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I am exhausted.

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posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: DeadSeraph

Heya Seraph! I'm sorry to hear you have reached this point. Your posts are ones I often enjoy reading when I come on to catch up. I suggest trying 2 things and see how you feel after a month. Take this from a fellow hardcore news junkie working to make a career of it.

#1. Dump Television Media by about 90% if not 100%.

Personally, I turned off 99% of all television for months in what came to be a coincidence of timing but a damn nice one around the time of the Connecticut shootings. I still watch minutes a day, if that much for anything news related and television based. Don't even get me to lying about trying to explain it, but the difference in reaction and visceral emotion between reading every gory detail of a story in writing ...and hearing a professionally managed stage show to manipulate us by the report is staggering. It's even critical to sanity, if you're getting burned out IMO.

#2. Take a break from all of it.

All news...All blogging..All everything. As someone currently 'gone fishin'' for anything more than a few minutes a day to keep touch with friends around here? I can say after almost 3 years of day and night existence in dead bodies, learning how they got that way and reading about how the next batch is likely to become dead? (my snarky way of describing what I do as a news hound/writer) The recharge from weeks unplugged from it all is just impossible to fully convey.

It's like color returned to the world outside the window and feeling more than angst and depression at the depravity of man as a regular thing. Give it a shot! Take a few weeks and keep that idiot box they call TV turned off for anything but mindless DVD's you actually ENJOY.

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 09:49 AM
1) Look at everyone like they are a bug in a jar.

2) Every time you read the word UFO on ATS you need to eat a chocolate cookie.

3) Before you go to sleep wrap foil around your toes to ensure you download better quality instructions from the base on the moon or those pesky triangle ships.

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: pheonix358

They're not trees. Our Higher Selves are the Trees. They chose to strive for dark wings, ie. to be overlords of a smaller hellish system, and not grow beyond it. Whether they can pass that, dark side doesnt give promotions line or not is another story, perhaps why they try so hard to be evil. They're making a huge train wreck of their smaller soul orb lives. Consciousness is Understanding and Compassion and Empathy, its more awareness not less. They're smaller than we are in reality. Not trees at all. Predators aren't trees. They're also following, groupies too, the AI Pyrana's in the system, sharks, the virus, Agent Smith and all that.

We're not as powerless as we think yet when some of us try to seek hard, what to do, their families fall apart and worse things happen, so its really an attack, and you wonder when the help will arrive, whether external, or empowerment within/internal. Because I keep being shown this big mud pile, and a big mess, but reminded its clay and we're not through with our tests yet. So, shining some Love at this system and showing the way may be good, if we can nudge others on the same page, but keep doing it, even if it feels lonely. Until more answers come. This would be over if we'd learned enough so obviously there is still work to do.

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posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: DeadSeraph
Not desensitised yet? Just live and let die for a week.
The Sun is on the peak now so this human anthill is nervous. Even the bees have stronger poison this year.
Soon the north pole (Sun's) will finaly turn positive and we may see some normalisation and then long cooling. Then you may see no change for twenty years and cry for something to happen.
Every time this green, F-note heart energy comes here there are evil spirits trying to use it to unite people in the wrong ways. Don't think you can't change anything from your oneness-heart-palace.
If you feel anger it maybe came from the middle east or Africa. If you can fight this anger inside you, your victory may change something on the other side of the world.
hear the F-tone:
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