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When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims

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posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 02:21 PM
You guys are discussing this like there a chance of talking-it-out.

Jay the Gawd
11 hours ago

Ill say this just one time so those of you who plan on wasting your time debating can instead spend it on something more fruitful.

You CANNOT argue with white people about race. Very rarely in their lives have they ever had to critically think about race for more than just a moments notice when you live this as a minority in America 24/7 365. We experience two completely different objective realities.. Quickly research which came first... America, or slavery? When you're capable of answering this question you'll begin to understand this country was never meant for us in the first place. We have either two options.. Equality through force, or leave. We've tried diplomacy multiple times, never worked. We've tried to form our own independent communities (Tulsa, Oklamahomas') away from the jurisdiction of whites, we outdo them repeatedly, they burn it down with the help of the police. Racism is ingrained in American society. Don't ever allow some middle class white person whom has never even known struggle or adversity tell you that you are less than. To climb out of our hell holes and make something of yourself you will shine harder and brighter than they will ever be capable of.

Don't waste your time arguing with them on this platform. Pick up a book, spend time with your loved ones, and prepare for the days ahead. Knowledge will be your salvation, Jah guide. 

youtube : Mike Brown EyeWitness crime scene video

The comment above has gotten three thumbs up so far.

It is too late for trying to say this is about poor vs rich. That its about workers vs owners. That it's about disenfranchised vs authority.

Generations of Americans believe that white=evil, and nobody is going to talk them out of it.


Mike Grouchy

posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 03:22 PM

originally posted by: TorqueyThePig
Another incident I forgot to mention.

One time I went to lunch with my girlfriend at an awesome restaurant called Eddie's Diner.

When you sit down you have to walk past the open kitchen to reach the seating area.

We did and sat down. I ordered a club sandwich like I always do. When the food arrives I pull the one toothpick out that was holding the sandwich together. I then bite into the sandwich and feel an immediate stabbing pain on the roof of my mouth.

As I began to examine the sandwich I find a thick toothpick with the top and bottom picks broke off cleverly hidden in the sandwich. It hurt and made me bleed.

I complain to the waitress and ask her to ask the cook WTF? She comes back and says "sorry the cook doesn't know what happened." I chalk it up to a mistake and finish the new sandwich she brought.

When we leave I walk by the kitchen area again only to see a guy that I arrested for domestic violence only a couple of days before our restaurant visit. We made eye contact and he smirked at me.

Can I prove he did it intentionally? No. But how else would a toothpick get lodged discreetly into a sandwich and another toothpick added that wasn't?

No thanks. I will live in another city where people are less likely to recognize me.

I've had cops threaten to shoot me (flat out, and with creative stores about 9mm bullets)

I had a group of 4 cops make a bar owner throw me out of the bar, so they could get me with a drunk in public since I was out on the street. They were beating a man, the 4 of them, outside, I started yelling at them to leave him alone. Multiple bar patrons saw what those cops were doing and joined me. Never even heard a news story about that one, makes me wonder how often this happens.

After I get on the street I'm totally calm, cool, and collected. This pisses the cops off, they want confrontation, they want another person to beat.

They start telling me they are going to take me to jail. I say, based on what? They said I threatened them. I say "got proof?" Where's the video? They ignore question, knowing they are lying. They let me go, saying they'll wait for me to get into my car and get me for a DUI.

I say I didn't drive here, my friend did, he doesn't drink, it's his car. Cop says it doesn't matter, they pull me over in a vehicle (as a passenger) they're saying I'm the driver.

This was 2 cops doing the hassling, while their 2 buddies sat their watching. Are you one of the watchers? You don't do anything "bad" yourself, so you think you're clean. Ignoring the fact that you have witnessed ample evidence of bad behavior yet keep your mouth shut? Is that how YOU sleep at night?

Sorry, ZERO sympathy for your story, sir. YOU joined "the club" I'm a citizen by default.

Don't joint up with terrorist organizations and you won't have to worry about the community treating you like a terrorist.

(BTW bar owner apologized and said he didn't have a choice, said I was welcome back any time)

Plenty of more life experiences I can share, if that doesn't paint the pictures of how MANY of US useless civvies view you and your gang.

I've read your online cop forums, I've read your cop articles, I've seen the tone your authors take with civilians, and the tone of greatness and superiority they take with cops.


Instead of attacking US and further alienating yourself, why not do something to clean up the mess your gang made so people NO LONGER want to treat you badly?

I'm white, BTW, with no criminal record as I don't commit crimes. If this stuff happens to me I KNOW worse stuff is happening in black communities. I understand their rage and anger, and support it fully if directed at the culprits. However it seems so many in the black community have been mislead and focus their hate on whites, just like the "oath keepers" who focus their hate on blacks. Both sides need to wake the eff up and stop playing into to these divisionary tactics.

You know what scares the crap out of them? A while person holding hands with a black person, because their strongest weapon is OUR HATE OF EACH OTHER. STOP IT
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posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 09:49 PM
I get that cops are individuals and they can be good or bad and I do have friends who are cops that I argue with especially over their culture of covering each other's asses from the minor to the major issues,it reminds me of the criminal minded in the community who have a policy of don't snitch or the rat, my belief is that a good number of folks join-up because they want to do good and then there are the others with deep personality disorders and other issues that good cops have to cover for because that's the culture that's the code,if only you will expose and get rid of those types by breaking that stupid blue wall of silence, but the gist of this thread is not necessarily about cops but about media and their portrayal of Black victims vs White perps
Pls kilk^^ here it's important to the discussion of the topic of this thread.
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posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 10:20 PM

originally posted by: mikegrouchy

The comment above has gotten three thumbs up so far.

It is too late for trying to say this is about poor vs rich. That its about workers vs owners. That it's about disenfranchised vs authority.

Generations of Americans believe that white=evil, and nobody is going to talk them out of it.


Mike Grouchy
While the belief that white=evil is wrong, completely ignoring the content of the comment and jumping to that conclusion isn't helping (especially since it proves the author's point). People can read that comment and can clearly see that it's talking about how Blacks have it worse in America than Whites in both past and present.

posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 10:23 PM
A video on the topic:

posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 12:03 AM
a reply to: LDragonFire
Thanks for the Vid Dragon now the campaign to blame the victim for his own death has began in earnest reports are coming out that he might have took part in a store robbery sometime back,in order to deflect from his execution by law enforcement,in anycase I kliked on the Youtube icon of the vid and it lead me to this

It seems to me that this is not a rotten apple in a basket but the rot is through out the basket and take a look at how the judge ruled, I wonder why folks would wanna riot hmmm!

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