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Ebola Is New Tool To FEMA Camps

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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: generik

If this bug keeps running hot in Africa without burning out or slowing, it's bad news. Ebola is usually a low risk virus for widespread outbreak for the same reason it's so bad. It runs though and kills the available hosts in remote villages and settlements before it has time or opportunity to spread much beyond. That is the norm and sad to say right now, one of it's key characteristics.

You can watch Ebola pop up in Africa for remote outbreaks on epidemiology websites like the annual flu season here. Not like this though.

What that would leave officials here with is a lose/lose situation while slithering down a razors edge that would make the old philosophers cringe in sympathetic pain.

By the time they could begin instituting measures which would actually mean something without the population coming to just go postal on health workers and their escorts, it's probably well beyond any hope of containment using those approaches.

At the same time, what are they to do if they do see wild cases in Atlanta, Macon, or Birmingham? Mickey-Mouse a vector hunt while cobbling together containment and hoping everyone exposed to a 90% death rate is honest to volunteer for quarantine?

This is the scenario that keeps professional paranoids in Government service anxious. Even they don't want to live in the nation it would almost have to become in the short term, to try and save as many as possible. Lets pray for no mutation and full institutional containment.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 08:21 PM

originally posted by: johngrissom
I am fine with that. I think the population of the world needs to be cleansed because of how selfish and evil we have become. For example: grow adults slamming doors on the elderly, fake racism, lawsuits, gangs, money problems by the general public and no hard work or dedication anymore.

Humanity has not lived up the it's potential and does not deserve to live on this planet anymore.

Alright. Lets start with you.

You are a human correct? You believe humans... obviously since you are one too... don't deserve to live on this planet. I urge you to go elsewhere. Come on mate. Lead by example...

No? Then STFU!

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