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Forgotten Libya: Chaos and Destruction by the US of another Arab Country…

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 06:20 PM
I always use to say to my Arab friends that because of Israel, The US, oil, and Western greed, the Arabs were going to become the new “Native Americans of this era."

And it seems my predictions are coming true.

Iraq, Palestine earlier in the century with the founding of Israel, Syria, almost Egypt, and of course, the war the MSM tried to say was a just war, in Libya …

Indeed, as the results of another neocon (Cheney and Bush) and neo liberal (Obama and Hillary) disaster heaped upon the Arab world unfolds, this time in Libya, as the country descends into violent chaos ( there is little remonstration in the disgusting and lying Western press where they all agreed the war in Libya was a good thing at the time!

Deadly Libya Violence Pushes Country Toward 'Failed State'

“Libya is engulfed in its deadliest fighting since the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi, pushing the country to the brink of collapse and creating a "giant black hole for security" in the region, experts warn. Nearly 100 people have been killed, 400 others wounded, and much of the main airport has been destroyed in the recent battles that have gripped key cities. Violence has spiraled amid a power vacuum left by the removal of longtime dictator Gadhafi, with many placing the blame on shifting Western priorities.”

Here’s Why Libya Is Burning—Again

“Have you been following events in Libya closely? No, of course you haven’t. Since the ouster of Muammar Qaddafi, we’ve scarcely discussed Libya except in the context of a predictable partisan effort to affix blame for a single if tragic event: the deaths of the American ambassador and several others in Benghazi nearly two years ago.

Since then, the country the West purportedly rescued has slid into chaos with barely any consequences for those in Washington, Paris, London and elsewhere who supported the removal of Qaddafi.

Sadly, the public was duped once again. Those advocating military intervention against the Libyan leader were not competent to predict a successful outcome or an outpouring of love from the Libyan people any more than Dick Cheney was to promise that the people would welcome American troops in Iraq with bouquets.

Just as bad, no acknowledgment has ever come from the establishment, including the media, that what was tantamount to an invasion by the West in 2011 was never about protecting the Libyan people from an ogre. That’s what the public was constantly led to believe. Rather, it was about protecting opportunities for Western companies. And now, as Libya continues to unravel, even those are in doubt.”

As we go through the horrors of GAZA, another US abetted policy world disaster, it seems what the US so recklessly did in Libya is all but forgotten about, as the Moron in Chief, Barack Obama, or Puppet in Chief, whatever your perspective, blindly wanders on into one disastrous foreign policy decision after another.

And just think he almost started a war in Syria, but the American people finally intervened and said:

The Libyan debacle is another indication of the sinister forces of neocons and neo liberals who rule this country for a much deeper hidden sinister force.

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posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 06:44 PM
Deal oil in dollars or get your head blown off. The king of the jungle is sick and dying but stay well away from the claws until its last breath is drawn!

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: Willtell

I have to say this, it was not the US that took Gaddafi down but Britain and France, the US oil companys got all the good deals in Iraq when they profiteered from the war there (A war that should never have happened and has engineered the current mess the world is now in) and the British were upset about this behind the scene's.

As both France and Britain had a stake in Libya and had invested billions into the oil field's there they more or less dragged the US into the fray with "It is your turn we helped you in Iraq now help us" as there justification, nevertheless after the overthrow with no stable puppet government and no US boot's on the ground it was a mistake on there part, not only has it cost the Libyans much but also for Europe we now have Jihadista on out souther doorstep from where they can launch assault's and without the security of an occupation army those Oil dreams went up in smoke for both England and France.

Make's you realize what a total and utter plonker Cameron is as an average school boy could have predicted that outcome and without american boot's on the ground, since we and france do not have a large enough army to occupy such a huge country it was doomed to fail, it was about Oil and nothing more and they never got the oil but they did sow the wind and now god help us with fool's like these running our nations we will surely reap the wind.

There was a time we as nation's held the moral heigh ground but since our faith in christianity has failed and money is now god for most people and especially politicians and there controling corporations that time is long since past, with moral degradation comes decadence and with decadence comes weakness, historically the same think happened in Rome, war at the edges of the empire, the city's states ceased to obey Rome, massive immigration into Rome changed the populace completely so that even the Emperors were no longer Roman and eventually Rome fell to a single tribe that in time's past it could have defeated, but Rome died a slow death still clinging to the illusion of greatness long after the empire had already fragmented.
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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 06:12 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I'm rather confident in saying it was all of the 'united nations' fault, while yes Britain and France lead the way to begin with and had huge investments in the country, this wouldn't make them blow it all up. In fact it was more than likely Gaddafi had some dirty intel on the countries of France and Britain (perhaps even Canada they were pretty quick to hop in their bombers too) If it was an oil run, like you said they would have needed boots on the ground to ensure a stable government came in, which they would have known, Cameron is an idiot yes but others would have been saying this to him.

I do wonder what Gaddafi really had up his sleeve to force the western world into such extreme measures and I hope that this truly wasn't about resources.

Though we all seen this coming, during the events I remember watching it on the news and all of my friends there at the time knew the country would be war stricken with tribal/religious power struggles happening. Especially with the amount of arms they had flood into their country.
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