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Gilligans' Planet

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posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 06:21 AM
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (the wacky TV series in the '60s) is the perfect metaphor for the politically dominant human condition, or what I call the stranded-marooned and clueless with thumb-in-butt disease (so to speak). Not referring to all of humanity, but to those who have all the power and close enough to all the influence, which primarily refers to the hypnotized legions of supporters-enablers of the "elites," and whether or not one is even aware of such support. All they can do is parrot the prescribed political, religious, ethnic and cultural doctrine/dogma they have been force-fed. The plural possessive Gilligans' Planet is the proper way to express it. It's running in circles, spinning the wheels in neutral to the most exponential degree.

The metaphor isn't an exact comparison. In general it's the isolated castaways thing. The difference is in the TV show there was always an accident or screw-up that made rescue impossible, but they WANTED to be rescued. In real life on this planet, the isolation is much more intentional and based on stubborn ignorance (as far as I can tell).

The weirder, scarier and more violent things get around the globe, the more most people just dig into the same old crap, the more militantly entrenched in the existing political world they become. It's the Damnedest Thing. They salve their fragile egos and psyches by using words like "pragmatism" and "reality" to describe that which is objectively neither pragmatic nor realistic. They always insist on personifying the definition of insanity - repeating the same irrational thoughts and actions while expecting a different result. Effectively no one has the desire to simply and truly CHANGE THE SUBJECT, therefore the focus and course of action.

Pretty much no one is able to identify the most essentially concrete, tangible, ACTUAL stuff of which government as we know it is comprised: rule BY secrecy in general, across the board, no exceptions, period. There's plenty of hitting AROUND the basic truth everywhere all the time, primarily on "alternative" discussion sites, but effectively NO hitting it dead on EVER. There's a whole universe or multiverse of (at least currently) unexplained, higher SCIENCE - not "magic" or "supernatural" - that is just waiting to be tapped.

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