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A to Z of Historical figures

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posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 05:50 PM
I love finding and bookmarking links like this, so I thought I would share with you all.
Below is a snippet of what is available on the site, arranged in alphabetical order so you can click on the link to retrieve the info on that partcular person.

History lovers will like this.

# John Cabot (c.1450 - 1498) - 15th century Italian explorer, discovered North America
# Julius Caesar (100BC - 44BC) - Roman warlord and politician
# Caligula (AD 12 - 41) - Roman emperor, megalomaniac
# James Callaghan (1912 - 2005) - 20th century Labour prime minister
# Caravaggio (1571-1610) - Italian Baroque artist
# Edmund Cartwright (1743-1823) - 18th century industrial pioneer, invented the power loom

posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 06:24 PM
#cheesy (2012 - 2014) - ATS Comet nut. Where is he?

posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: VoidHawk

I miss Cheesy and his Avatar Mr Bean smile...hope he is ok.
I just hope he is just super studying the comet landing.
edit on 9-8-2014 by boymonkey74 because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 06:41 PM
haha, yes haven't seen cheesy for a while.

a reply to: VoidHawk

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