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The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ANALYSIS of the events of 9/11.

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posted on Jan, 26 2015 @ 03:53 AM
The weirdest event for me, in the case of WTC1N, is that the collapse started at or just above the highest plane impacted floor, which THUS had its fire insulation still intact, thus could easily resist those first flames. But exactly there, we see first the caving inward of a row of perimeter columns. And then we see collapse starting by the hinging down to the left of a Vierendeel perimeter column chunk.

Which caving inward of a row of perimeter columns is strange, since those were Vierendeel parts, made up of 3 columns each, which triple column-parts stood not in line, but switched position, they were stepped-interlaced in that perimeter facade.
Which can mean only one thing.

Those perimeter columns wide vertical floor-level flange plates, welded-on their inner sides, and those floor-seats welded on them, were still firmly attached to those perimeter columns and to their now shifting downwards, huge composite floor decks.
And those floors were also still firmly attached to the core columns seats, which core columns were sinking, thereby pulling the floors with them, and the shifting floors were pulling the perimeter columns inwards.

The floor length doesn't change, the sinking floor trajectory will move inward, thus something must give way, which is not the floor length, but the perimeter facade wall, that gets pulled inwards. As observed in those videos already posted

Pulled inwards up to the point where the floor seats sheared off on one end, and those perimeter wall parts sprung back, and the collapse started, as the outer row of CORE columns were severed AND displaced just enough to begin sinking down. And the inner core columns were also severed, since we saw the radio mast sink in first, not the perimeter columns, they started to sink a tad bit later. Because the hat truss, still firmly connected to the now sinking inner core and the facade its perimeter columns, pulled the PCs with them, downwards.
And that was the ARTIFICIAL initiation event. The severing of all core columns at one floor level. And perhaps also a few beams from the hat truss.

This process went on all the way down, since we have two photos in the Gordon Ross presentation video (see a few posts up) of these spires still standing during the last part of both collapses, and by both spires we see the OUTER core columns row MISSING. Muhammad Columbo showed that clearly with his two diagrams, in that above video from Gordon Ross his presentation.
That could be the result of a by a natural overload driven, floors collapsing event ( Beck proved that could only occur LATER in the collapse sequence), which was pulling the outer core columns outwards and breaking/shearing them off.
It however also could be a result of human intervention; the explosive severing of those outer rows of core columns.

posted on Jan, 26 2015 @ 04:38 AM
When you look at ALL the photos of the only THREE core columns saved by NIST from the floors where the collapses started, in this already by me posted Major_Tom's page, you can imagine how their collapse started, when you are familiar with how steel behaves under over loads.

And certainly do not forget that the twisted and double bended column-ends of column HH were inside the initially faILing floors 98-100 at WTC1N.
That column HH got buckled and bended by an exploding TB, its center part not in line anymore with the lower column and then the floors faILed. Thus, by that time, the mass of the top part was already faLLing. And folded that already bended in the middle, or cut and broken column, in two, while folding downwards.

Imagine the 47 core columns middle parts got bended by the horizontal force, and their highest ends bolts or bolted plates getting sheared off by the upwards pressure force of an exploding TB, and then displaced at the same time for a certain distance (bended) by that TB, and then the huge over load of the mass of the whole top part takes over. That however means that all top core columns must have been faILing together.

Also take in account the use of disc shaped TBs, which are dual effect cutter charges.
Their first arriving, sharp disc-shaped border loaded with f.ex. DU particles, and its very high speed effect, cuts the column ends quite bluntly, not so sharp defined as tightly set copper lined RDX cutter charges, and then the bleeding-after effect from its explosive gas cloud pushes/bends them sideways. Because a disc shaped TB its explosive effect is somewhat longer living than f.ex. RDX, a high explosive, used in standard copper lined cutter charges.

Then the total load of the top floors plus the hat truss and radio mast bended these buckled in the middle and severed top and bottom column ends down, to the point where they were totally folded down. This happened in micro seconds, that's why you see these double-folded ends. Steel can only fold like this, when an immense load acts upon it, instantly. Like in a huge industrial steel plate bender. But now with multiple times more tons of force per column cross-section and per time unit.
When the load force is applied relatively slower, as in a natural collapse, this double folding will not occur, but shearing off occurs.

