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Dragon Flight

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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 03:22 PM
Dragon Flight......

I sit in my lair stroking the Skull of one of many who Needed to leave this Plane and think about what this evening's flight will bring. I place the trophy down and amble outside.
I head towards the cliff where my journey can easily begin and dive off the edge. Swooping down and starting my upward glide, I startle some of the Wood Elves who are preparing to end their day, and rest for the night.
As I head out into the cool black sky I decide to head off in a totally new direction. Curving Slowly from my normal route, I start to wonder 'what new things will I see?'
'New hunting grounds? Newly formed battles I must tend to?'
Onward each wing beat takes me. So exhilarating is the fresh air! 'Times like this, need never end', I muse with a smile. Feels like this will be a great night indeed!
The forest ahead has a stream running through it. Realizing a cool drink right now sounded good, I bank towards the water. Looks wide enough I can land right in. 'How wonderful that will feel' as I have been needing to clean my leathery skin and scales for a time now.
As I draw near the water, a shimmer in the air catches my eye. 'What's this', I ponder. 'Something different and new indeed'!
I've seen a tiny shimmer leave the deceased body of humans before, but this was not the same. How Grand in scale this is! A Soul-Cloud?!
I head straight towards the shimmering black air.
As soon as I hit the edge of this new wonder, I begin to fall! The sky is bursting with sunlight! 'WTF!!??' Try as I may, my wings will not gather any air beneath them to slow me down, and panic sets in!
This is not right! What is happening? As I plummet helplessly, I noticed why I could not regain flight. My oh My oh My!!!
I have legs, arms with still Leathery ,...Hands!?!? Human??!!! My mind is reeling!
This is indeed not Right!!!
Crashing into the treetops starts to slow my descent. Breaking branches, being tossed one way and the next, I finally stop. Whooo!
But my feet are not on the ground? I am hung up in the branches only a few inches above it!? 'Well, how lucky was that?' I asked myself.
This could have really been worse, for sure.
Hmmm, my arms are free, my legs dangle beneath. Maybe a branch has caught my skin on my backside? I turn my head back and,...?!?!?
I still have wings?!!! They caught in the branches!
Why then could I not stay airborne?

Twisting around some, at last I hit the ground.
Finally able to let my mind slow a fraction, I begin to assess the damages. Well some cuts on several places, and a lot of minor scratches. Yes, could have been a lot worse...
I look human as far as I can see, but with Leathery Skin, and scales from the neck down, down my sides and around the trunk. The tops of my legs are also scaled. The biggest Plus was I still had my wings!!
Hmmph. At least I still can keep my Dignity!
Knowing that the water right now would be very exhilarating, I start off towards it. 'This is so strange'. I keep trying to get my wings to work. Even though they move, they are very stiff and slow. I wonder,'Perhaps I need to keep this up to Strengthen them'?
THERE!!! I rose up a foot off the ground! Yes!! More and more I pulse my Wings. Each time I rise a little more!
"This is Fantastic, my wings are working now!!!!" I screamed!
After only a few feet in the air, I fall immediately.
'That sound is New for me.!??' 'A Grand Dragon Need not speak aloud as telepathy is a strong point with us', I thought.
Out Loud I yell, "The only sounds I need to make are the Mighty Roar just before, and the thundering of Fire I Breath!"
"Who Goes There!?", some Female Human voice asks.
Realizing I have no Human garment covering my new body, I turn away from the sound, and head for deep tree and underbrush cover.
Now that felt strange to me too! I believe the Humans called that embarrassment. Never before have I felt that.
Farther away I run through the woods and get closer to the edge of the shimmering bubble. I break through to the other side and become Full Dragon! 'Wow!' Now in full darkness I turn my head back to the bubble and see it as dark. 'Hmmm New things to see indeed!'
Curious to the Female sound I had heard, I walk back towards the source of her Lovely Voice, I turn back to Human/Dragon Skinned once I re-enter the bubble. Along the way off to one side I notice a small pile of Garments.
'Ok, that looks like what Humans wear on their lower half.' After pulling on a pair of tattered Blue Jeans I pick up a well worn Leather Biker Jacket. 'Perfect!' I think as I sling it over my shoulder.

It was a fair way to the shore and the closer I got, I noticed the changes occurring to my skin, and my wings began to shrink. Very close to water now my skin is fully human and my wings are gone. I now have long hair, and a thin beard!?
'This place is very strange.' I ponder.
I approach her and notice she is not alone. Eyeing the small animal with her I think, 'Hmmm, that would not even be a snack for me, besides I'm not really very hungry right now.' 'But that water looks refreshing!'
Near the water stood a Lovey Lady, and a small furry creature.
"Hello!" says the Lady. My name is Jacy, and this little fellow is..."
I interrupt "Just what is that little beast there?!"
"Ahem, I was just about to introduce you to my Ferret, Sophie. She is Not a Beast and will never be a Snack!!" Was Jacy's reply.
"I am pleased to meet your acquaintance and Forgive me for seeming Rude. They call me Syx. I am not used to the Human speak for my voice," I said as I began splashing water on my upper half and face.
'I am trying to learn how to use my voice as you see, before I entered this strange land, I was a Mighty Dragon! Only needed to Roar and Breath Fire! The closer I got to this water, I lost all my Physical Dragon Traits. Now it seems I am,... Human? "

'I am confused as to what's happening to me.' I thought as I cleaned myself. Jacy just stared......
'Hmmm seems she cannot hear my thoughts?' I repeat all I just thought to her out loud.

"Ok, possibly you were a dragon before you came here, but this water is a Magical Stream that cleanses the Soul. And you must have been a Human before you were a Dragon, and ReIncarnated into a Dragon. Perhaps because of this, you have lost all of your physical Dragon traits, being here. Human Souls entering a Dragon at Birth will be Human here and a NEW Souls entering a Dragon at birth will always be a Dragon, even here in this Magical Land......? I am not real sure of that, perhaps someone will have a better answer for you here. Now if you don't mind, I believe there are others waiting for you nearby."
I tell her while throwing on the jacket, " That does make sense to me and may explain why I feel so comfortable now in these Jeans and Jacket!"
Off we trudge down a path towards a Clearing. In it I see a Colorful House, and a small Shed as well. I think to myself, 'I did not see a clearing or these structures from the sky.'
I think of turning away and a new panic sets in.
In my mind I think, 'What if they do not like me?! I must leave!!!'
At once I return to Full Mighty Dragon Form!!!
Jacy looks a bit amazed and says, "Syx! Could you do that in your native world?"
"Here, You are a Shape-Shifter!!"
This journey gets better and better!!!......

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posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Well done Syx!

Also, loving your new avatar colour scheme!

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Thanx True! I appreciate both the comp's!


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