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Times Of Israel Publishes Op-Ed About 'When Genocide Is Permissible', Then Deletes It

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posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 06:01 PM
Inside Israel’s Pro-War Nationalist Camp

groups chanting “death to Arabs” throughout Israel and attacking anti-war demonstrators.


posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 06:33 PM
a reply to: voyger2

Then, by your definition, the Palestinians are also criminals and war criminals (no...I wont do the all caps thing)

August 28, 2011 -- Eight people were wounded when a Palestinian man from Nablus attacked a Tel Aviv nightclub. The terrorist hijacked a taxi in Jaffa and rammed into an Israel Border Police checkpoint that had been set up to protect the event of over 2,000 people. He then jumped out of the taxi, shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and began stabbing bystanders and police.

August 18, 2011 -- A series of attacks targeted civilians in soldiers in southern Israel, killing eight people and wounding at least 31. Terrorists from Gaza infiltrated Israel via the border with Egypt, and fired on a civilian busses and vehicles, detonated explosives when IDF soldiers arrived on the scene of the attack, and then launched mortar shells at soldiers along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

April 7, 2011 – An anti-tank missile fired from Gaza at a clearly-marked yellow Israeli school bus driving near the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council wounded an Israeli teenager and the bus driver. The boy, 16-year-old Daniel Viflic, later died from his wounds in the hospital.

March 11, 2011 – Five Israelis, all members of the same family, were stabbed to death in their beds by two men, both believed to be Palestinian. The victims included father and mother Ehud and Ruth Fogel, and three of their six children, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month-old Hadas. The brutal murders, which occurred in Itamar, drew international condemnation from governments, the United Nations and the Middle East Quartet of nations.

September 1, 2010: Two Israelis were wounded, one seriously, when Hamas terrorists ambushed their car as as the couple was driving near Kochav Hashachar.

August 31, 2010: Four Israelis, including a pregnant woman, were murdered when terrorists ambushed their car as they were driving near Kiryat Arba in the West Bank. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, which coincided with the restarting of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington, D.C.