And it can only happen when the column middle parts are already out of line with each other, i.o.w. displaced and already bended or buckled by explosions.
Since Beck's math showed us that natural caused buckling could not happen without another huge external force, in this case, explosives, f.ex. TBs (thermobaric bombs).

posted on Jan, 26 2015 @ 04:46 AM
It is important to know from waypastvne where he found these zoomed-in photos of four remnants of all the other thousand or so, concrete-deck floor pans :

MALBOSIA : A lot of the pans should be torn, but they should still be there, not "shredded", which I personally would accredit with blown, if they were in fact shredded.

You did embellish a bit there, with the "tons of photos".

Those are floor pans yes, but I don't know if they were from 1 and 2 and not from the other buildings crushed below, or even the bottom floors of 1 and 2 that may not have been blown.

If what seems obvious, was actually true - the concrete was blown out of the building - that would obviously have some effect on the floor pans. Because there has been no reasonable explanation for the fountain of powder, I have to go with concrete. As you put it, it is the "most realistic option". At least when you observe it on its own, and not observing it under the influence of an OS that would require me to shape my observation to fit my preconceived notions.

You can claim that I am ignoring the floor pans posted to fit MY preconceived notion, but not knowing where the photos were taken, and which building they were from is leaving my notion in the realm of very realistic. We are looking for millions of square feet of floor pan. They would be a major portion of the debris.

Waypastvne found two torn parts of a floor pan in this FEMA photo its center left side, a photo from the North Tower rubble pile.

The text spray-painted on that big rusty square chunk, OHTF-l, intrigued me.
This link to a FEMA report from September 20, 2001 could indicate that it means OHio Task Force 1. But they wrote their own task force name in their report as OH-TF1. They were there as one of eight US&R early Urban Search & Rescue units, from 07:00 EDT 14 Sept., until 18 Sept., 2001, 24 hrs/day. That's short. Only 120 hrs, 5 days, then they (T)raveled back.

And don't forget the remarks of so many first responders, that no floor decks were to be found in the rubble piles. That should be redacted to read : as good as no floor decks were to be found.

posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 10:51 PM
The Windsor Tower fire and partial top floors steel perimeter columns collapse in Madrid, Spain in 2005.


The main factors leading to the rapid fire growth and the fire spread to almost all floors included:

the lack of effective fire fighting measures, such as automotive sprinklers
the “open plan” floors with a floor area of 1000m2
the failure of vertical compartmentalization measures, in the facade system and the floor openings

It was believed that the multiple floor fire, along with the simultaneous buckling of the unprotected steel perimeter columns at several floors, triggered the collapse of the floor slabs above the 17th floor. The reduced damage below the 17th floor might provide a clue.

The fire protection on the existing steelworks below the 17th floor had been completed at the time of fire except for the 9th and 15th floors. When the fire spread below the 17th floor, those protected perimeter columns survived, except for the unprotected columns at the 9th and 15th floors which all buckled in the multiple floor fire (see Figure 2). However, they did not cause any structural collapse. Obviously, the applied loads supported by these buckled columns had been redistributed to the remaining reinforced concrete shear walls. Nevertheless, structural fire analysis should be carried out before such a conclusion can be drawn.
(Fig. 2. Two photos of buckled unprotected perimeter columns at the 9th floor.)
On the other hand, the reinforced concrete central core, columns, waffle slabs and transfer structures performed very well in such a severe fire. It is clear that the structural integrity and redundancy of the remaining parts of the building provided the overall stability of the building.

Sources of Information

BBC News Online / World / Europe - UK Edition (13 Feb 2005)
Dave, P. (2005). “Madrid tower designer blames missing fire protection for collapse ”. New Civil Engineer, 2 June 2005.
[NILIM 2005] National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM). (1 Jul 2005). “Report on the Windsor Building Fire in Madrid, Spain”, Japan (in Japanese).

Those UNPROTECTED BY PROPER FIRE INSULATION steel outer columns gradually collapsed, starting at 1:29 and stopped at 4:17.
At 23:00 on the 12th of February 2005 the fire started at the 21st Floor.
At 00:00 all floors above the 21st floor were in fire (news report)
At 04:00 on the 13th of February, floors at the upper level above floor 17, collapsed (news report)

ONLY the not by fire insulation protected perimeter steel parts above the 17th floor collapsed, after being inside a raging fire storm from midnight to 4 o'clock in the morning that engulfed the whole 32 stories (100 m) building, then all unprotected outer steel columns and their floors collapsed. Not however, the concrete insulated center of those 15 top-part floors.
Partial facade, floor and perimeter columns collapses took slowly place over 2 hours between 2:15 and 4 o'clock. Then the whole unprotected outer shell of the top 15 floors collapsed, while the concrete center core survived.

