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Part Two The Dream Catcher

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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 09:54 AM
Part Two The Dream Catcher

As we would call upon house after house of the aged and sick it seemed as though everyone knew Joseph Green Tree the dream catcher and everyone called him Magic Joe the dream catcher. Joe would introduce me as his white brother and that was all it took for them to accept me. He would talk in their language and then take their dream catchers from above their sick beds and empty them into his pillow case. Everyone had a dream catcher it seemed. No one ever saw exactly how Joe emptied their dream catchers and the secret of dream catching is never known but by one who is allowed to understand.

That is how Joe spent his every Sunday at his reservation. He never had a book of record to list those that needed their dream catchers emptied but always remembered those in need of his magic. For the next seven years I went with magic Joe to the reservation and in those seven years I saw how magic Joe made his dream catchers but one thing I never saw was how he emptied those dream catchers. Maybe emptying those dream catchers was all a gimmick and maybe there was truth in his dream catchers. Maybe it was meant to be a way for Joe to be Joseph Green Tree the Magic Man and his way of giving back to his people.

I will never really know cause when Joe passed away the whole reservation was all gathered with the council at the head and Joe’s pillow case was right beside him. After the ceremony and people broke away with tears and praise I stood alone ready to leave Joe the magic Man for the last time. As I reached my car a young man came running after me and when he reached me he suddenly fell upon my shoulder with a cry of thank you and a hug to his breast and then said to me “I am Little Joe the Dream Catcher.” It was then that I knew.

Dream Catcher

My head upon my pillow lay,
In dreams of dark despair.
With spirits dancing all about,
I lay not knowing why or where.

I know not why my dreams are sad,
They seem so void of hope and light.
I close my eyes each time of sleep,
And pray for dreams of peace this night.

My hope in darkness all but gone,
One thought does still remain.
The dreams erased from my mind,
Could ease these nights of pain.

I know the catcher can be found,
This madness can be crushed.
He roams about in minds of men
To seek their love and trust.

He kills the dreams of dark and fear,
And brings the light of days.
For those who need his arm of hope,
Who seek the pleasant ways.

He caught the dreams that haunted me,
He cast them into depths of hell.
Once more to sleep with minds at rest
To know again that all is well.

As light returns upon my eyes,
My senses did return with sight.
The dreams are gone and once again,
He bound the dreams with his might.

He caught my darkest dreams of past,
And now that all is done.
I feel the love of his light,
As though it were the sun.

I lay me down my head to rest,
And pray the prayer for him to keep.
The catcher there by my side,
Each night my eyes do sleep.

To Magic Joe the Dream Catcher---

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 10:21 AM
Thanks for you story ! I have a couple of dreamcatchers hanging in my bedroom, but no Magic Joe to empty them.

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 10:50 AM

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: conspiracytheoristIAM

Thank you my friend. Hard to believe but Magic Joe was a real Joe the dream catcher. He was a good man and loved all sorts of people. We were friends but a short time in life and I will always remember him for being a simple big guy with a heart as big as the whole world. I still have my dream catcher hanging above my bed and somewhat like you I have no Joe to empty it any longer. We need more Magic Joe's don't we?

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