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Humans Need Not Apply

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posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 08:34 PM
Great video!

In a way, some of the implementation of large scale technology in retail/consumer environments is a good thing.

Used to be a barista before the "Starbucks" became a huge trend and all of a sudden every man woman and child on the planet (it seemed) was suddenly engrossed and fascinated with coffee culture and outrageously fabulous custom drink orders...we tried getting back into the force after a ten year hiatus and the consumer base and expectation was so far reaching that I couldn't keep up with the madness and the new culture that had suddenly dominated the market....and quickly found myself over-stressed from becoming subject to very impatient and demanding people in what seemed like infinitely long lines.

Automation of that particular process would make high turnover areas for fast paced persons a much easier transition than some poor underpaid and overworked barista scrambling to navigate the morning run.

Traditional coffeehouses could still peacefully co-exist within that new paradigm, hidden and tucked away.

Granted, I focused on the coffee aspect - but what can I say?
Old baristas never die....their coffee cups just crack a bit.


posted on Apr, 21 2015 @ 03:53 PM
People don't seem to get it as if somehow we will all be beneficiaries of robotics. If you OWN them, sure. The robots that is. The problem is automation is replacing human workers leading to a world with fewer jobs and thus fewer consumer dollars to spend. Without income we will all become useless eaters because we can't participate in the economy. Only a select few will remain to enjoy the fruits of our inventiveness.

The Luddites were so right, they saw the writing on the wall and destroyed the automated looms. It only delayed the inevitable only slightly. Entire towns in England that formerly housed textile workers became ghost towns back in the mid- 1800's. We've seen this cycle repeat over and over only this time the leap in technology is going to replace entire sections of the labor force.

I think the PTB have seen this coming for a long time. Think tanks get paid big money to analyze trends and figure out what's coming down the pike. To avoid revolution the only way is kill off a huge percentage of the population. It's the product of logical deduction and the fruit of a mechanistic worldview. Science replaced magic, reason replaced God, the marketplace replaced Nature. We are but cogs in a machine that is soon to outlive it's usefulness. They did warn us though, kind folks they are. The Georgia guidestones lay it out quite clearly that less than half a billion will remain. All that's left to be seen is the method of our demise.

Eta: Just for fun I'll take a guess at how: nanobots introduced through forced inoculations.
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posted on May, 5 2015 @ 03:23 AM

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