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WHO? Boy Do I Have A Special Idea Just For You Concerning Just Who Will Get The Chance To Become You

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posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 06:19 PM
Let's cut the crap and Get Down to the basics shall we? Just Where do you plan on Finding Testers? Next Month is little or no time at all so either 1: Plans Have already been Made or 2: People Shall be picked by SSN or Forced to do so under some lame False Flag event. May I Offer a different Way in doing this?

At least let's nip this at the get go before it becomes Madness by anyone Way Overplaying Doom! So We have a problem so Large NOT ONE of you at WHO, has a clue in handling this Ebola Outbreak. Yet bring it here; Thank You! In order to Find A Cure Fast One Needs The Best Of The Best Doctors risking their Own Lives Also. So Hear me out; Mods do we want every Topic to be related to this for Years? Listen.

World Health Org? Can you hear me Now? Offer People a Program to sign up on! Since the likely Hood one might Die anyways, at Least Offer something No One will Pass up! All Dept's are Clean as with One's Background and No More Taxes! Plus toss in a House, car and money; per year to Live On Till Death!

Within Reason, Of Course! No Need to be greedy people! Plus no Fine Print on said form when Signing Up! Might as Well have a Live Show when One Does the signing. Anyone here on ATS, Feel Free to toss Ideas on This Too! Quite Frankly, All Joking Aside. If it Takes over a week to become Infected with Ebola. Just How Long DOES one have to Live, Truthfully?

Do you All see How this could Get Way Overboard Quickly? Let's play this out on paper shall we? If I Take say 1,000 people for Next Months Trials; somewhat High although 5 people for a month would only Give Ebola 500 more Lives in W. African. Yet. We have a week for Ebola to work and just How Much Time Till Death?

The more one Moves said Virus, chances are Mistakes will be made! Just the fact that It should Be Moved out of Atlanta, Find a small Town in the Middle of Nowhere Land; Just in case, one could simply Clean it Up using a small nuke. Might also want to restrict Airspace, No Drive Zones Period! Any and All crossing said LINES. Will Be Shot! No One comes Out if One Goes In! Same with some who try to Get Out!

I only bring this up since Just How Many WILL BE WILLING to Save Us All. Although much Better then Having to be Forced or Ones Name is Drawn by EXC. Order # ????? Why BS this Crap Anyways? Has WHO as with the Rest Of said World considered It might Take Years to Find Something that could work and even if they did come across a possible cure. We would have to wait Another 9 Month's for a Child to maybe have The CURE!

You decide what is more Important! It's either Choose to Give Life or Be Forced to Give it later, if said Ebola does happen to Stop By and Visit Another Place, Uncontrolled!

To be fair in all This. I infoseeker2675-4 will sign up if WHO can meet my ideas above in said thread. Do require a weeks notice so as to wrap things up with Others.

What good is Having Life if unwilling to Offer Your Own to your fellow Man? Some of you will them go Using, Why Ask For $$$$$? Simple, a different viewpoint for others to consider. Say one is without hope, close to death yet stills continues to Live. Or One who has nothing but a Kill List next to their bed, or has tried or is thinking of ending it all, Themselves! Or one who needs redemption, it makes no difference.

Much Better to Offer one something Knowing That Death is Certain! Actually, i would more Like having the Idea of a small Town, even a job too, then Money anyways! For Right Now though; one would have only a room and nothing else! Just the Very Thought having Heard of Testing NEXT MONTH does Pose a Question We All Have in our Minds!