What you saw was a natural, chaotic, slowly expanding collapse process, of only the non-fireproofed steel columns. Those which were protected, stood firmly to the end of the fires, the next day at 17:00. That's 18 hours of raging and then slowly dying out, fires.
And only 2 spots at the 9th and 15th floor showed partially buckled perimeter steel columns, because those were exactly the only ones below the already fire-insulated first 17 bottom floors that still were not fire-proofed.

Does that sound like the WTC events? Of course not.
What we can learn from these 18 to 20 hrs lasting fires in that Windsor Building in Madrid, Spain however, is that UNPROTECTED steel needs to be for about 5 hrs totally engulfed in a raging fire, to subsequently slowly collapse during the last 2.5 hrs.
PROTECTED steel however, endured the full 18 to 20 hrs fires without failing.

OS believers want desperately to believe, that the plane impact areas which were probably stripped from their existing fire-proofing by the grinding debris cloud inside the Twin Towers, had thus also their now unprotected steel columns buckled, which then failed when the upper mass its weight pressure load, resulted in global failure of these two regions.

The huge and unexplainable problem with that scenario is the verifiable fact, that failure did not take place in the two plane impacted regions, but started just above those regions, where the fire proofed insulation was still firmly in place, and the spreading fires had just arrived there.
Not at all a comparable situation as in the Windsor Tower fires.
It's highly unlikely that the core columns there, could have buckled and then failed so quickly, while still firmly protected from fires. And the fire duration in these two collapse initiation regions was still in a far too early stage, to be able to even start to affect the vertical steel parts.

What is clearly observable in the WTC collapse videos of the North Tower especially, is the initial collapse into itself and then sinking of those top 11 floors into the next plane impacted floors.
And only then, when that process reached the lowest plane impacted floor, started the Global collapse of the lower stories, all the way to ground levels.

That was a standard mid-center demolition, initiated at the first plane-undamaged floor.
The top portion collapsed in on itself after all core columns in that undamaged floor were blown, and started to fall down into the damaged floors portion, until that debris heap reached the undamaged floors UNDER the lowest plane impacted floor.
And instead of being halted by those lower floors, undamaged by the plane impact, which up to that moment were halting firmly that thundering down weight impact, suddenly we see huge billowing whitish dust clouds spitting out of that first undamaged floor, at all four sides, and so on every third floor, all the way down to the ground.

Doesn't look anything like a slow, chaotic NATURAL fire induced collapse, at all.
A natural collapse, like in the Windsor Tower partial top floors collapse in 2005.

Does look like a classical mid center demolition starting collapse of the top 15 floors, followed by a brute force, top-down demolition of the rest of that North Tower.

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posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 06:28 PM
Riconosciuto considered a bogus lead (also by GenRadek in this thread) :!topic/alt.conspiracy.jfk/EVFgm8a-MVs
People like those do read nearly exclusively debunking sites, and pay no attention to all the other evidence.

My usual answer to GenRadek, who still stubbornly disbeliefs the existence of TBs :
Near the page 18 bottom, a photo of a Russian malfunctioned air dropped Thermobaric Bomb. You see the now separated insulated 4 foots on its bottom disk, it would land on while hanging on its parachute, and then a trigger in one of the foots would have set off the first center HE charge in the bomb's body that disperse the chemical powder cloud. Then the now invisible barometric device under the now upside down laying bottom plate, will react on the decreasing pressure in the still expanding cloud, and will eject a thin filament that will be electro-statically charged by the piezoelectric crystals that were activated simultaneously by the short pressure burst of the small HE charge that also ejected the filament. Just as in those piezoelectric cigarette lighters that same type of crystal is activated by your thumb's pressure on its knob, and leads its charge to the spark tips that ignite the lighter's flame.

posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 06:33 PM
1. To show you the other side of Michael James Riconosciuto his many stories, I'll offer you the 15 chapter/pages long intensive research of another true (female) journalist :
THE LAST CIRCLE by Carol Marshall :

From one of my old Homes. The Lycaeum, a great website, and luckily still around.
Not it's split-off, the Hive. That one was eradicated from the Web after 9 years. The owner gave up on the constant struggle for true, openly discussed designer drugs information, in 2005. It was a mix of both end-scenarios. The server farm in Sweden got bought by a front company; and moving again to a next safe home, got too cumbersome and complicated.