July 22, 2008: Sixteen people were wounded when a man drove a bulldozer into a bus and four other vehicles in central Jerusalem. The attack was an attempted copycat of an earlier attack on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road on July 2, 2008. The terrorist was shot dead by police.
July 2, 2008: An Arab resident of Jerusalem deliberately drove a bulldozer into pedestrians and vehicles in central Jerusalem, overturning and flattening a number of buses and cars. Three people were killed and 66 injured in the attack.
April 9, 2008: Two Israeli civilians were killed and two wounded when Palestinian terrorists attacked an Israeli-controlled border crossing where fuel is piped into Gaza. The attack at the Nahal Oz depot was carried out by members of various terrorist movements, including the Popular Resistance Committees.
March 6, 2008: Eight men, seven of them teenagers, were killed when a Palestinian gunman entered the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem and opened fire. The terrorist also wounded nine in the attack before he was killed at the scene.
February 4, 2008: A 73-year-old woman was killed and 40 people were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a shopping center in the southern city of Dimona. A second bomber was shot by a police officer who noticed him reaching for his explosive belt. Both Hamas’ armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, and Fatah's armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack.
January 24, 2008: Two terrorists entered the Mekor Hayim High School Yeshiva in Kfar Etzion, south of Jerusalem, and stabbed two students. The terrorists were killed by two of the counselors in the room. The Izaddin al-Kassam's Martyrs Brigades, the Hamas military wing, claimed responsibility for the attack.
January 24, 2008: Rami Zoari, 20, from Beersheba, a border police officer, was killed and another female officer was seriously wounded after terrorists approached the entrance to Shuafat refugee camp in northern Jerusalem and opened fire on a group of Israelis. The Battalions of Struggle and Return, a previously anonymous offshoot of Fatah's Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack.
December 28, 2007: Two Israelis were killed by Palestinian terrorists while hiking outside of Hebron. A third hiker managed to escape.
January 29, 2007: Three people were killed in a suicide bombing in a bakery in Eilat, the first suicide bombing in the city. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
June 25, 2006: Eliahu Asheri, 18, of Itamar, was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists from the Popular Resistance Committees while hitchhiking from Betar Illit, southwest of Bethlehem, to Neveh Tzuf, where he was studying. His body was found on June 29 in Ramallah. Israeli Authorities believe Asheri was murdered by his captors shortly after his kidnapping.
April 17, 2006: Nine people were killed and at least 40 wounded in a suicide bombing near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv. The blast ripped through Falafel Rosh Ha'ir, the same restaurant that was hit by an attack on January 19. The Islamic Jihad and Fatah’s Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades both claimed responsibility for the attack. The Hamas led PA government defended the suicide bombing, calling it an act of "self-defense." Hamas official spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the attack "a natural result of the continued Israeli crimes against our people".
March 30, 2006: Four people were killed in a suicide bombing outside Kedumim in the northern West Bank. The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades took responsibility for the attack.
January 19, 2006: At least 30 people were injured in a suicide bombing near the old central bus station in southern Tel Aviv. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
December 29, 2005: Three people were killed - two Palestinian civilians and an Israeli soldier - in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint near Tulkarm. The suicide bomber was apparently planning to target one of the many children's events taking place in Tel Aviv for the Hanukkah holiday, but was stopped at the checkpoint. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
December 5, 2005: Five people were killed and more than 50 others injured in a suicide bombing at the entrance of a shopping mall in Netanya. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
October 26, 2005: Six people were killed and 55 wounded in a suicide bombing in an outdoor market in the town of Hadera. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
October 16, 2005: Palestinian gunmen killed three Israelis and wounded as least 5 others in two separate drive-by shootings in the West Bank. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for both attacks.
August 28, 2005: A suicide bombing outside the Central Bus Station in Beersheba severly injured two security guards who stopped the bomber from entering the bus station. Islamic Jihad and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.
August 4, 2005: An AWOL Israeli soldier killed four Israeli Arabs and wounded 12 on a bus in town of Shfaram. The shooter was killed by a mob that boarded the bus after the shooting.
July 23, 2005: Two people were killed and three others wounded in a drive-by shooting near the Kissufim crossing in the Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.
July 12, 2005: Five people we

posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 10:10 PM
Just for fun, here's another poll (since the subject of polls has been discussed many times in this thread).

62% of British public says Israel committing war crimes, as polls show sympathy for Palestinians (

A current discussion on reddit

Direct link to poll data:

Just a note here: Both sides take a beating in this poll.

This comment is relevant:

Also, in a recent poll 87% of Israelis think Operation Protective Edge should be continued, 95% agree that the operation is just and only 4% think the IDF used excessive force.

Edit: Source

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posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 10:16 PM
a reply to: JRCrowley its a Canadian Government PDF,, if im not mistaken,,


posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 11:06 PM

originally posted by: InverseLookingGlass
a reply to: Willtell

If you put all the players on a moral scale, generally speaking the Islamists are the absolute worst. No doubt about it. Killing and torturing them is still wrong. And ineffective. The religious memes have this little feature called martyrdom. Killing a few make the meme stronger. You need to go after the meme.

Palestinians hate Zionism for legitimate reasons. They want to destroy Israel for legitimate reasons. They are clearly losing the struggle and should take a different approach.

Israel is a belligerent, entitled bully just like the US but for different reasons.

So you can tinker all day with the moral scale but from where I stand, Israel and Palestinians are pretty close to each other. Murderers that will stop at nothing and have gone to the dark side, never to return. Divest Israel, speak out, withdraw consent, reject the propaganda coming from AIPAC and the media. If Zionism withers and dies, the world will be safer and more human. Islam the virulent meme is also high on the threat list for the human race. They are in the same category with Zionism IMO.

