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Quarantine, West Africa: EBOLA UPDATE

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 05:43 PM

This is a test. Please read the following 2 news quotes, analyze the info presented and post your comments. Remember this game? [eg. 92 bodies were found but only 72 were buried. The lockdown was successful with 75% of 1.5 households inspected - which leaves over 300,000 households UN-inspected. (How successful is that?) ....56 new cases were discovered but turns out those people phoned to ask for help, and they were "discovered" when their tests came back positive.... ] What other silliness can you find?

Sierra Leone concludes nationwide Ebola lockdown

Frustrated residents complained of food shortages in some neighborhoods of Sierra Leone’s capital on Sunday as the country reached the third and final day of a sweeping, unprecedented lockdown designed to combat the deadly Ebola disease, volunteers said.

While most residents welcomed teams of health care workers and volunteers bearing information about the disease, rumors persisted in pockets of the city that poisoned soap was being distributed, suggesting that public education campaigns had not been entirely successful.

….There were rumors in Freetown on Sunday that officials would opt to extend the lockdown, but a Health Ministry statement issued Sunday night confirmed it had ended.

The statement said that 75 percent of the targeted 1.5 million households had been contacted by outreach teams, and that outreach would continue in “hot spots” around the country.

Health care workers had taken advantage of the lockdown to bury 71 dead bodies by Sunday morning…

In Liberia on Sunday, officials opened a new 150-bed treatment center, the country’s largest, in the Bushrod Island section of Monrovia. Four ambulances arrived almost immediately, full of sick patients.

Ebola Lockdown: 92 Bodies Found In Sierra Leone

Ninety-two bodies and at least 56 new infections have been discovered in Sierra Leone during a nationwide ebola lockdown.

….Some 123 people have contacted authorities during the lockdown so far, believing they might be infected.

Of these, 56 have tested positive for ebola, 31 tested negative and 36 were still awaiting their results
, he said.

Residents have largely complied with the plan, and the streets have remained mostly deserted, except for ambulances and police vehicles.

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