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Israeli professor: "rape Palestinian mothers and sisters to deter terrorist attacks".

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posted on Jul, 29 2014 @ 09:04 PM
a reply to: WilsonWilson
Show me where I said that.

Oh you were just putting words in my mouth.

posted on Jul, 30 2014 @ 07:42 PM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

Not all violence is torture. Rape is torture. There are laws against the use of torture in war. What do you mean "a better way"? Outlawing the use of torture in war is a better way. Not an ideal way, but a better one. Obviously.

posted on Jul, 31 2014 @ 02:00 PM

originally posted by: gladtobehere


"The only thing that could deter a suicide bomber is knowing that if caught, his sister or his mother would be raped," said Kedar on Israel Radio Bet

To the shocked radio presenter who said that "we cannot take such steps, of course", Kedar replied: "I'm not talking about what we should or shouldn't do. I'm talking about the facts.

The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped".

Kedar served for 25 years in the military intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups. He is currently a researcher at the right-wing Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies of Bar Ilan but previously worked for the Israel Academia Monitor, which fights left-leaning academic professors.

Not much to add here.

I will say that it doesnt take much searching to find crazy statements from people on both sides of the conflict.

I guess its just more disturbing when these kinds of statements come from people who are supposed to be educated or are portraying themselves as having the moral high ground.

what if he does'nt have a sister and his mother is dead or is old and has dementia?

also who is going to do the raping? the professor? maybe he needs to get some whores supplied to satify his lyst.

posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 05:56 PM

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