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Gaza conflict: Israel, Hamas both committing war crimes, UN official says

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 08:11 PM

-More than 9,000 homes in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, according to preliminary reports.

-Two of the three main UN compounds have been damaged.

-Twenty-four medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed, some hit multiple times.

-More than 130 schools and other educational facilities have sustained damage.

-Gaza's only power plant was struck on Tuesday, destroying the fuel tanks.

-Hundreds of thousands of people are without access to regular water.

The UN's top human rights official is accusing both the Israeli military and Hamas militants of committing war crimes in Gaza, where Israel is expanding its campaign to destroy Hamas rockets and tunnels.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Thursday said that by placing and firing rockets within heavily populated areas, both sides are committing "a violation of international humanitarian law, therefore a war crime."

Pillay told reporters in Geneva she sees "a recurrence of the very acts" from the 2009 Gaza war in which the UN concluded Israel deliberately targeted civilians and might have committed war crimes, along with Hamas.

She said Israel has defied international law in Gaza by attacking civilian areas with schools, hospitals, homes and UN facilities.

"I have seen the catastrophic human cost of this war," said Pierre Krähenbühl, commissioner general of UNRWA, speaking by phone from Gaza as he recalled meeting those who were wounded when a UN-run school in Jebaliya was struck by tank shells early Wednesday. According to the latest UN figures, 19 people were killed at the school.

"The precise location and co-ordinates of the school were conveyed on 17 occasions to the Israeli military, including a notification that the school was sheltering displaced persons," Krähenbühl said.

"I reiterate my condemnation of this attack in the strongest terms, reiterate also that it was a serious violation of international law and call for accountability, including the immediate launching of a transparent investigation by Israel and to share its findings," he said.

Militants rockets in schools
He said "another challenge" is the use of UNWRA buildings in Gaza to store weapons.

"On three occasions, we have found in empty UNWRA facilities rockets belonging to armed groups in Gaza. We immediately alerted all relevant parties to their existence and we strongly condemned placement of weapons in our schools," Krähenbühl said.

Obviously Hamas is guilty of war crimes, who doesn't know this? But let's not pretend Israel isn't guilty of war crimes as well. Their latest campaign into Gaza is of their own doing. They decided to who & what to bomb and they alone are responsible for their own actions.

What many people don't seem to understand is why Israel's gets so much attention. Well, that's because they are clearly the stronger party who are actually able to cause mass destruction. Everyone is familiar with terrorist groups like Hamas but Hamas, as hard as they try, do no come anyway near Israel's military might, especially with the Iron Dome. So when Israel does strike Gaza the world [should] holds them to a higher standard and expect low civilian deaths but as this war rages on Israel appears to be just as bad as the terrorists they are fighting. Israel is also eligible for criticism due to all the foreign aid they receive (more US $$ approved just today).

Hamas, they are disgusting and hopefully on their way out. Lets hope if any good comes from this "war" it's that both sides are war weary and look for peace along with a 2 state solution.

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: Swills

They both commit war crimes, sure but the connection of the IDF with the Israeli people are much greater than the Palestinians with Hamas.

70% of polled Palestinians are against the Hamas rocket attacks while Netanyahu enjoys a 95% approval rating. This speaks volumes to me. When the average Israeli dies from a Hamas rocket, there's a 95% chance it killed a person who wants them dead. When an Israeli rocket kills a Palestinian, there's a 70% chance it killed somebody who wants to do nothing but live in peace.

Israel is a nationalist state with extreme patriots making up its population. Palestinian people are largely apathetic towards Hamas. IDF and Hamas both know this and are both to blame for the murder of Palestinians.

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 08:48 PM
I am pro-israeli (as a nation) that loath these new offensive by the IDF to gaza.

Im also aware Hamas is a cruel organization created from the hate of israel , they even destroyed the Fatah in very bloody coup before they take over gaza.

But it didnt give the Israeli military (IDF) to blast hamas positions and killing civilians because they are nearby. it is criminal to target enemy position (who use human shields) knowing that civilians nearby.

Just imagine you as ordinary palestinian civilian are living in your house with your family and you never even dabble in politics , suddenly without you knowing a group of armed men set mortar/rocket battery in your lawn and start shooting at israeli military then they ran off. The israeli counter-battery will hone in on your lawn and in the process of retaliating also destroyed your house and killed your family.

You dont have to answer this post, just answer it in your heart : Is it humane for a military force to target enemies knowing that civilians are nearby risking collateral damage ?