Just WHO WILL WHO PICK? That by Itself should Raise So Many Questions. ATS would Never Be As It Was Again! Everything would come back to This. Thanks For Listening! I might be Crazy, just not stupid. This time we all might have something to lose! Might as well Make The Best out of this evil for the Ones Having the Testing Done. Compassion is what Is Needed Now, for the ones who have Died and the Ones Sure to Follow!


posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 07:57 PM
Lots and lots of people would love to work on Ebola. It's been a funding issue which is why there isn't a vaccine currently. I've done vaccine development as a technician working with influenza, rift valley fever, yellow fever, dengue, HIV and SIV. I'd work with Ebola in a heartbeat without any perks whatsoever assuming the CDC or Gates Foundation would simply pick up my salary and give me access to a laboratory. It'd have to be a BSL4, and I've only done 3+ work in the past, but there shouldn't be a need for a national lottery, just funding for salaries.

posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 08:11 PM
Correct me here.

A vaccine prevents, doesn't cure. A vaccine also takes 2-5 weeks to become effective, depending on the vaccine, and is still then not a 100% guarantee. Plus the virus can mutate very quickly in between.

And if the risk of a disease is so small and so low at all?, why develop a vaccine at all? With all this media attention, people are still telling us that hey only 1000 people out of billions are infected, so don't worry if we hop continents.

If the ebola spreads, a vaccine won't do a whole lot of people any good. Do they expect to fear people into running out and getting vaccinated when there is an infintesimal chance? No wonder funding is low...there are no sales brewin.

Now the other side of that coin is that if someone is weaponizing or has weaponized ebola and intends to use it, they might want to vaccinate, oh say, their military and key government officials and the elite before attempting such an endeavor.

As for volunteering? No thanks. Not for any profit.
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posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: infoseeker26754

800 people have died. How is that a problem so Large that no one knows how to handle it? We have had numerous Ebola outbreaks in the past that have taken hundreds of lives. The only difference this time is the amount of publicity this one is getting.

posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: Dawgishly
Your post may be the most ignorant thing I have ever read on ATS. I started to look for some of the many, many news articles I have read over the last few days to share with you, but decided you should probably do it yourself.

They are everywhere.

Understand, you are far from alone in your opinion, but it is uninformed and shows ignorance (as I called it above) but I am not accusing you of being stupid. There are many things you can learn somewhat supporting your belief, but when weighed in its totality this current outbreak so far outdistances anything in the past that WHO repeatedly issues warnings and proclamations of the potential devastation. In addition, a simple comprehension of the possible scenarios, including both realistic and/or unlikely, should be enough to concern any informed individual.

I wish you were right, but publicity is not the driving force behind the attention it is getting and that comment is bordering on an insult to all those who have died, will die, and place(d) themselves in harm's way to try and protect us all. Sorry to have come across brash, but even though I don't buy into the conspiracy theories proclaiming doomsday, i do take this very, very seriously.

Good luck in your research.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: samstone11

Be Yourself! I have no problems whatsoever.

That would be my point, I would Never Want Anyone to have to Die In Vain! Just watching the News many already Have, yet Who seems to Give A Thought. A Second moment of Their Time Just How much Pain all 500 + Already have gone through?

As long as one can Create a story in using many Factors possible it is Okay. Yet when one goes about Asking if some are willing to Give Up their own Life's to help Others. That's A No No! So I twisted it up some, tossed in some crap ideas and Look Here!

It's Fine as long as It's not Happening to You! Now that It Could be in Ones Backyard............ Oh No! Please don't Scare Me! So go about Ditching anything so one does not Have To Think about it. Stupid is what stupid does so Nothing Changes!

If some would take the Time and Just Sit. Run it through their minds just How Much Pain They have and Are Going Through, You Would Want them to at least not Be Locked Up in some Cold Dark Room BY Themselves! Knowing not Only The Pain but when you See that door open every time. It's not Food, A Beer, Here Ya Go, Use My Phone!

Just to Call one's Mom, Dad, Kids a friend or two and say Your Sorry I did This, Forgive Me or Just to Hear Their Voice that Day. NO! One would Feel Safer if Kept Locked in that Room so it does Not show up at Your Door! No matter how you go about it.