I have about a hundred other links, books and videos on Michael J. Riconosciuto, if one wants to know everything about him and the way he got in constant trouble.
He says he developed the thermobaric bombs, a.k.a. “Barometric Bombs” or “Pineapple Bombs”. An offshoot from then existing gaseous aerial bombs or fuel-air explosives

The nature of the fuel-air explosives has been described as "extremely high-tech and unusually powerful -- SCI Special Ticket" -- just as used to describe the stolen technology by Hercules representatives. Shortly after the Oklahoma bombing Michael Riconoscuito revealed to Gunderson that "that bomb was one of mine."
As experienced in the Trade Center, this would create a significant blast force focused both downward and upward. Again, as in Oklahoma, there would be a pronounced sphere of destruction, as was indeed found in the Trade Center, where the blast punched through several layers of concrete floors in both directions.

In the 1993 WTC basement garage bombing, the explosive footprint of that bomb had strong indications of the use of thermobaric techniques.
As I wrote in previous posts, the blast force in 2001 at every third floor down, was also focused both up and downwards, thus shearing the core columns connections at the ends of each standard factory length of three floors per column length. Either by shearing bolts, or connector plates when the bolts held a fraction of a second longer than their plates. This effected by the sudden gaseous cloud explosion under the composite floors inside and outside the core areas. Those floors their welded-on seats acted as crowbars, that sheared off the column ends connections in the first explosive microseconds.

PS : Fill in >20,000 feet/sec range, in the text : "" [REDACTED] range "".

2. CIA Wizard Michael James Riconosciuto.

3. The Michael J. Riconosciuto Document Archive.

4. Mike's 9/11 warning via his attorney on February 19, 2001.
He was in custody on trumped-up drug charges, and still he knew more than the whole honest intelligence apparatus. That means he still had contacts with the not so honest parts of the intelligence agencies. Who possibly thought he could get out and in the witness protection program, by revealing their early 9/11 knowledge. It didn't work out, both Colin Powell and Ashcroft were selectively deaf.
And they found no amphetamine operations or its normal contamination traces. Nothing.
Only a slightly above normal background level of Barium.
Which is a waste product of his rare earth minerals separation setup :
He was looking for the percentages of elements in the bulk minerals he got from his mining contractors.
His 30 yrs release is planned on 03-17-2017, about 2 years from now, it will be interesting to see how long he will survive his former buddies attention. And if he will get backed up.

5. CIA's METC explosives (cached from
It comes from Fatal Rebirth, a book on crimes of the intelligence community by H. Michael Sweeney, another true Journalist. His former web site, is for sale, out of business. As so many before that.
The Project METC Summary Report section describes in full detail how a thermobaric explosive device works, and how difficult it is to find any traces of its use.

This is only a small part (Ch.4) of the H. Michael Sweeney Fatal Rebirth book, which is chillingly more detailed in what the various global agencies are capable of. And on what scale.
Its Appendix section alone, is as large as a normal paperback, filled with highly interesting subsequent information to the mentioned book texts; and also links, names and addresses.

posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 06:35 PM
How empires use packs of lies for their momentary advancement goals.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew about the Japanese attack plans on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
He and his aides let it happen, so he could at last let the electorate rally behind him, and enter WW II. All aircraft carriers were conveniently at sea...And a hospital ship was already docked at the north side of the island. As witnessed by people who much later, far after the war, after 2000, testified to clean the slates of the two long dead already, commanding officers in Hawaii, who got all the blame of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy.

