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Plato was (a bit) wrong - some unusual ideas

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posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 07:39 AM
Plato, for those that dont know was a mathematician and a philosopher born in Greece in 428 B.C and (among other things) said 'Necessity, who is the mother of invention'

If he had invented the time machine and travelled to now, he would probably have immediately travelled back to just before he said and punched himself so as to not say it.

With over six million patents in the U.S. these are just a few of the reasons why.

~The Isolator by Hugo Gernsback - this is a padded helmet to isolate the wearer from external interuption incorporating its own air supply
~The plastic pea scoop attachment
~Copper mesh stockings, to stop mice runniing up your leg
~The snow storm mask (basically a see-through cone that goes over the wearers face in a snow storm and makes you look like a parrot)
~The watermelon stroller fridge (just maakes me think of Dirty Dancing)
and one of my favourites
~Bacon Condoms
closely followed by
~The Fliz - a bicycle with no drive mechanism and an uncomfortable way staying on it!!

Have a look here

There are some neat ideas too

or here
maybe not ...

Have fun (i did)

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posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 07:53 AM
But he also spoke of the abstract forms.

Everything has an ultimate form, mirrored here in the imperfect world.

So those armoured stockings came from the domain of the forms, not some whacky inventor with too much time on his/her hands.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 08:02 AM
a reply to: countingdown

And there I was looking for an atlantis thread, well other than a slight sinking feeling at being wrong great thread.
On a simiar vein insurance claim's are a good lough,
Great thread

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: countingdown

Lol, these baby makers look fun. Don't forget the rubber accessories…

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 08:25 AM
a reply to: intrptr

bacon flavour

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

thanks - Ilove this one

The gentleman behind me struck me on the backside. He then went to rest in a bush with just his rear end showing.

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