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Jury Awards Ventura $1.8M In Defamation Case

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posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 07:58 PM
a reply to: raymundoko

I love when people make assumptions based of their own experiences, as if that really applies to this situation at all. Being military myself and from a military family I disagree.

It's my assumption, and from Jesse's own words, that if he was truly punched and the police called he would have pressed charges.

But none of that matters because you don't believe Kyle either.

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 12:07 AM

originally posted by: buntalanlucu
American tend to forget that NAVY SEALs are humans just like everyone else and they also infaliable as humans do.

I remember reading a book about a SEAL TEAM 1 member who shot women and children in Rung Sat special zone just because it is a free fire zone, he was arrested back home when he tried to rape a woman (a date gone bad). The SEALs also have people transferring out from SEALS when they got the order for vietnam deployment (call it forward thinking or cowards its not for us to judge).

Conflict even among SEALs pretty common in those vietnam days, accusation of cowardice or lack of tactical abilities or lack of common sense and many others..

These came to light mostly from the books by ex-SEAL veteran , which also (some of them) filled with accusation and fictional 'padding'..

Anyone remember Mike Walsh ? a SEAL that was in CIA's phoenix program in vietnam ? he was deployed in south american area and work with many nasty intelligence types.. even he got axe to grind in his book when he was recruited for SEAL TEAM 6 by Richard Marcinko. He got into argument with marcinko and then left the interview , and saying pretty damning things about marcinko in the book..

There's also a bit about a CIA covert team composed of NAVY SEALs that was wiped out in Venezuelan jungle because their CIA helicopter didnt pick them up (aka abandoned the team). If anyone got the details on that debacle please share. One of the dead SEAL was called Joe Camp from SEAL TEAM 2.

Seals are Elite Operations Specialists, these are far from normal men, they are specificly chosen for attributes normal people would not choose to promote as being representative of themselves.

If you are going to get the job done right you must believe in what you are doing,you must be mission optimal or have no envelope edges, you must be willing to make the hard decisions.

In every profession there are cutting edge progressive people who create new boundaries all the time,these are the people who define Humanitys progress by defining our abilitys.

People screw up on the job all the time, people die on the job all the time, people make derelict decisions which get other people killed all the time.

Upper managment is accountable for these screwups, and if the degree is deep enough then the men are held directly accountble, there are already checks and balances in place throughout the system which when used properly give us a reasonable assurance of responsible behaviours.

I would expect that many military operations contain hard decisions which must be made, there will always be men ready,capable,and willing of executing these actions, but the leaders ordering these actions are not always accountable.

Seeing dirty laundry being aired simply sends up red flags for me, the entire dynamic seems clumsy and rote.

Fartsmeller46 pretty much summed it all up.

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 12:23 AM
i respecfully disagree, SEALs and other Spec Ops are just plain human with high motivation and high profesionalism.. they are not supermen and shouldnt be treated that way by anyone least of all the SEALs themselves should avoid believeing in the rumors. Only movies and comics depicted these guys as super soldiers, in reality a bullet dont care if you are a SEAL or just a random grunt. If i recall correctly, didnt General Norman Swarzkoff also hated 'special ops' soldiers because of his bad experience with them in vietnam ? US Spec Ops practically arrived too late in Desert Storm , eclipsed by UK Spec Ops (SAS)..

as for dirty laundry, i see most of the SEAL's dirty laundry were aired by their own (ex-SEALs).. if you read some of the Vietnam Era SEAL books, there's so much dirty laundry airing and mud slinging that you will wonder if everyone got an axe to grind in the ST1 and ST2..

Marcinko's books (non fiction) contains pretty heavy mud-slinging even to his own fellow SEALs.. either it is the style of Marcinko's ghostwriter to garner attention or it is just axe grinding moment , i dont know..

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