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.223 or .308?

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posted on Aug, 12 2014 @ 12:01 PM

originally posted by: switchqm8
a reply to: TiedDestructor

Just curious is the head space the same on both rounds? I thought they would be different are the rounds the same size? Just a newbie trying to learn thanks..

Nothing is the same between these two rounds...

the small 223 AKA 556 is a hypervelocity twenty-two... effective range of 500 meters.

the 308 is .30 cal somewhat slower but with a longer rage and higher knock down energy... 308 is the most common chambering for sniper rifles BTW...

So is one better then the other???
Depends on the job...
that's like asking for a hammer... do you need a ballpeen, claw, or rock hammer...their all hammers--- and each will drive a nail, but each of them have tasks that their better suited for...

I will say this... 556 ammo for my Ruger Mini--- is still hard to get my hands on round here... but I never have any trouble picking up a box of 7.62/308...

If I were going to use that single thing to judge worth... I would say the gun you can buy ammo for--- and use as intended ---is a much better bargain---hands down.

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posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: smithjustinb

Do you know anything about guns?
What exactly are you wanting it to do/do with it?
How far away are you wanting to honestly shoot a target?
Have you ever done any shooting before?
How small or how big of a target are you wanting to shoot at?
Are you going to be foot mobile?
How much ammo are you going to carry with you?
How easy is it for you to take care of and maintain it?
How much do you want to spend on ammo?
How available is the ammo?

Just a few questions you should ask yourself and research ...for any weapon you want, it might help you narrow it down
...but what do I know..this is just my .02 cents

posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 12:14 PM
Look at what the military use. They know their weapons. Assault rifles tend to use 5.56mm with a 30 round clip in weapons like the M-16 and M-4 also a 200 round box in the M-249. Sniper rifles tend to use 7.62mm but some do use the smaller 5.56mm and big ones like the M-60 and M-240 use the 7.62mm. For a versatile all round weapon similar to what the military use the AR-15 with a good scope and 30 round clip is a good choice. A 7.62mm assault rifle usually has a 20 round clip, some have 30, and are generally heavier and more bulky. My choice would be an M-4 size with scope and 30 round clip. Also clips are smaller and lighter in 5.56mm.

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