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An Army in Ferguson tonight! Sporadic Twitter/Facebook censoring of #Ferguson hashtag

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:14 AM
Just got myself updated on this situation. I'm disturbed to say the least. Perhaps I'm a little more disturbed that when I attempt to talk to others about this event tomorrow they will stare at me wide-eyed and say, "huh?"

Call me cynical, but I think the full depth and significance of this will be lost on many people. How quickly will we go back to business as usual, forget about it, and stand by idly or unawares as it happens again?

Sorry I don't have much else to add--NB

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:29 AM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

As I watched the news of these events last night, I recalled hearing several weeks ago about the SWAT teams from some American cities were going to Israel for training in "crowd control". To tell the truth, this does put one in mind of Gaza, many years ago.
Is this what we, as American citizens, want to be repeated in our cities?

Tacticly speaking, most of these situations are not handled properly.
I say this because in almost every instance the people in the streets are being "held in check" by the police.
To me this is not the place where you should show your displeasure with the actions taken by a governmental body such as the police of a city.

Remember, they are hired and fired by the politicians who are put into office by the votes according to the will of the citizens. If these citizens suddenly showed up at city hall with posters made up to look like voting ballots, it would not take very long for the mayor and others in the city government to take some actions which are in their own best interests. We all know how sad it is to see a homeless politician standing on the street corner. To get "justice" you will first have to get the attention of those in charge.

You should never approach an adversary at the strength, in this case the police in the streets, always advance on their weakest point, city hall, with voting ballots in hand.

If nothing happens with in a very short time it may become necessary to take a few days off work. EVERYONE call in wuth the "Brown flu" and shut downnot only the city< but every production and service business in town. This will not only disrupt the flow of capital to those who own the business, it will rapidly cut into the tax revenues for the city politicians to "steal".

These tactics may seem to be a "milk-toast" for some who always want action now, but it will bring about the most effective change with the least amount of trouble and disturbance to the community.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:42 AM
a reply to: spirited75

Had to use your post to respond.

I came to this thread late but read it all. Couldn't watch this in real time. I did punch up #Ferguson and it stopped about a half hour ago.

Pretty much anything I could say right now has already been said. My disgust at what happened is noted, for the record, and I'll leave it at that.

Good job ATS. A very informative thread.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

the police shot another rioter last night--- a guy pointed a pistol at the police.
should not do that.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 06:57 AM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

Thank You for this great thread. The pics, videos, life streams, articles and
general information.

My Opinion

Looters should be dealt with.
Police action should be focused and moderate.
Police should distinguish between looters, rioters and peacefull protesters.
People have the right to protest, certainly given the circumstances, people
need to vent.
Clearly a blatant military police crackdown. Unnecessary.
This whole situation is going to aggrevate and escalte, maybe not directly
but over time as it ripples it will add to the destabilisation of the union.

Peace be with you.

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 07:07 AM
Is it just me or am I the only one who sees a parallel between this and the Boston bombing?

Where militarized police squelched rights, ran rough-shod over people, and got away with it!

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

new witness backs up officers story

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 07:38 AM

originally posted by: spirited75
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

new witness backs up officers story

yes right, you will find more reliable news on and

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 07:46 AM
Posse Comitatus. No military shall enforce local or state law. It say's nothing about the Police Morhping into an armed fighting unit with militarised uniforms, weapons & equipment & tactics. Just like Obama slips his way around the Constitution, ALL of our Police Depts has circumvented.....Posse Comitatus. If We The People. don't get a handle on this & damn fast. We are screwed, blued & tatooed in our future.Not that any one cares, but I and my sons are leaving for Ferguson today. We willl be going with a few other " like minded persons" I don't want my sons to live in a police state, I don't want my grand-daughter growing up wondering what Freedom was. And folks we are watching an assault on our liberties and our freedom. I would simply ask my fellow members, if you can, come to Ferguson and stand with your fellow citizens for what's right.Wish us luck. Peace OYM1262
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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 07:51 AM
Ferguson Mayor: Two DOJ ‘Protest Marshals’ In Town

Two Department of Justice “protest marshals” are in Ferguson, Missouri to help train people taking part in demonstrations over the fatal police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

This is according to James Knowles the mayor of Ferguson who spoke to the news source.


Concluded that,

Knowles said that the ramped-up law enforcement presence following the looting was a tactical decision and not a response to a direct plea from people in the town.

More here-The Daily Caller

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:09 AM

originally posted by: SkepticOverlord
Police started arresting people, ordering everyone to disperse. I saw no violence from protesters.

