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Elijah ... The Ladder

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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 07:07 AM
Hey Everyone!

I am asking for some help interpreting some very recent dreams I have had.

The first dream I had a week ago. In the dream I was standing at a window in an upper floor of a building; I pulled back the curtain and there was a steel step ladder; providing a way for me to escape. I woke up out of the dream quite startled.

The second dream I had last night. In the dream I was in a room with some other people... and a man appeared dressed in fancy Egyptian clothing... and his name was a prophet named Elijah ...and he said that I was supposed to go into a room with him...then I woke up.

Anyone...that is good at dream interpretations...would you please tell me what these dreams mean?

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 07:17 AM
sounds to me like it's asking you to change your ways of living and seek jesus if you havent

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 08:58 AM
I do not know. When I let my creativity free I think of Stairway to heaven and the Eye of Horus that from my point of view represent the third eye.

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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 09:07 AM
Without some context from your life or your feelings about the archtypes from your dreams, this will be difficult.

A ladder could be considered a door, portal, entrance, exit, or an escape. In your first dream, you say it is a ladder explicitly for escape. You are presented with an option. A choice. Stay, or escape. Static or change. The direction of travel (up or down) could be significant as well.

In the first dream, are you frightened and looking for an escape? Or are you calm, and simply presented with a passage? Your feelings about the ladder (choice) are important too.

The second dream, i think is more significant. There are more details for one. (The details are always important when interpreting dreams). There is a room with people, a man described as egyptian, and a room.

Anytime there is a room with people, the details are important. What kind of room? What kind of people? How are they dressed? How is Elijah dressed?

Both of these dreams follow a basic dream format. Basically you are given a choice in each. When you accept what is presented to you, you wake up. This is a very common format for your mind to build it's ever growing, always changing view of your daily life and your reality. The details all correspond to your daily activities. When your subconscious mind gets all the details in order, it asks your conscious mind if this is an acceptable order. When you accept, you are accepting this nights addition to your life's story. it means you are content with the current choices you are making and happy with your current lot in life.

All dreams have similar formats and similar archetypes. These are pretty easily memorized with enough practice and are the basis of all analytical psycology. It's the details which build the world of your dreams that really reveal a persons character.

a reply to: caladonea

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 09:53 AM
"Life as no sence without interacting with other." I think your inconscient ask you to work with other to avoid get stuck.
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 03:17 PM
The first dream perhaps suggests that you have a secret need to move to a higher or more spiritual level in your life. A curtain is symbolic of concealment, but you pulled it back to show the window which suggests insight. The ladder is that climbing up.

I'm not sure what the Elijah dream may mean.

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 12:19 PM
The upper room. Perhaps it does pay to have friends on ats. We will keep you on the guest list.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 05:58 AM

originally posted by: Spationaute
"Life as no sence without interacting with other." I think your inconscient ask you to work with other to avoid get stuck.

It also depends on who you interact with.

If I can't find anyone good to interact with, I'd rather be alone. It does well too.

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