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OMG! Let's have a Funny; Thought Together!

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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 07:33 PM
The cold heartless @sshole is back, stronger and Hey? Never Give Up!

Since this World has somehow set it's View's on what the World Tell's them to do, to think, to act, Why do I get so bent out of shape? Is it some flaw deep inside about myself or was I Really dropped on my head as a Child? Was I Taken and forgotten, or could it be I'm just around people who Have Taken so much crap in their Lives just lost what was left in their Heart.

So who wants to place some # in the Pan and Let It Fry? At least you took it off the floor and decided to Do Something with it! Lets make a Meal, add some Seasoning and see just how Funny it turns out to be! Or you could allow it to stay on your Floor, while said Fly's dig into it and spread their Love all over it. Congrat's! Now you have Babys! Don't worry, they will Take care of it For You while adding some Spice of their Own!

So ATS, what is your Problem? Cracking down on Threads yet when someone Goes There might as well be Satan Himself talking. Scaried Little Rabbits, Have you heard? Truth can Wake U Up and Tricks are only for the Devil, Gov and so called Special People! You know the Ones who get to talk about crap having No Meaning what so ever, don't get me wrong. Most of the topics are a sidestep Away from any Truth. Just Because It Hurts!

Just like the rest of you who do not Like to be Hurt, made fun of, or just blown off being the little guy. Hello? Everyone has something to share, say, and what is Truth to them does Not mean You have to Take It with you to bed! Or Do You? Pick one's Topics just to be safe from things and ideas in Todays World. Yet no matter How One Picks, Life does Seem to Toss It at you anyways. Best one can Do is grab oneself a Beer, Drink, or a glass of water; It is Your Boat that Sinking, and Jump right In!

Fear That Is! Everyone Is Out to get you! Be it a friend, lover, boss, gov, and last Satan! This Should tell you at Least One is walking True, or on One's Path, or With Christ, or whatever your Into that at least One is Happy in a way. OMG Happy! HA! Please do explain, share what Happy Is? If it last for more then a Day. Your Doing Good! Being Real about it, you already know one Has to be Happy no matter How Many Satan's come to Play!

And He Will! Did you know, He Want's to Rule The World! Good for Him! Please Take All the Ones With You Too who Agree with you! Here's the problem most have, have no idea what Tune one is Playing. The World has us all F. Up in Our Heads! One does not know Truth from Fiction, nor have the Time to sort anything out since Many Things are Coming At You at the same Time.

May I make another try to allow one to at Least enjoy what is in Today and not in tomorrow, yesterday and please Leave one's Friends out of It for now. Place every single Fear right in front of you and Laugh! I mean the One's You could not Do Anything About anyways, for those belong to something else Distracting You into Believing One Could Not do anything anyways! Still, you could Laugh, smile, and get oneself ready, Just In Case! Yet here is the Good part, tossed into the mix while cooking on said Stove.

You Can! Plans will not work since every week something has to jump across ones Daily Life, be it Aliens, Ebola, NEO's, earthquakes and not worth ones time anyways! When you Hear It, Just Laugh! can one go outside and put one's hand up and go STOP THIS #!? If you can do this; One is not doing One's Job and Lying! No One can Change what happens in said world, Except Their View Of It! How may I ask does One do this?

Dig Deep within Ones Fear! Grab some Beer and Have a Sitdown, Talk or read some DOOM! Here's one for you! If this will not break the Walls inside one's Head, Walk with satan! Nothing Ill towards you, no Hate, dislike nor anything. It is After all Your Choice! No need to go all evil on my @ss, or others. Feel free to express yourself, share and be what you want to be! I could Not Save You if I wasted all my life so Why Bother? Simple have a good Time, leave others alone. Yet for some reason, some have to Drag Others down with Them. Why? Because who wants to go to Hell Alone? Scaried and yet scaried again? Either way, Lost Ones Mo Jo! Although you Could Change it, find another Way, yet one does Not Know How!

May I show you another way? Being the @sshole I Am? Stop Listening to Anybody! Opp's seems I just cut my Own Neck, yet one either FEELS or Don't and That is another Key in all this. Like yesterday, while going through some old porn; doom people! Came across a video by, The Scariestmovie Ever, yes on YT called In Defense of Men, Whats Left Of Them! With all the Fear Porn Today, This has to Bypass everything and get down to the basics on whats really going on in Todays World!

One might Laugh since YT! HA! Yet She who went about creating this Topic, while having the Hate Mongers slamming Kept Going! All that Fear I had, Dropped and I Laughed! Really! It gets down to How we are being Played, Lied To and the odd part is? We don't Have A Clue! Might as well explain The Whole; Okay. My Bad! Could I at least go with Adding A Border to One's Picture? At least then you could Keep all the Missing Links in said area and not work so Hard in ones Life wondering Why every Friend is the Way they Are!

No matter what happens, aliens, gov, ebola, earthquakes, falling skys, fleas and pesky flies in ones day. Remember the Real Reason one is Here! S. Happens and just who is going to have your back when in play? Sure you can be all Into Yourself, still even the voices in ones Head are not good enough Without Friends you can Trust!

After all, Fear needs a really good Laugh, maybe a Hug, Hell By The Bit..H a cup of coffee, Go have a drink, at least Take it out for a Dance. Better then Spinning gaining Nothing in ones Head. Can't know Happy unless working with your Fears first. Most of them are byproducts of some other time, an event and created out of watching a movie one day. Question your Fear and most you'll come out Laughing Later!


posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 08:43 PM
I'm confused. I need a beer or a case after reading your rant.

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 09:01 PM
You know what I think I have finally lost it, this is the best rant I have read and I have no idea on what you are saying.


edit on 6-8-2014 by thesaneone because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 07:43 AM
Well I'm not a doctor, officially anyway, but yes I say, dropped when you were a baby, don't worry though it's a prerequisite of being an ATS member.

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 11:54 AM
Why is there poop on the floor and why would you cook it? You can season poop all you want but it's still poop. I like rants but I don't get this one. Can I have the simplified version please?

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