After WW II, the US was forced by the far too influential grown military-industrial complex into a frenzy of endless wars, to keep the weapons industry rolling and making incredible profits, which got spread out between the higher brass circles, and the industry captains. The spreading of course done by the banks, which concerted all these efforts.

posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 06:37 PM
A whole pack of examples how the Conglomerates use bribe Money, the CIA and Washington´s right wingers to influence, then overtake democratically elected South American governments.
A truly investigative FILM : The War On Democracy – made by John Pilger, an honest Journalist, one of the last ones in existence.
An 1:34:01 long VERY informative video on the constant intervention of the USA´s right wing power players with democratically elected democracies.
Double click in the video window to get the full screen window, then you eventually can choose to play it at You Tube. Use headphones and full audio, since the sound is nearly not audible anymore.
You Tube is owned by Google, which is from its beginning owned and financed by the CIA, NSA and Wall Street, it's the ultimate data mine for them all. Just like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 05:01 PM
Cross feeding some interesting recent site and ATS threads additions I posted new information in : last 3 posts all posts

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 05:13 PM
Barometric Bombs: From Iran-contra To 9/11

Listen carefully with headphones on, multiple times to this video interview with Michael Riconosciuto and one of his former associates, explaining the inner workings and the brisance blast effects of Thermobaric bombs, which his and his father Marshall's firm Pyrotechnics Inc.developed in 1981.
Brisance of a TB : > 20,000 meters per second.
RDX, a HE = High Explosive in f.ex. steel or concrete column cutter charges : 9,600 m/s.

TBs are omni-directional, or can be focused within a 15 degree angle cone.
Triggered by a small device, developed in the nuclear bomb factories, which were used to initiate the compression of the HE-shell parts around the Plutonium core, to compress that core so far, that a chain reaction occurred in the Pu.
That little but highly sophisticated triggering device its timer and pressure measuring concepts were also used in the TB development. To trigger the thermobaric part of it.

Thus, the use of TB's is normally a sign of any nuclear capable government involvement.
Such as could be US, Russian, British, French, Chinese, Indian, Pakistany, Israeli etc. A private entity could not lay hands on those triggers. Thus, only a few governments use TB's.

TB's have no traces left to be found, it's all gas or gaseous chemicals residues. But they pulverize nearly everything in a circle of about 10 meters around them, and increasingly lesser pulverizations wider around that. But it's an immense force, with > 20,000 m/s brisance shattering forces.

The Last Circle, by Carol Marshall. Read all chapters, click link at the bottom of each chapters page, to proceed to the next page.
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posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 06:29 PM
Lockerbie PANAM103 crash: police notebooks 'destroyed'.

Virginia McCullough 9/12/99
Re: Lockerbie investigative notebooks destroyed.

Could it be that this action on the part of Scotish police
and Scotland Yard was simply more "smoke and mirrors" I
would be willing to guess that the notebooks that were most
sensitive and needed to be destroyed were those belonging to
the McKee team.

It is difficult for any intelligent person to watch this
scenario play out over the years and not understanding the
connection of the McKee Team to the following people:

CIA Agent Michael Riconosciuto of Inslaw fame.

CIA Agent and arms dealer Robert Booth Nichols who,
according to Michael Riconosciuto also went by the name
David Lovejoy.

English businessman and CIA asset Ian Stuart Spiro and
his wife, Gail Quarton Spiro. Spiro's wife, Gail, and
all three of their children were murdered at a "safe"
house in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. on or about November
1, 1992. Ian Stuart Spiro was found in the Borrego
Springs desert either (depending upon which report one
believes) 1) shot to death, 2) beheaded [or] 3)
poisoned by cyanide. Spiro worked with Church of
England's Terry Waite to help get the American hostages
released. He was often called "America's last great
asset in the Middle East". He was also a business
partner with Monzer M.Alkassar and had Alkassar's
business card in his home for the company, ALKASTRONIC
located in Austria. Spiro's other business associates
were drug and arms dealer Robert Booth Nichols, Sir
Denis Kendall who had sat on Winston Churchill's war
cabinet, savings and loan scam artist Robert Corson
,who also abruptly died in November of 1992, and
Spiro's uncle ToTo - otherwise known as Salvatore
Riina, the boss of bosses of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra
who in 1992 was busy blowing up Italy's bridges and
monuments in order to kill Italian prosecutors
. In
1992 Spiro was also trying to peddle the torture,
killing tape of Wm. Buckley. Spiro's bank was BCCI (the
bank of crooks and criminals) and it was BCCI that paid
the McKee team its unsigned travelers checks. When #103
fell from the sky, manna reigned from heaven.

Monzer M. Alkassar, arms and drug dealer, whose
dealings go right to the top of the US government.
Look for Oliver North and George Bush to not ant this
can of worms open. After all, druggie George Bush Jr.
had to get his drugs cheaply somewhere. They called
the supply line "The Enterprise".

