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Mass Sighting Huge UFO Houston, TX

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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 08:21 PM
a reply to: seentoomuch

You said...

That bolt was bright enough at that moment to leave out the possibility of a reflection from a street lamp. And wow, show me photos of street lamps in Houston with low clouds casting a reflection of the intensity that you are claiming.

and I showed you a picture disproving your claim.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 08:24 PM
Very interesting.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 08:37 PM

originally posted by: Deaf Alien
a reply to: seentoomuch

Pretty picture. You can see everything.

And btw I am not biased. I am the one who KNOW that the aliens are here. So don't tell me that I am biased.

Where are the reflections from the street lamps? Where are they? How does this photo prove your point? Show me a photo from a low cloudy day in Houston and then I'll give your THEORY some weight.


ETA: Sorry for the bad format, I was at my twin grand daughters' 4th birthday and after hearing Gangnam Style 5 times as they jumped on the trampoline I took a break and checked in on my cell phone. Am not good with itty bitty posting, sorry.
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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 08:40 PM
a reply to: seentoomuch

Well ok. How about good pictures and videos? After all as per this thread title its a MASS sighting?

I am still waiting for a few good pictures and videos.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 08:55 PM
a reply to: Deaf Alien

Where are the photos of this anomaly during a regular low clouded day and night? To be honest I have not seen or heard anyone there mentioning weird reflections from street lights (I will ask them after this) So I guess we all will see, check back and post your photos from Houston and I will too.

Whatever it turns out to be,

Good Luck,


ETA: Got back from the party and have been in chat discussing the ATS Live Into The Fringe show. Am still hearing Gangnam Style in my head non stop from the children's' party, lol. Didn't have anything to drink but now I think I should. One nice glass of white wine.
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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:21 AM
So this aint officially debunked yet? Has everyone ignored the "UFO"'s similarities to the revealed hoax in Brazil?

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 06:09 AM

originally posted by: seentoomuch
Here's another photo that just turned up on the coasttocoastam site:


Looking at the street light if you saw that NOT over exposed I will say it has 2 lights, the supposed ufo in the picture is a reflection in the lens here for example is an overexposed shot of the Moon yet the reflection shows detail.

Moon Reflection

As you can see the Moon very overexposed yet the reflection shows the detail that is what is shown in the picture in your post.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 08:12 AM
The Andrew Peña video is very interesting

Hopefully this doesn’t go against ATS T&C, but I recommend downloading that video if you can (Mozilla Firefox Extension) and frame-advancing through it (e.g. using VLC).

In particular, watch keenly the bottom-left area of the video.

There are a number of insta-lightning strikes on poles (5s, 7s, 10s)

Exactly 4 frames after the first pole strike, a small reddish object appear to its near left.

As you advance frames, you’ll see that this object is in the background, and goes behind distant objects. It may be glowing of a sort, and I don’t think its acceleration is steady. It could be a local aircraft, or a Chinese lantern.

However . . . approaching the 10 second mark, it comes out from behind a raised advertisement board. It is at this stage that the object simply disappears. Continue to frame advance, and it later reappears. There also appears to be further orb activity in this region of the video, below the anomalous object. Very odd stuff indeed, and not related to the lights high up in the sky.

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 08:20 AM
Here are some shots from the video:

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 08:51 AM

HerNameWasLola, Texas, United States, 1 day ago
I saw it flying through the air while I was driving down the freeway. keep in mind that there are two MAJOR airports in the city of Houston and flying a drone around is not something that is taken lightly around here. This thing was HUGE....I mean MASSIVE. I actually pulled my car over into a grocery store parking lot to get a better look at it....when it was like it went straight down into the ground really fast and never resurfaced up and over the tree line.

HerNameWasLola, Texas, United States, 1 day ago
I live in Houston and saw this driving down was HUGE! way bigger than the photos convey.

Mark, London, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago
Keep sippin' the happy juice kids. If you think an alien craft has travelled light years to hang around in lower Earth atmosphere in Houston...

