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A Christian nation: the inescapable paradox must be resolved.

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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

I know this does not involve any of the "attributes" which we wold "normally" ascribe to Christians.
I thought I would post it here as a "siuational resonse" to the question as an example of a direct tie between religion and state gone mad.

How could anyone guarantee this could never happen here.

posted on Jul, 29 2014 @ 06:01 AM
"Is it not the duty of a "believer" to always work towards a Theocracy? If it is so, then the Christian Taliban may be the logical next phase of the implosion of the US empire. Taking over towns, demanding sovereignty, land, etc. and going straight to holy violence when they don't get their way. In a sense, "Messianic Zionism". Thoughts?"

What is the true definition of theocracy?
God as your leader. God as your all. God's will not our own will.

What is man's definition of theocracy in practice?
A state religion with that religion dictating laws and practices.

Jesus Christ did not say follow Ceasar, He said "Follow Me".
The religious leaders in Judea, however, shouted "There is no King but Ceasar".

There are the two systems in play. one of this world and one above. True theocracy and man's idea of theocracy. We see it in practice everywhere. From the local Baptist church which has its own creeds to Sharia law to the State of Israel being declared a Jewish nation to Freemason lodges. Each is a mini theocracy. Don't obey and watch how fast you are kicked out of the "synagogue".

The USA already is a theocracy by man's terms. DC is filled with Freemasonry symbolism, they display their George Washington as God suspended over his empty crypt and preach lady liberty's often cited call of "liberty, fraternity and equality". It's kids are taught what to think, how to think and all who wil not comply, are year after year, steadily being harassed and fought by the theocracy's laws. They are already called heretics if they refuse to believe the states scientists as purveyors of truth and the states religion of man as his own saviour.

I guess I would ask...why don't you recognise that the USA already has a theocracy in practice, one that has the state as 'God'...a Ceasar ? The kids aren't taught to seek the righteousness of God, they are taught to earn their own righteousness through the state's works of the law and the state's religious and moral teachings. How do you not recognise Obama as President standing up and proclaiming "Abortion is a GOOD thing" and realise that he is acting as God and demanding his subjects to adopt his moral teaching? That is a THEOCRACY ! And man sits in the seat of God ! And yet people are fearful of a "Christian theocracy" and men proclaiming other things? Should we not be judging fruit to help us discern what is already here?

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