Even if you subscribe to conspiracy theories regarding Zionism, how can you honestly state that the world would be safer and more humane if the ideology did not exist?

Zionism was founded very recently in relative terms, and our civilization has been engulfed in a perpetual state of conflict for thousands of years, driven by religion, colonialism, racial intolerance, and greed.

The middle east in particular has a history that is rife with bloodshed, long before the inception of the State Of Israel, and that would be ongoing even if Israel did not exist. Look no further than the current war being waged by Islamic terrorist groups against moderate Muslim sects and Christians throughout the middle east today.

Zionism and Islamic fundamentalism are not analogous. One ideology is based on the belief of an ancestral homeland for Jews, and the other is based on a belief that advocates waging a holy war in the name of God against all those who refuse to assimilate.

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posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 02:44 AM
I tend to lean a little on the Gaza side of the conflict myself, however, I will say it makes me more suspicious when the Huffington Post is posting an article about the article that was deleted.

Obviously, the Huffington Post wouldn't publish anything that isn't sure to guarantee widespread support and get people talking, especially the more bitter people are becoming with Israel overall.

Seriously, they are making it literally impossible from a media standpoint to even side with Israel, even if you wanted to!

So, this whole thing stinks to high heaven, but I can't quite place my finger on it, but I'm definitely suspicious when a media outlet starts saying things I like to hear.

Of course it would be ironic for a Jew to justify genocide, but are you surprised? I'm not. That's practically the point we've been brought to as well, through media, to see that a) we can't continue to war against an ideology, and b) to leave might mean more violence and bloodshed. So what "solution" would a person come to other than to think, even for a brief moment, "What if we just killed ALL of them?"

Of course this would be impossible, since it's not humans being targeted, but a certain way of thought... and we know thought never dies.

But anyway. I just had to chime in and say this makes me suspicious and I don't trust this information. It seems very likely to me this article was written, then deliberately taken down (of course) ONLY so another media outlet could cover the non-existent story and we can have the whole discussion about genocide anyway.

The way the media has acclimated us to think over the last 13 years, genocide starts sounding like a logical option to many people... because they've been trained to think that way. "The boogeyman must die..." So, what this [the situation with the article written about the article] actually does is present this THOUGHT via an article that was written then deleted, to only turn around and CONDEMN this type of thinking. Of course, I'm not saying this way of thought is 'right,' but it's YOU they are talking to... not made-up Jews who want genocide of the Muslims. They are telling YOU this is an unacceptable thought to have... even though they have trained you, groomed you, and made you believe all this time it's the death of Islam you want (since 9/11, especially).

It's definitely a intricately woven web... of lies.

Who knows what to believe anymore, but I do know one thing: a major news outlet is not going to say some stuff that they know isn't going to get widespread support. So, anytime you read something from the MSM that seems a little too good to be true, remember that it probably is.

I don't know what to think. It seems like we have rearranged the entire region to align with Israel, yet things keep seeming like we're about to "break-up" with Israel all together and story after story gets published pretty much explaining to us "numb-skulls" exactly why the break-up had to occur. This, I believe, is one of those stories. "We can't align with a genocidal people," which seems to leave extremists on both sides of the conflict without support.

Looks like a big PR job for the US... US stepping down as a world power and "somebody else" about to step up and take the reigns. Probably getting ready to use another countries armed forces for a change... like Russia, the proxy of the Western world.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 04:38 AM

originally posted by: celerygeneral
It seems very likely to me this article was written, then deliberately taken down (of course) ONLY so another media outlet could cover the non-existent story and we can have the whole discussion about genocide anyway.


Here is the to the article: at : F71kw7Ee


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posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 05:15 AM
The GREAT LIE, is that 'collateral damage' (an excuse made up and given by governments AND military around the world) is 'acceptable' and not prosecutable is the problem here.