HerNameWasLola, Texas, United States, 18 hours ago
like i said before...i NEVER said it was an "alien craft"...don't twist it. I simply said i saw it while driving. It is a UFO but that doesnt mean it has ET life form on it. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object...and thats exactly what this was.

crys6381, h-town, United States, 1 day ago
i actually saw this on the way to work the other night and convinced myself that i didnt really see it, yet here it is in pictures.. makes me wonder just what it really was then

Completely Average, Somewhere, United States, 1 day ago
It's fake. The story is days old. There wasn't any "mass sighting", just a couple of pranksters. The ring of lights is just a reflection on the car window of an object inside the car.

cootabang, Htown, United States, 1 day ago
Truthfully I seen this saturday night.

HerNameWasLola, Texas, United States, 1 day ago
was spotted at I-10 and the beltway...I saw it and pulled over. definitely not a street light.

HerNameWasLola, Texas, United States, 1 day ago
i saw it with my own two was HUGE. like 80 foot wide maybe 100 or more.

Matt, Cambridge, 1 day ago
I would guess it is light reflecting off the surface of the clouds from below. Maybe a stadium or a night club or something.

CN, USA, United States, 1 day ago
I live here and there are no such things in the area that you speak of.

love2funk, JAIPUR, India, 1 day ago
Well im from Houston though Ive not lived there in about 20 years... Myself and two friends saw something very similar one night in Houston in the late 70's….

Source: ampaign=Feed%3A+ufostalker+%28UFO+Stalker%29

Sighting Details

It was August 11 2014 had been raining that day pretty hard thunder and lighting was pretty intenze..finally when it stopped me and my co workers went outside to smoke a cigarette..few seconds passed when I looked over to my left I noticed lights just sitting in the sky I immediately took out my cell phone and started I recorded I snapped pictures.

By this time my two friends noticed the object in the sky also. Well finally the object ufo started to slowly fading away but then my friend noticed it reapear to our right ..while we saw it to our right the first place to the left where we first saw it was slowly vanishing. .now this all lasted 1min 6 seconds ..ok now the ufo that appeared was moving back from us and got smaller and smaller until we couldn't see it no more...when we all looked at the video you can see more lights in the distance. .the video shows a lot more evidence to how the craft looks.


Cleanly Maid
Glad I'm not the only one to see the #UFO over #Houston on Monday.

And here is a new photo I believe,


Am still searching for more tweets and photos, takes forever to wade through it all

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 10:21 AM
Okay, I'm done collecting info, think this may be the "says it all" photo. It was taken last August in Houston also during a thunderstorm. It tells me that the main photos that we have been seeing are from the lights, though it must not be that common of an occurrence 'cause with all the people in that city you would think there would be many photos of this phenomenon.

If you agree with me then it would also imply that the copy and paste from the Brazilian kite wasn't the case here. It could mean that the original photographer was familiar with this phenomenon and headed out with his camera and nephew to get some amazing photos. Which, you gotta admit, they are.

So, while I do not believe it was a hoax per se I now concede to Deaf Alien that it does not belong in this forum anymore as it is now identified. At least to me it is, what do y'all think?



Rogelio C. Hernandez: Last august...thunderstorm during the day @ work

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: seentoomuch

I just noticed something in this video. Keep your eyes on the top right of the screen at about 2 sec. I think I just saw what appears to be 'real reflections' of lights whizzing by while the ufo lights are doing their own thing.

What now Deaf Alien?
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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 01:17 PM

originally posted by: Mclaneinc
What is this silver texture the guy in the video speaks about?

If you look at the storm photograph you can very clearly SEE THROUGH the object to the clouds behind, so at best its a ring of lights with something right in the middle as a light, there is no texture as it barely has any body to it..

I'm going for man made fake, either an led kite being stupidly flown or fake pictures.

Respectfully I ask...what if during times of extreme electrostatic discharge even advanced stealth technology looses it effectiveness?
Was it not speculated that lightning was the culprit which resulting in the impact site near Corona in July of 47?

Perhaps if we search a little more additional examples connecting lightning and space craft will come to light? Sure it's been done, but...


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:30 PM
Did I miss something? Why is this thread in the hoax bin?

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