You know how sensitive Americans are to civilian death.. even 1 death person caused so much ruckus in USA. How about 1500+ civilians killed as collateral damage ? would american people accept that fact if the DEAD CIVILIANS FROM AMERICAN NATIONALITY ? Or just because it is palestinian they are not human anymore ?

just food for thought..


To Clarify : I believed IDF do not intentionally target civilians and also tried to avoid civilian collateral damage. But this still caused so many civilian deaths that will create grudge that last for a long time and in the end it is israel that will lose.. Would IDF blatantly target Hamas operative if there's american civilians nearby ? im sure you all know the answer to that
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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 08:56 PM
And then there is what you might call "moral crimes".

One side is guilty due primarily to its intent. HAMAS sends scores of missiles into the air, hoping against hope to kill someone, but realizing that the odds of success are extraordinarily slim. Few get through, those that do inflict little damage.

The other side is guilty due to both its intent and its effect. Israel bombs civilian areas knowing full well that there is a near 100 percent chance that many, many, many innocent people are going to be killed. They pull the trigger anyway, and indeed they cause an absolute blood bath.

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 09:06 PM

originally posted by: buntalanlucu

To Clarify : I believed IDF do not intentionally target civilians and also tried to avoid civilian collateral damage. But this still caused so many civilian deaths that will create grudge that last for a long time and in the end it is israel that will lose.. Would IDF blatantly target Hamas operative if there's american civilians nearby ? im sure you all know the answer to that

I believe the civilian casualties are considered - not necessarily by individual members the IDF, but as a matter of national policy - a BONUS in that the killings not only reduce the size of the indigenous population of Palestinians (which has been a primary goal since the first Zionist influx into Palestine in 1918) but also instill FEAR into what remains of the Arab underclass living in the ghettos of Gaza and the West Bank.

In fact, as you can see from this video posted in another thread recently, Netanyahu specifically notes the desirability of striking TERROR into the hearts of the Palestinians.

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 09:46 PM
This is like when a flame war happens between two ppl, but one party started it and is the worst of the two, but the moderator is a friend the worse one so he doesn't punish the instigator, but just locks the thread saying some neutral thing and tried not to "get involved".

Or something along those lines.

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 10:03 PM
I agree that both sides have commited war crimes, but on the whole context of the situation, the mistreatment of Palestinains for years by Israel, the complete disregard for their international rights that they're supposed to have and the building of settlements on ground previously occupied by Palestinians has led to the situation that we now have.

And may I remind, that besieging a city as Israel is doing, is in itself a war crime.

Also, Israel were being criticized by countries (including the U.K.) only a couple of years ago for what they were doing in the West Bank:

Another thing, regarding the latest ceasefire and alleged capture by Hamas of an Israeli soldier, there are reports that he was a victim of the Hannibal Directive, hence the indiscriminate shelling of Rafah yesterday morning:

There was much discussion on Twitter about this being the reason for the shelling of Rafah on Friday morning, including in reports from Ynet’s military reporter Attila Somfalvi, that the words “Hannibal! Hannibal!” were shouted over military communication systems.

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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 12:02 AM
We know that Hamas is not scared of the UN. (Who is, really?) And the UN criticizing Israel is another Ho-Hum moment. The UN has never passed a resolution condemning anything the Palestinians do, so I suspect that the Israeli government sees the headline, tells an intern to send out a press release, then turns to the sports pages. (metaphorically)

But as casual as I may sound, this is a huge triumph for Israel. Remember that more than a quarter of the UN is made up of Islamic states, throw in China, Russia, and the countries they influence, and the UN is ready to pass anti-israel resolutions as fast as they can be printed up.

If the press is beginning to expose, and not just ignore Hamas war crimes, we're in a position to start thinking just a bit more rationally about the situation. People who hate Israel will be reduced to saying, "Well, my war crimes aren't as bad as your war crimes." Ah, that brings back many playground memories.

Here's an idea. Nobody's afraid of the UN, so they declare both sides guilty and order each side to execute punishment on the other.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 02:10 AM
people who saw victory in this israeli military slaughter of civilian already lost their humanity by treating the civilian loss as collateral. You just have to look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself do you feel the pain seeing massive civilian casualties incurred ?

i took no side in this conflict, but i really shocked by the total support of western media and goverment to israeli military incursion even at so many civilian deaths it caused.

Something is wrong here, the "moral" west already lost .. the western goverments clamor for revenge and justification for MH17 disaster but they fell silent on thousands of innocent deaths in gaza disaster..

sorry to say that something really feels wrong with the world , with all these deaths in gaza sweeped aside and considered casualties of war..

No excuse for ANY side to incur death and suffering to civilians..

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