These, then, are the players that really sealed the fate of
the people on Pan Am 103 and the townfolk of Lockerbie. Now
it should be clear why the US in going after the "bad guy"
Saddam Hussein and his two little "terrorists"?

Virginia McCullough


Virginia McCullough 9/16/99
Your comments are well taken. But what about the note books
of the McKee team that were being brought home showing the
amounts of heroin and other drugs that had been diverted
from the so-called DIA/DEA "sting" operation? For every
monitored drug shipment there were six times more
unmonitored drug shipments. The McKee team was coming home
to bring the chickens home to roost. These are things that
George Bush Sr. and Jr. did not want to happen. Remember
that the names I named previously in this series of postings
are all "to the right of Attila The Hun". That group of
people can be traced directly back to the JFK assassination
through Garrison's primary grand jury witness, Fred Lee
Crisman (AKA Jon Gold). Look for Gold's book [out of print
and hard to find] "Murder of a City - Tacoma" where he
discusses being called to Garrison's grand jury. Gold also
speaks of the genius of Michael Riconosciuto, then a 13 year
old electronic wiz, busy tapping the phones of the police
and sheriffs' departments because law enforcement was
interrupting his father, Marshall's drug business. Michael
has often described himself to me as a "chicken" to the
CIA's perverted "chicken hawks". As a VERY young man he
accompanied "Dr." John Philip Nichols to Chile to assist in
the assassination of Allende. "Dr." John Philip Nichols was
also a member of the bungling CIA team that repeatedly
attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. (See index of hard
copy edition of "Inside Job" by Steve Pizzo, et al)

I am pointing out to you that this is "Famalia" - a
generational thing that goes back to "who has always held
the power".

Virginia McCullough 9/16/99
Hi Loyd Cole:
I do not doubt that the police took video of the crash.
However, what about the CIA operatives that came by
helicopter and were on the scene almost immediately removing
briefcases and notebooks
. The question that must be
answered to determine that 'pictures speak louder than
words' is "was the police video taken before or after the
CIA thieves arrived?"

I believe videos are extremely important to Pan Am #103's
demise. One of my very reliable sources tells me that
another video was on board - that of the torture murder of
Wm. Buckley.

It would be greatly appreciated by journalists everywhere
AND the relatives of Gail Spiro if anyone in the chat group
could post everything they might know about the slaughtered
family of Ian and Gail Spiro. Both of these adults might
have long been members of various intelligence agencies.

The CIA steered the revolting against them, McKee group of former CIA spies, which was returning home to the US with PANAM-103, with lots of incriminating evidence that showed the Afghan drug connections to the Bush family. They were extremely pissed off by the torture murder of Wm. Buckley, one of their buddies.
Then the bomb in that small pocket radio in the luggage went off, planted by the two Libyans in Frankfurt, who were also steered by the Mossad and CIA.
Voila, problem solved.

posted on Feb, 28 2015 @ 10:22 AM
Everyone, trusters and doubters, should be reading this statement of a man I respect very much, Major Tom is his screen name :
Introduction statement :

There is no fact-based technical account of the World Trade Center collapses. This is verifiably true beyond doubt. The true collapse modes of the Twin Towers are not accurately determined within any academic, professional or government literature.

That should wake you up enough, to read the rest of his statement.
And his Conclusions :

Where did the technical records of the collapses go?

The main thesis is that there is no fact-based historic record of the collapses. The true collapse modes of the Twin Towers is not accurately determined within any academic, professional or government literature. It is described incorrectly within history as it is being written. There are, however, millions of people that are falsely certain they know what happened because they believe verifiably incorrect authoritative statements and their own pre-conceived beliefs.

Direct measurements extracted from the visual record of the collapses grossly contradict history as it is generally presented. A record of measurements and documented observables of all 3 collapsed buildings on a level far more intricate than that which previously existed has been presented. The record is verifiably superior to and grossly contradicted by the record provided by U.S. Government agencies.

In reality there is no scientific approach and, therefore, no technical history of the collapses at all. This is a verifiable statement.