The death of EVERY civillian by ANY soldier ordered by ANY government or organization should ALWAYS be prosecuted and it perpetrator sentenced with life in prison or execution.

Anyone who brings 'TERROR' to Terra IS a Terrorist and anyone who orders such attacks no matter what 'suit' , 'robe' or 'costume' he wears is doubly responsible.

This IS the Law of the Universe. This IS the inevitable consequence either in our time and our world, or another time and another world! We may not see Universal Justice in our Time and Space but Justice will alway be demanded. As you YOU will sow!

Be WARNED! Be very careful whose 'orders' you obey...........but be even more careful what 'orders' you GIVE!

WE ARE ALL ONE! When we hurt another............we only hurt ourselves many times MORE!

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

In Times of Great Evil, it is a CRIME to remain silent................

Give gifts of Love and Peace and as you sow, so you will also reap.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 09:04 AM
a reply to: Elliot

lol "the great lie?"

Collateral damage is much less now than in the past. Learn history. It is only recently, historically speaking, that civilian deaths have become a political hot potato.

In a war, people die. If they didn't then it wouldn't be a war now would it?

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 10:28 AM
a reply to: Willtell

The Jews get Israel as reparations, and become the nazis.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: th3dudeabides

lol That could be THE definition of irony.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 03:18 PM
There should be NO war ever.

There should be NO collateral damage.........ever!

There should be NO all!

To even justify the present state of affairs with 'it's much better than it used to be' is ignoring the inevitable FACT that each soul destroyed DEMANDS justice from the Universe..........and JUSTICE it will receive.

Tread carefully when attempting to JUSTIFY Evil acts by anyone, any side and any belief.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 03:39 PM

originally posted by: bbracken677
a reply to: Fylgje

And yet the stated goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel, no?

No worries, there is a hole where you can place your head if you choose to ignore all the facts and just cherry pick the ones you like the best.

The fact that I like best is, Britain and America gave Palestine away and it wasn't theirs to give. After the new owners moved in and started stealing more land, bull dozing Palestinian homes, building new homes, murdering, kidnapping, torturing and god only knows what else, I don't blame Hamas for wanting to defend themselves from terrorists like that. But I guess my head belongs in a hole for viewing Israel as the aggressors and terrorists here. Look at what they are openly writing and saying, man!

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: 0rkoJoker
I'm not in disagreement with you. Not at all.

Rebel 5

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: Elliot

If you were speaking to me, there was no justification, just a factual statement.

Saying there should be no war ever should just about do it. I predict, based on your statement, that the end of wars has arrived.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: Fylgje

Britain won Palestine through war, like it or not. It was theirs to give away. Palestine never belonged to the Palestinians.

Do you agree that France has a right to exist? What about Britain? What about China? What about Russia? What about the US? What about Mexico? Do these countries, amongst more than a hundred others, have a right to exist?

posted on Aug, 8 2014 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: voyger2

Is this an attempt to prove me wrong somehow? I flat out said the story was written and deliberately taken down so that ANOTHER outlet could cover the story, essentially, so the Times of Israel could save face. If you don't think that was planned, I can't really do much to change your mind. What are the ODDS exactly, if you know, of a story of this MAGNITUDE going up, being taken down so quickly, THEN another media outlet jumping right on board to cover the story?

And seeing the [Post Removed] page only further validates my point: DRAMATIZATION.

If they truly wanted to hide the fact that this article EVER existed at all, the [Post Removed] page wouldn't exist, but NO, this article (and it's removal) served the purpose of SEEMING "censorship." If you think that articles like this are immediately taken down, you're also likely to believe they must have contained some shred of truth to them, and are more likely to give it more credit and actually take the side of the original publisher of the article: Israel.

Anyway, this is a psy-op. I can't prove this to you. I just have to hope you figure that out on your own. Thank you for your reply, but it really didn't prove me wrong, as I think you were intending to do.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: 0rkoJoker

Totally agree with you.

Rebel 5

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