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Woman fired from Black Educators Association, was ‘not really black enough’

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posted on Aug, 13 2014 @ 06:52 PM

originally posted by: theMediator
Do we want to stop discrimination or not?
Official clubs accepting only a specific race or gender shouldn't even be legal in 2014 IMO.

If members between them decide one is not worthy to join, well that's their decision but it shouldn't be displayed officially.

True, but here in the US we have institutionalized racism. It's ok to have an all black organization, but not an all white one. It's ok to hire someone because they are black, but not ok to hire someone because they are white. It's ok to grant a college scholarship based solely on color, rather than qualifications and hard work. It's ok to hire someone based solely on color rather than qualifications and hard work.

It's not ok to have an honest and open discussion about the problems prevalent in black America. If you try to, the race card will be dropped in your lap.

Until we can have that discussion without fear of accusations we will never move forward in race relations. Until equal means equal, there will always be racism. Until our govt quits sponsoring racism, we will never see freedom from racism.

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posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 05:04 AM
This type of thing is a really good example of Critical Race Theory in action.

The issue with a lot of CRT is that it is placed in print, turned into ideology, and turned into a status quo. So the same groups are always discriminated against, the same people are always doing the discriminating, and we are filled with righteous pain. The problem with this is that the end result is going to inevitably be conflict instead of balance because the predictable conclusion is the theorist will eventually be wrong. When they are wrong, CRT status quo will tell them they are right.

This doesn't apply to all CRT, but it certainly applies to a lot of it which is being used practically to inform and drive policy. In reality the same theories should be being used to critique relationships between all races, and that includes relationships which disadvantage whiteness (both as a property and as an identity). Unfortunately, the same theories that have given minorities their voice will eventually be rendered effortlessly unpopular through their misuse.

"You either die a hero ..."

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