Created on 04/14/2012 10:17 AM by admin
Updated on 10/11/2014 11:14 PM by admin

Do OS-Trusters even understand this verifiable fact?
It seems not, when reading their posts in this thread. They are truly caught in blind, obedient fiefdom. If you are a public servant, or a former or recent soldier, or a right leaning voter or politician at whatever level, you should develop a healthy mistrust in big government. Left leaning ones already have that tendency, that's why they are branded "Lefties". A few decades ago, they were "Commies". Can you see through the constantly used propaganda methods?

posted on Feb, 28 2015 @ 10:35 AM
From Major Tom his "Introduction" :

It is believed that experts have reached conclusions by taking the available evidence as far as it can go, verifying claims directly when possible, and some type of accurate professional and academic consensus had been reached about how and why the towers collapsed the way they did.

It is commonly believed that the result of this consensus currently represents our most complete and in depth knowledge on the collapses to date and that the information which comprises history as it is most currently portrayed is worthy of teaching future generations for their benefit.

Within this book the author proves, in a way that can be cross-checked and verified by the reader, that none of these beliefs are correct.

This is the conclusion, that drives us doubters over the edge sometimes, when trusters keep repeating the NIST misconceptions, OMISSIONS, and straight out LIES.
It's really getting boring, and is not a respectful manner in which to discuss this event.

posted on Feb, 28 2015 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: LaBTop

I would like to add that Hoover wrote a memo directly implicating a "George Bush" aka H.W. Bush as a domestic "anti castro" terrorist and subsequently as a main conspirator in the assassination of JFK.

H.W. also managed to block Carter from reading classified UFO and e.t. related documents when Bush was director of the CIA.

What does this man know about these phenomena that he so desperately seeks to conceal?

Ill tell you one thing, im sure he hopes to the devil that he slips through the cracks and diea before any truth regarding his extended involvments become well known...

posted on Feb, 28 2015 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: 1Providence1

I would like to add that Hoover

Hardly a man I would use as of strong moral American values.
Now it you wanted an opinion on a dress . . .

H.W. also managed to block Carter from reading classified UFO and e.t. related documents when Bush was director of the CIA.

What does this man know about these phenomena that he so desperately seeks to conceal?

You are starting to mix your conspiracy theories.
Tin foil anyone ?

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 12:21 PM
Mathematical Basis of ROOSD Propagation :
The following paper is linked to, by Major Tom in his above page :

Progressive Collapse of Multi-Storey Buildings due to Failed Floor Impact , by A.G. Vlassis, concentrates on the progression of the collapses. Not on the initiation, as Major Tom seem to think. Vlassis assumes failure of a floor as the initiation, and then starts his collapse progression paper.

Charles M. Beck did concentrate on the initiation event, in the two papers from him, which Major Tom did not yet include in his site. Which could be, because Beck did not put them online yet, in those years that Major Tom created his huge 9/11 masterpiece.

Beck shows us in those 2 papers, that core column buckling or failure would be a really far fetched initiation event, even considering the few interior column damaged as NIST proposed. (Nobody ever saw that interior damage; do realize that beforehand, it's purely a proposal, based on the few photos of the impact holes).

Major Tom, will you include those two other Beck papers about WTC Twin Towers collapse-initiation now too.? See my Academia page, Page 2 listing. The other Beck paper is on my Page 1, its bottom.
You already included Beck's WTC 7 paper in your professional links, in your left Main page column.
In my 2 pages you can find a lot of other engineering, architectural and hi-rise designer links.

If initiation is a strong enough non-natural failure, then the always following progression is of course a natural enfolding failure. Not really eye-opening for us doubters, we know that natural follow up collapses, come after explosive initiations.
Thus, we want to be sure what kind of initiation event took place high up in the Twin Towers.
FEMA and NIST evidently tried to hamper any form of real investigation into explosive residues or effects on steel parts. They did not preserve any columns from the initiation floors, but three from the impacted floors in the Twin Towers. WTC 7 was not preserved in any way, as far as we know. Even that famous "cheese cake" piece of steel, that FEMA assumed to come from WTC 7, its fate is uncertain. Did they "loose" it, as seems more and more usual.? Or did the original 2002 researchers keep it somewhere in their facility.

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West face of WTC 1 :
What are the characteristic features of the initiator (initial movement to steady state) portions of the curves? (Measured along 2 points: roof-line and crush front)
* Crush front seems to start on floor 95
* Quick take off velocity
* Short transitory phase (reaches steady state velocity and acceleration rapidly)

These are the same characteristic features as for unnatural collapses, also called demolitions. All precautions are fulfilled to develop a huge overload in the first second of explosions.

