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A Research Paper

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posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 04:37 AM
Let me tell you, this is a "research paper"!

Is it proof or inspiration of Titor's time travel (see below worded quote), or something as simple as recognized need for thinking ahead? In case this has been posted already, my appologies now. It is just that after reading over much of this, (I'm still reading it), the urge to share was overwelming. My favorite so far are the scenarios, almost uncany...especially "ROBOBUGS"!

"This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios. Any similarities to real people or events, other than those specifically cited, are unintentional and are for purposes of illustration only. *(Yeah right, if you say so)

This publication has been reviewed by security and policy review authorities, is unclassified, and is cleared for public release."

[*= insert added my me/advisor]

The DIM MAK Response of Special Operations

If anyone is familair with this or has read it already please comment, because I'm having an odd sence of "de ja vu"...

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 06:56 PM
I'm reading it now, it's going to take a while. I read something similar a month or so ago and sort of seems similiar to what's in this paper. What I read was trying to predict future weapons systems based on past developments and trying to extrapolate from today.
When I know more, I gladly post my comments.

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