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Fatima; the 3rd Secret, document site

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posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 04:09 PM

In an effort to share FATIMA info...which seems at all the sites i've visited so far to be some substance and a lot of Fluff.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 05:03 PM
Here's some more infor on the 3rd mystery, compliements of ATS posters:

There may be others, but those are two my SEARCH revealed.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by DontTreadOnMe
Here's some more infor on the 3rd mystery, compliements of ATS posters:

There may be others, but those are two my SEARCH revealed.

thanks DontTreadOnMe...appreciate the reminder
and later on i came accross this one, i like the out-of-culture sites, they're not so much 'Homogenized'

-> this has the (forgotten by me) alliusions to the Popes' being assassinated with arrows together with many Bishops & upper Clergy...
possibly the ?eastern/mideastern overthrow of italy,rome,vatican
which for 30+ years hass been relegated to whispering inside the
catholic church.....strange-days indeed!!!

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 06:29 PM
But why is this lady masquerading as "Mary" and perpetuating a paganized version of Christianity that has no foundation anywhere? The views on Jesus (not even his real name) trace back to Babylon, and she even mentions the Trinity. It is clear that this lady is the same as Isis, Ishtar and even Cybele, but why all of the deceptiveness? People can handle the truth of her true identity now, why promote something under the themes and motifs of lies, and the same lies that the supposed bad guys (Illuminati and whatever you want to call them) use and respect? One pf the Prayers Lucia received from the "angel of peace" mentions the "Trinity". Also, the believe in a burning eternal hell contradicts what many people have witnessed and been told about first hands by revelations other such angelic apparitions and holy figures, and past life regressions that can't really be explained any other way. Who is telling the truth? The majority opinion and historic fact do not point to what this lady here is promoting. She appears to be giving the truth mixed with lies. And remember, a little leaven leavens the whole lump. I am not Christian at all, but I think that this is of note. Revelations warned of a "Mystery Babylon" and "great whore". All of her visits have actually strengthened the catholic church in the end, and we know that the catholic church is rotten.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 03:39 PM
She predicts this for the second half of the 20th century but that has long passed.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by Everton
She predicts this for the second half of the 20th century but that has long passed.

Art Bell asked Malachi Martin in an interview dated 1998-07-13 if that particular well publicized version of the Secret was the same as the original text of the Third Secret of the Vatican archives.

Malachi Martin's various responses to Art Bell were:
-"It is not the text which was given to me to read in 1960."
-"There are elements in it, which belong in the text."
-"Yes, there are elements which do belong in the third secret. That's about the most measured response I could give to it."
-...Art Bell: Alright, Fr Martin, again, referring to what I read, which you said had partial relevance, would you imagine that the person who wrote this had been privy, in some way, to the original text?
M.Martin's answer: "Yes, certainly, at least by word of mouth, if not by reading."
-"it's not the text. It's not specific enough. The text is very dry, and specific. All that is there, it's very accurate, as regards the general Fatima interpretation of modern history. But it is not the text of the third secret that I know."

- - -
As far as the Third Secret predicting a massive war breaking out in the 2nd half of the 20th century: I would say that it's partially accurate. I would say also that the major Serbia-Kosovo-NATO war that broke out in 1999 is a conflict that is about to enter its next major phase around August 2010 has the characteristics of a conflict that could ignite WWIII....thus allowing the Fatima Prophecy to, in the end, be accurately fulfilled and authentic.

Malachi Martin said the true text of the 3rd Secret was more specific and precise then that publicized version. I would suggest that the Third Secret of Fatima more precisely foretold that "the commencement of world war III will break out near the end of the 20th century."

The Pope of 1960 (John XXIII) is widely reported to have stated that the Third Secret does not pertain to his lifetime....which indicates the Prophecy mentions a date several decades out or further(the end of the 20th century rather then "second half of the 20th") which is a date that would allow the 1960's Pope to rule out the possibility of the great war occurring in the 1960's or early part of the second half of the 20th century.

Pope John Paul II remarked in 1995 in his own book crossing the Threshold of Hope(pg 221) that the words of the Third Secret "now at THE END OF THIS (20th) CENTURY, SEEM TO BE CLOSE TO THIER FULFILMENT" => ok_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22spoke%20to%20them%20the%20words%20that%20now%20at%20the%20end%22&f

At the current moment I feel obliged to warn of significant possibility that the Fatima Events may be a demonic deception: the number 13 is ingrained in the Fatima events. The Book of Revelations chapter 13 verse 13 warns of a false prophet powered by demonic forces capable of making "fire come down from the sky as men watched on." The Miracle of the Sun performed on the 13th at Fatima is eerily reminiscent of Revelations 13:13. The only thing that makes sense to me right now about the True God associating the Fatima events with the number 13, despite what is written in Revelations 13:13, is that the number 13 is in itself a prophecy that points to the 13th year of the 3rd millennium(2013) for a major element within the prophesied Third Secret to occur.

Would God choose a prophet named Lucia or would Lucifer choose a prophet with the name of Lucia(ie: Lucia-fer)? Or do such things not matter to God?

At the very minimum for the current Serbia-Kosovo conflict to spark world war III, I would expect the Serbian hardliners(that speak more aggressively about Kosovo) to win elections in Serbia in minimum!! In that case it would be the Serbian hardliners that would crackdown on kosovo at a latter period.

Though, I find the most likely scenario involves the Russians taking the initiative and bombing Kosovo into submission, on behalf of Serbia, in the period after the World Court's "Kosovo independence" ruling is released around August 2010 and before the Russian presidential elections in early 2012. With such actions being motivated by Medvedev(Russia) and Tadic(Serbia) wanting to act tough in order to secure victory in the 2012 elections. If Medvedev doesn't do this, he must tell his wife he is stepping down so Putin can take his place to rule for the next 12 years(2012-2024)(Medvedev increased the terms to 6 years). There are some signs that Medvedev is itching to step out of Putin's shadow and become the real leader of Russia after the 2012 elections or in the run-up to those elections.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:30 PM
Can anyone even without a doubt prove that this specific message was even as old as the first site claims? Being around 1917. There are many claims as to what the actual third secret is, but as usual it's a lot of doom and gloom laced with catholic dogma.

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