People will Not Offer Their Lives if it might Cause One to Lose Theirs! And for the One's Who Do! Thank You For Showing me the way! It's not about money, living it up Large. We are Here to Show We Have What It Takes To Offer Ourselves To Others First.

Not to sound Mean although one might want to Ask Oneself something. In your own Words, Just what did Christ do while On The Cross? Surely you do not think He did it for Himself! Could Have walked away and Went< Hell No I'm Not! Let the Next Guy do this. Just using Christ to make a Point although Many have Done Just That Themselves!

We just do Not see Them Highlighted Either!


posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: Nechash


Here we are Taught to save some Cash, plan for our old age yet Our Gov can not Save any for this? One would have thought plans were set Way long ago just in case something like this should happen. History would look so lame say 100 yrs to some kids in school reading about the Fall Of USA!

History seems to imply Viruses do have a Odd way of Popping Up throughout Time. And we do not have Any Funding for this sort of thing? And they Call Me Stupid!

I Give you and the others my Blessing! Included with this is 1,000 Thank Yous and if need, my body to use if required someday! I do Hear you on having to work enclosed, unable to do anything while said person has so much Fear in ones Eyes looking at them while going in the room!

Only this would even be worst for even the people doing this if got out of hand. They could use Bird Island? off NY City if I remember right. Instead of small cramped room, nothing to do, no one to talk to, waiting for that ill nasty food. At least do the Best One Can for them, nice if able to go outside. Take a Look at the Stars and feel the air around you from Time to time.

Lock Down should be considered Torture in just kept in said room, how I see it anyway.


posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: Dawgishly

Sorry Dawgishly!

That reply was meant for Samstone11 while His Avatar Is Fighting with His Other Self!

And It's only going to get worst! Say someone happens to disappear, get sick; just the getting sick part will cause Problems! Flu season is right around said corner as with everything else! I Never seen This One Coming. Here I was going with say maybe some Gang Wars, Fireball streaking down in my yard. Hell! ET Even, no. It Will Always Come Unexpected and no Soul could ever come close! Doom is always behind 2 steps of what is actually going on!

Yet not as Bad like it is Today, although just another ploy while Actually People are Dying! It would seem the flight ?17 fail to upset anyone, I'm starting to wonder If People have Loss All Hope or just could not Care Less untill in Ones Yard!

Both Planes stories have been Dropped, gone cold and No One Even Wonders just what Happened to them Folk on said Planes! The Worlds Taking Our Hearts and replacing it with Coldness, Without Compassion! What Love that is there in the World left is the Ones who Know This to be True, ask themselves What Have We Become!

Later after all said and done, Only Just a Few were able to Leave Earth while the Others Stayed and with Coldness and No Heart. Turned on each other Until the Last Day! That sums up REV in Short Form. How Are They Handing it Now? Should have Left the Press Out of It, kept it under raps and Told No One!

Yet Toss out some stories, some leak's and allow each of us to become Distracted in ones Fears. Sorry Man! The World should have Stopped All Wars; Time Out if Needed, and Worked Together As One to Fix This! No Need for Stories, Shut the Hell up, People!

Death it Seem is what People Like! Have to turn On just to find out Where Death Is! Then in the back of ones Mind, we All Do It! Glad its not in my neck of the World! yet I see Just A Few People Willing to rush over and Give A Helping Hand! Or Simply a plane ticket just to get there to Help!

People do not want to Know the Pain that goes on in The World everyday, Real Pain that is! So caught up in Their Own World, fail to see anything else but their Own. Bring this up, anything that Has to Deal With Truth will be bashed Period because It Brings them down to What Is Real in todays world.

When Death can be Forgotten as simple as switching to another Death Story. Then the ones who Dies Actually Died In Vain! Mass graves at said border; Anyone Still There? Planes and the People gone, Anything? Fades out to the next Death so one can be Taught to Pass it off like Nothing. No Care in said Being Somethings Wrong with Our World!


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