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WHO: The Ebola Outbreak Is Much Worse Than We Think

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posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 12:47 AM
The faster a virus kills, the faster an epidemic will burn out.
Nature usually will regulate things ebola with distance and time between vectors or reservoirs.
The fact that the medical establishment is collecting and concentrating victims in ineffective facilities and creating unnaturally active hot zones seems to be counterproductive to the natural cycle of these flare-ups. It causes local populations to react in historically unusual ways. They are going into hospitals and pulling out victims who infect more people. They are also creating refugee type movements of large groups, including victims, who spread the virus.
The unnatural movement of infected people in planes and vehicles also circumvents the natural regulatory effect by extending the infection path and exposing more to the virus.

It seems to me that modern technology is once again doing the exact opposite of it's intended purpose. it is exacerbating the severity of the situation by assuming it can control nature.

I find it suspicious that this particular outbreak is so extended and yet the CDC has a new treatment that has proven over 60% effective so far.

Oh yeah, did the flight shot down over the Ukraine actually have an ebola/aids expert on it who was going to rat out the Gates/Soros backed, Tulane University led Ebola research facility in Kenema,Sierra Leone as the source of this virus? Just curious. Anyone up on this?

posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 01:33 AM
once the symptoms appear they are disabling the infected cannot possibly move around. the first symptom is severe high temperature (could kill by itself if no cooling applied). the patient will be obvious to see, can not travel or escape detection.

Mr Sawyer infected others before he got symptoms.
CDC say that no exposure transmission were seen, like people who were no where near the patient, and like the pigs who infected monkeys on distance.

air droplets do happen from breathing and talking. coughing and sneezing not rrequired.
all possibilities are open.
I hope they get us all the gear made for the star war movies and deep galaxy nine of hollywood. storages then.
where tom friedman to envision for us the future when you need him.

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