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posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 03:33 PM
a reply to: karmicecstasy

Either way have a great day RisingTerra.

First off, thanks dude! That's an excellent way of introducing yourself. I've already answered your question a couple of times on this thread. Briefly, I just signed up again after I lost my password and this was the second thread I commented on. I have not defended RT as much as I've defended it's right to be a source of information no better or worse than any other outlet. I've also encouraged people to look deeper into who owns which networks in our country and how those tie into people in Washington. For the past day or so I've spent most of my time on this forum correcting the misrepresentations of my words from fellow members who have over exaggerated the language or completely misrepresented it.

My interest in this topic has very little to do with RT and more to do with Americans lack of objectionable information sources. If Western media is all that a person consumes than they are not allowing themselves a multi-point perspective in which to ingest information. Since Western media has a distinct slant, which I've noted RT does as well, it's within everyone's best interest to educate themselves on the role their government plays around the world and at home. To me RT just takes advantage of the US governments missteps, which are many recently, and presents it to people who already doubt the US narrative. To simply pass judgement on RT because it is state sponsored, regardless of what their information may continue, is ignorant in my opinion since every media outlet on planet Earth showcases propaganda at some level.

I travel extensively and the more my government continues to poison the world, the harder it becomes to connect with people of different cultures. The more ignorant I am to my own government, the less empathy I will have for the people I work with or are actually affected by the decisions the US government makes. Isn't it crazy to think that a kid in a Middle Eastern country may be more directly affected by the US government than me, an American citizen? My perspective isn't one of just reading news articles or watching RT but actually exploring, visiting and interacting with people from every walk of life.

So why were you not in that thread? Why are you only ever in this thread defending RT? It seems you have no desire to be part of the community. Just a desire to defend RT.

I am participating in a forum, answering questions and defending my points. Could you explain to me how that isn't being a part of the community? Defending RT was one piece of this but it has certainly expanded into multiple topics. What the community means to you is great but please don't project that same expectation on me. A community is a vibrant collection of individuals that are free to make the decisions they want and travel on the path they wish. Since I'm certainly not disrupting anything with my typed words I feel as much a part of the community as the ATS owner who uses his alternative news site forum to bash other alternative news sites.

I guess that is your right. You can believe what you want and only discuss what you want. I was just wondering thats all. As I am sure lots of other people are wondering.

You don't have to guess or remind me that I can believe and discuss what I want. I'm free and am fully aware of that fact. If A LOT of people are wondering than I guess I participated in a discussion that garnered attention and I hope that people will take away from it what they wish. I certainly do not want anyone to agree with me or think I am right. My hope is that people will follow up with their own research and form their own opinions. To scare people away from sources of information because of what YOU believe, is wrong and disrespectful to the human experience. I'm an adult that's lived an exceptional life, I don't need to be told what to read and what not to read.

I've also been using this forum in a number of discussions and face to face meetings with various groups of people who are interested in these sorts of discussions over the past few days. We've been sharing all of the different points being made, debating them back and forth, which allows us to develop different projects and approaches for the things we are involved with. Like I've continued to repeat, it's not really ever been about RT

posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: Indigo5

Yes, they poisoned a RUSSIAN DISSIDENT with a plutonium laced hamburger if memory serves...he was a Russian and not a journalist.

Ahhhhh so if he was a journalist dissident he would have had to live in Russia to be axed but since he was just a dissident he was fair game to be killed in London? So these foreign governments are cool with Russian just killing people on foreign soil as long as they are not journalists? Just want to understand your logic. So what if Abby Martin or someone else goes to Russia since she has already made those opinions? Is she fair game because she is a dissident on Russian soil or is she safe because she is American? Would she have to change to Russian citizenship to become a target since she is already a dissident and a journalist? Just want to understand all of your rules for who gets killed where, when and why by Putin.

You do know that the American government kills some of its citizens that become dissidents even though they are on foreign soil? But they aren't journalists so for you it won't be equal. I never met a man who valued a journalists life over another persons life. That's very strange actually. Are you a journalist or did a journalist close to you get murdered by Putin? I only ask because as much as I've been accused of being a Russian fanboi, you seem to have quite the engorged member for Russian journalist dissidents more so than the millions of lives that the US military has claimed in the last decade or so.

You quoted that Putin killed 150 journalists, right? George Bush killed over 1 million innocent people in a country that didn't belong to him. I don't know if Putin did or didn't kill those 150 journalists but I know George Bush's decision lead to the death of millions of people. 150 vs. 1 million......weren't you the guy who accused me of saying that stealing a candy bar and robbing the bank were the same thing?

Love that is like an RT Talking points memo on Ukraine!

That was your response to this?

There was a coup. Ukrainian people from the military and portions of the government were involved. The US was involved with those people. The US had direct contact and voiced its support for the opposition that lead the coup. The US has allowed the coup led government to lean on its protection to continue to pursue its agenda. The US government publicly supported the overthrow of a democratically elected leader and continues to do so. The US leaders have sent top defense officials to Ukraine to assist with the transition. The US has lead the charge since the early 90's to expand NATO to Russia's borders."

None of that was based off of RT, that was based off of intelligence reported by multiple news sources both Western and Eastern, for lack of a better term. Are you telling me that Ukraine is not leaning on US and NATO military support? Those troop buildups and military exercises don't have anything to do with the Ukraine situation? The US and NATO have not gained territory west of the Russian border since the 90's? Ukrainian military and government officials were not involved in the coup? The US did not voice it's support or have direct contact with the coup leaders? The US didn't support the overthrow of democratically elected leader of Ukraine?
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