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ISIS shells Kurdish capital Erbil, US responds with airstikes

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posted on Aug, 8 2014 @ 07:32 PM

originally posted by: Hoosierdaddy71
a reply to: smithjustinb

care to elaborate?

Everyone is calling the events in gaza genocide. Isis is slaughtering people because they are Christian's.
That is a true definition of genocide. To me that is a perfect analogy.

Actually the treatment of the Palestinians is the true definition of Genocide. If you want you can look it up.
They are constantly being genocided by Israel because Israel has them closed off and oppressed meaning they cannon grow and the birth rate lowers and couple that with operations that kill a thousand or two thousand civilians every few years (including huge number of the next generation 430+ kids this go) and you have a genocide. In a hundred years you might be hard pressed to find a Palestinian.. maybe less.

This is going off topic though.

I think air strikes is enough and they need to protect their own home land. ISIS/IS/ISIL came about because of the power vacuum we created, but they are being described in the media in a way that is supposed to induce a feeling in vets of Iraq. Basically a feeling of a chance at redemption by being able to go in and protect the people they realize they were hurting before.

Unfortunately they will find they are being suckered in. We need Iraq to wipe ISIS out and airstrikes are okay.

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