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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Mass Hypnosis Epidemic?

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posted on Aug, 12 2014 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: BridgebyaFountain
A bit of correction: original NLP was founded by two equals:

UCLA linguist John Grinder
and then graduate student of cybernetics, Richard Bandler,
based on the then currently most up-to-date Transformational-Generative (TG) linguistic analysis (founded by Noam Chomsky) and behavioral modeling of excellent psychologists like Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, Virginia Satir, an international expert on family therapy, and the world's most famous hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson.

Bandler and Grinder later coauthored many books, including a methodical study of the hypnotic language strategies of Milton H. Erickson. What they found was also ordered in accordance with the princinples of modern epistemology (the science of how do we know what we know), championed by Scottish epistemologist Gregory Bateson of whom they were disciples in California.

Later the main NLP disciples of Grinder and Bandler (e.g. Steve and Connirae Andreas, who penned many of their books from lecture series) founded NLP Comprehensive, an institute for teaching and experimenting in Boulder, Colorado. Many seminal lecturers and contributors enriched the field of NLP over the years, especially in therapeutic and communication practices: Robert Dilts did groundbreaking research on working with beliefs; David Gordon championed the use of therapeutic metaphors, while Steve Andreas and his wife Connirae, along with her sister Tamara also developed incredibly efficient, sometimes downright spiritual methods for therapy and change and they all held courses and wrote books.

All NLP of the official sort uses the extended concept of ecology: any change should be measured by its effect in the parts of your internal psyche as well as in your immediate environment, and further on upon the greater environment.

While many salesmen, corporate managers as well as spy agencies and coaches picked up on the actual language techniques of more effectively communicating to people's unconscious parts, ecology was many times left behind in applied non-official NLP.

Grinder increasingly lived an isolated life dedicating his efforts to further research, while Bandler experimented with a dark side: for years he dropped out of NLP and missed all its changes, being swallowed by the coc aine plus alcohol world and some criminal activities. Decades passed, and the main NLP crowd still let him lecture time to time at the NLP Institutes as he had been one of the great founders plus he still had a specialty: he was still brilliant in a non-emotional part of NLP: submodality techniques (analysis of perception).

Bandler guy was a fallen genius in fact. He returned after gettinmg sober and being acquitted on charges of murder and sued his former colleagues and disciples on the advice of his lawyer, first for the right of the sole use of the name NLP. This was dismissed but he was allowed to teach whatever he thought under the name NLP and given some compensation. His brand of NLP is for these reasons different... let's stop there with evaluation.

So it is a not very useful to say that Bandler was the sole creator. We know that he claimed this at times around 2000 but this is simply not historical truth. The fact is he probably never ended up creating NLP without John Grinder and never published that many books (mostly co-authored) without the help of his enthusiastic NLP students. Plus that he dropped completely out of the most interesting later developments (both in therapy and in business) and never bothered to catch up.

Serious NLP anywhere has the element of ecology: it is taught as being an integral part of all and every single NLP technique.

However, as with electricity, the secret about the brain-transforming language patterns was already out in books, and electricity can be used to power monitors or healing but also for nefarious ends. People read and want riches and control instead of therapy and good communication...

Plus the truth is that when identifying these patterns, Bandler adn Grinder realized that all successful advertisers, writers of political slogans and the founders of all religions inevitably used the suggestive forms of language, albeit NLP was the first conscious attempt to catalogize them analyze them linguistically and psychologically then to teach masses of people to actually use new language patterns.

"Creatives" these days - who write ads and fashion images - have NLP training or one from its offshoot organizations. I think most successful politicians have communication coaches that simply teach them NLP turns of speech. Mr. Obama certainly does.

So verbal manipulation is all around and has been since ages - the question is what goals do you apply it to? You can heal someone's trauma or you can sell a product or make your dictatorship acceptable to the populace. This is not really neuro-linguistic programming, strictly speaking you would have to have an NLP certificate as a practitioner to do that and even the late returning Bandlerite schools say something about ecology.

See my point?

posted on Aug, 12 2014 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: Kokatsi

That's fine, and I've read a couple of Bandler's books, which is why I said that. But my point in my earlier post was that NLP is something specific. While elements of it may be heavily used in the MSM, I think what the MSM is doing is the equivalent of the mixed martial arts that the US military is taught: a little bit of whatever they can find which serves their purposes. In either case it's definitely all over MSM, radio and internet too.

posted on Aug, 13 2014 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: theabsolutetruth

I would very much like to hear your stories and experiences that made you think there's a satanic organisation behind it, if you're willing to tell.

It's quite unusual hearing of people that have actual experience with this particular beast and how it manifests itself in structures. Can't say I've run into it in that way, but seeing their symbolism everywhere and how they operate it's easy to see the magick behind it all, I believe that eventually when dealing with this subject it's inevitable almost, when you're into the occult at least, that one realizes that this problem transcends this physical plane and there's a negative hierarchy.
This prospect if you wanna call it that is quite frightening and when you begin to know about it for real it almost scratches at your mind, the horrible and Lovecraftian conclusion that essentially we are being farmed.

The very idea of the universe allowing such evil and deceit can be a very repulsive thing, but ultimately understandable in the end.
The weight of it can be crushing and it can feel like the universe itself is after one, caught up in some kind of sick game or a cosmic joke, in the mercy of dark beings that are being allowed to run amuck, perhaps even threatening upper levels of other planes, I mean who knows. I don't think so myself but the paranoia can get to be overwhelming when such dark vistas of reality choose to make themselves known to us, the entities can even mess around with the physical plane to a certain degree and make things very uncomfortable for anyone seeing through the illusion, working like agents of the matrix. Waking up spiritually and or working against this system of control tends to make one attract all kinds of attention, not all bad, but it certainly makes one a target.

This is probably the biggest reason I kept coming to ATS, to talk to others, but it feels like these kinds of topics are rarer and rarer these days and one can feel like a fool for even suggesting paranormal explanations, even when so many of us have had these experiences all our lives, can't say I don't like the company though, such a diverse site.

Ah, well.. just my two cents, hoping to hear your stories.
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