I want to know what Governor Jeb Bush and the FBI were doing as they flew off from Florida in a military cargo plane with the terrorists’ airport flight-lesson records and other evidence connecting the Saudi hijackers to the events that killed my husband and hundreds of others. I want answers.”

“And what were [Intelligence Committee Chairmen] Senator Graham and Congressmen Goss doing having breakfast together the morning of the attacks with the Pakistani Intelligence leader who was writing checks to support the hijackers their living expenses in the United States?,” said the irrepressible Mariani. “It was even reported that Secretary of State Powell and CIA Director Tenet also met with that terrorist sponsor,” she added.

“The government may have just played the voters for a bunch of fools -- but not me,” Mariani said, promising she would “never give up, give in, or give out.”

If you want to see much more TomFlocco (30 pages) from, you have to do this open this main page first.
Then copy/paste this next part in that page its browser's address-bar, after the .org/ part :

Ooops, all defunct now....It were mostly Gifs (photos) from that article, by the way.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:22 AM

Read its page 2 bottom, the last lines. Then study the Altitude Profile on page 4.
You see a straight descent from 10,000 feet (3300 meter) to a few hundred feet, to 100 feet, to impact, in the last ONE minute recorded there. Impact is 10:03, according to the NTSB and FBI who decoded that already tampered with FDR. That 100 feet is exactly the height Viola Saylor, Mr Petersen and the other witnesses saw further south along the last 1.5 mile of FL.93 its path. Very low indeed.
But it does not fit the New York Times interviewed witnesses further back north on the flight path, those only fit, when you extend the flight path to 10:06.
As recorded by RADES-radars, seismographs, and flight controllers their timed flight slips plus their radio conversations about those curious last 3 minutes sudden re-appearing transponder signal and the attached radar accounts, also timed by them.

Remember, this NTSB report is from Feb.19, 2002, already.
Much later, much better cross-linked radar readings came from the RADES team, that studied a lot more radar reports, and concluded that the real crash time was 10:06. Just as the LDEO seismogram showed from the first day after 9/11.
Just as two flight controllers talked about while they were following the suddenly again appearing transponder signal of 93 in the last 3 minutes before they lost it again at 10:06. I spend many posts on this. Search ATS with terms from this post its text.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 05:28 AM
Read this page 5, to see what kind of tactics are used all the time in the ATS 9/11 forum, to try to let the reader believe OS-truster posts, or inject a bit of doubt at least.
OS-truster posters who do not bring their eventual contradicting evidence to the table, whether you ask them once, or multiple times :

Thus this is an example on the same page 5, how honest research should be the basis of all 9/11 research.
Contra-doubting research, even if it weakens or even perhaps nullifies earlier pro-doubting research by the same honest to history, researcher. I have added the two videos in this excerpt, for clarity reasons :

I am guessing you will not be able -by far- to recreate what they let you believe in that NTSB flight sim recreation of the recovered CVR/DFDR data found at the Pentagon rubble heaps.
I base that on what I see in that video of captain Aimer, posted above.

One big problem I noticed however with Captain Aimers execution of that spiral :
He orders the young man to push the gas handles up to speeds over 400 knots, while still in that spiraling down trajectory. And THAT is NOT at all depicted in the CVR/DFDR, animated by the NTSB data, there we see only speeds of 270 - 320 knots while in the spiral.

Here is that animated by the NTSB, spiral down. Watch from 1:00 / 5:22 the top right meter, it shows the REAL speed inside that spiral, in Knots :

That's why I REALLY like to see someone report here that they in fact could recreate the same CVR/DFDR speeds in about the same spots inside their spiral flown on their computer, and no rudder on. Or that it is totally impossible with that same radius (or diameter) of the original spiraling down trajectory. I am guessing you will not be able -by far- to recreate what they let you believe in that NTSB flight sim recreation of the recovered CVR/DFDR data found at the Pentagon rubble heaps.
I base that on what I see in that video of captain Aimer, posted above.

I could cover in my much younger years, with my race-motorbike a certain 180 degrees turn on a racing circuit at a speed of 145 km/hr. An unexperienced friend which I let it try too, never came higher than around 80 km/hr.

Now, I expect to hear from experienced 757 pilots, like we once had on board at ATS, the same for the above smooth spiral down maneuver. Around 400 Knots its not feasible, while around 300 Knots it can perhaps be done quite easily.
At, so to see, a normal small enough angle of the wings.

Any experienced wide body pilot taking the keyboard now, to agree or disagree?

posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 06:17 PM
For the well-intended purpose of cross linking pro and contra official 9/11 story threads together :

These two posts explain in detail, why according to a lifelong seismologist, the 5 seismograms recorded by the University of Columbia their geology department LDEO, stationed in Palisades, N.Y. State, were in fact evidence of explosions on 9/11 in Manhattan, during two plane impacts and 3 collapses :

Dr. Rousseau his strongest arguments :

Page 3 - 4 : Frequencies of waves generated by explosions are on the order of 1 Hertz (1 Hz, or one cycle per second) -- which is the case with the Rayleigh waves shown in figures 1a and 1b -- while those of crash impacts are above 10 Hz and are often around 100 Hz. Furthermore, the range of the recording instruments (0.6-5 Hz) cited does not allow for the recording of the high frequency waves that would be created by plane impacts.
As to the theory of the oscillation of the Towers to explain these signals, as defended by Irvine (2001), it is inadequate because in such a case we would have had a "square" signal of long duration and a constant amplitude, while in actuality we observe a "bell-like" signal, representing a strong and brief explosion, which is particularly evident in the case of WTC2.

Page 6 : For the time of the impact of the plane into WTC1 furnished by the 9/11 Commission, 8.46.40 (9/11 Commission Report, p. 7; Ritter, 2002), there is a hiatus of 15 seconds between the plausible time of the origin of the Rayleigh wave based on the Palisades data and the time -- afterwards -- of the crash of the plane into WTC1 based on the ground radar data.

What else but an explosion could be the origin for this seismic wave in the absence of an earthquake? A similar discrepancy exists in the data for the seismic wave and impact times for WTC2.

Many more seismic arguments for the use of explosives, especially in the collapse of WTC 7, can be read in my below four signature links.

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