The same problem the planners must have seen when first contemplating on a second WTC bombing. Thus, why not introduce some hijacked airliners, fly them remotely in the Towers (never take any chances with human pilot error), thus creating huge gaping holes, which should convince 99% of the viewers that the following aided collapses were natural collapses.

That's why you must concentrate on the INITIATION moments, and nothing more.
Since everybody in the demolition business, and outside it, will understand that the next stages are crystal clear and of no importance anymore for the outcome, since collapse will in nearly all cases continue as a result of such huge created overloads.

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 12:26 PM
In case of these two Towers, they had an additional problem, however.
They had to find a solution for the far too strong center core columns and beams.
Thus, they introduced TB's, the only possible demolition source that did not leave traces behind, did literally "blow up" individual center floors to concrete dust and gravel, and thus separated-lifted up all core columns from each other in the blink of an eye, and in the same process and moment, ruptured all floor connections to those outer core columns, causing the composite floors to hinge (blow) down, while still connected to the exterior column packets. Which then were separated from each other too, by the still outward progressing gaseous explosion front expanding in the former floor space, to the exterior.
Since the exterior columns-connections were about 2/3 less sturdy than the interior core columns, that already bleeding off gaseous pressure front was however still strong enough to break or shear off those 4 bolts per exterior column by "blowing up" the exterior-floor sides, and then lift up and thus separated these exterior columns from each other.
Just look at the end sides of all these Vierendeel packets laying around in the rubble piles, they are all cleanly separated, bolts missing. If they failed in a natural progressive floor collapse, they would have been bended at the lower ends. They were not.
All you can see at some of their ends, is a small denting of about an inch, at their flange ends.
Indicating they were blown outwards first thus starting bending, then uplifted by the TB explosion front which "blew up" the space between the two composite floor decks, thus breaking the bolts inside the exterior column ends, and consequently separating the Vierendeel packets their triple column ends.

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 12:27 PM
WTC Progressive Floor Collapse Model :

OOS = Open Office Space

It is clear that such evidence points to only one natural mode of possible progressive destruction: The OOS model.

Current knowledge of WTC perimeter action with the discovery that the entire north half of the WTC1 core survived the initial collapse leaves little doubt that complete OOS destruction, essentially stripping the OOS flooring from both the perimeter and the core, was the mechanism by which the collapse propagated down the tower. Runaway OOS Destruction (ROOSD) is the only known descriptive collapse propagation model which matches observations.

4) Observation of core and perimeter columns within the rubble

The overwhelming majority of core and perimeter columns within the rubble were were seen to be relatively straight, showing no evidence whatsoever of having been buckled. The almost complete absence of buckled columns is a vital clue to the true collapse progression mechanism, though the NIST seems oblivious to this fact, not having mentioned it once in in it's reports on the collapses. Dr Bazant, to whose expertise the NIST refers concerning WTC1 collapse propagation, seems equally oblivious to the actual condition of these columns since no mention of this fact appears of his papers on the subject of collapse propagation (Bazant and Verdure or Bazant and Le). Dr Bazant formulates equations to describe the rate of collapse propagation based on continuous column buckling and rebuckling in Bazant and Verdure, even though there is a clear absence of buckled columns within the rubble.

I have said the same, again and again. Do you understand now, why doubters have no trust in NIST nor its advocates.?
Again, every explosive initiation will always be followed by some sort of progressive collapse, that's the principle the whole demolition industry is based on.
Save as much money as can be, with the least possible costs for explosives and their installation. And the least chance for court cases for compensation for collateral damages.

We must concentrate on the INITIATION moments, that's the only task left.
Which involves mathematics, physics, but also good old logic.
Major Tom's extensive website is a great starting point for those doubters who read too many stale "facts" from long defunct sites, or clearly misinformed "9/11 Truth Guru's".

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 12:37 PM
crashing of planes and collapsed buildings have absolutely nothing to do with the load of information compiled as nonsense. the reasoning behind the theory is silly. way too much reason makes what is basic more difficult to comprehend. of course.

either you didn't learn a thing since 2005 or you were murdered since and are purposely creating lies. the latter makes more sense to me considering the effort put forth. there is at least one lie written creating a reaction.
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