Are you kidding me?

Violent Protestor #1

Violent Protestor #2

They are throwing molotov cocktails at the cops.. would you like them to sit there and just take it? These crowds are using this incident as an excuse to destroy buildings, loot personal property and cause mayhem.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:19 AM
a reply to: spirited75

Did you read the piece? It's not a new witness and she definitely does not back the officers story.

Mitchell then relays that Brown turned to run after the gun discharged. Concluding her recollection, she added, “After the shot, the kid just breaks away. The cop follows him, kept shooting, the kid’s body jerked as if he was hit. After his body jerked he turns around, puts his hands up, and the cop continues to walk up on him and continues to shoot until he goes all the way down.”

Sounds to me she's describing how Brown was executed - already shot, turning around, hands up.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: openyourmind1262

I commend you OYM.
You are very brave to support your words with actions. Your sons are lucky to have you and I hope they appreciate that your motivation to act is for their future.
Most people won't act till its on their doorstep and the noise drowns out their reality Tv show.
And then they'll just turn up the tv.

Be safe, all of you. And please share your experiences with your friends here on ATS.

Again kudos to you. Take care.
Regards Humans eh!

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:37 AM
Thank you, being safe is my first priority. I wil try to take pics & video. My step-son is the videographer of the family. I could'nt take a good pic if I tried. I want to help in some way, I want to show support in some way. I want my sons and I to witness this first hand. All my sons are of legal age all over 21. The only reason I have decided to do this was watching this all unfold on here last night. It was a fret-full night of sleep. To be quite honest...last night made me sick to my stomach to the point I puked. We are Americans with rights and liberties and I be damned if I'm gonna sit on the side lines and watch like a damn cheerleader. We are rolling out around 3:00pm today. If there's any members in that area. please let me know, would love to sit & share a cup of coffee. Thanks again.a reply to: HumansEh

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:38 AM
a reply to: Destinyone

Two of the police cars there have cameras.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:58 AM
Nice pics.

They've (peace officers, NOT) got to hurry up and breach the peace before anymore whites and blacks unite under the same moniker.


posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 08:58 AM

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 09:02 AM
a reply to: DancedWithWolves

If I may ask you something? Considering how worked up everyone is over this right now, why would anyone post a picture that may or may not be the right guy?

Wouldn't a mistake on that sort of thing have the potential for a tragic case of unintended consequences?

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 09:04 AM

originally posted by: SkepticOverlord
Police are telling peaceful protestors to leave the area.

Because............ they're going to send in Petman..... armed to the teeth to take out the non peaceful ones.....

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 09:07 AM
People at forums that keep trying to make this situation about a racial thing or "liberal" thing are worse sheeple than anyone. These kinds of situations are way past all of is about humanity and freedom. I never vote and belong to neither party as I feel like voting is a big waste of time because of so much corruption and the so called 2 party system is a sham...on most levels, they are the same faction. That is why whoever gets in, nothing ever changes for the better. Liberal issue my "tutu".

Businesses getting trashed was wrong but the MILITARY style presence there was in the wrong, as far as some folks are concerned, it is ok for those guys to shoot flash bangs and rubber bullets into neighborhood houses of folks that weren't even in the demonstration. I hope no babies had one land in their cribs again as has happened before. It is ok for them to destroy/confiscate cameras? Talk about double standards.

Someone here says they will be happy to see us folks that are against this kind of "overkill" get attacked someday if something happens in our area. Nice humanitarian out look. Many are fed up and wouldn't want that kind of "police" presence...we don't call n*ne one one. Anyone of any race tries to loot me and has a gun will be responded to in kind. I would maybe applaud the use of tanks for these kinds of scenarios if I could have one in my yard that I owned too. This "out gunned" scenario is starting to look familiar. Throw bottles or do damage and get an Army come back at ya. Hmmm....Gaza folks throw rusty ole rockets and get a 1000 MISSLES thrown back plus 3 branches of military and all their might and weapons.

It is said people only object when it is a black issue...that is simply not true. There have been many cases of other races of people being hurt and killed in an overkill fashion and more and more people are getting tired of it and it won't be much longer before NONE of this brazen, brutal nonsense will be tolerated by ANYONE. It is getting out of hand. This can work both ways...folks that advocate this kind of treatment may one day become an innocent victim of overkill too...with a flash bang or rubber bullet or worse hitting their house or child and such. That is why there is a need anymore to stay armed in this country and protect yourself. You never should rely on or call for help anymore and stand up and do it yourself...because you never know when YOU will become an innocent victim of that "help" yourself.
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