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Think that CCW permit holder is a safe individual? Maybe not:

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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 09:51 AM

originally posted by: Aliensun
a reply to: HauntWok

And your specific point about how any barrel can have bad apples is quite true.
Why, shoot! (No pun intended), I could just as easily point to the political party in charge of administering law and order in these (still) united states and show malfeasance, criminality, misjustice and incompetency is rife among it.

yeah, but we don't have a legal permit process for all those things you listed usual, comparing apples to oranges

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: HauntWok

i'm going to be fact-checking this list of's gong to take a while...

here's what i think i'm going to find:

prohibited persons who were either able to purchase firearms, because the laws were not enforced, or were able to hold onto previously purchased arms, because law enforcement couldn't be bothered to do their job..

i'm willing to bet that most, if not all of the individuals on the list were on psychiatric drugs..

i also anticipate finding a whole lot of hype and BS....

i'll get back to y'all after i finish up...

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:04 AM
a reply to: HauntWok

and here we go with the "mentally ill" argument from the other thread....jesus man....

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: HauntWok now people you disagree with are also ALL bigots, in addition to being murderers in waiting...

i gotta ask you again: do you read this stuff before you post it?

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:08 AM
a reply to: jimmyx

what are you talking about?

your post makes no sense..

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:57 AM

originally posted by: HauntWok
a reply to: NavyDoc

"After graduating high school in 1974, Hennard joined the Navy, where he experienced many troubles, among them an arrest for marijuana possession and a suspension after having a racial argument with a shipmate"

He had a criminal record. He was a prohibited person. And that is just looking up a single cite on the list. The list you presented has already been shown to be false information.

An arrest for weed is not a conviction, nor usually is it a felony.

And really? A pro gun guy having a racist argument? That's not even unusual.

I take it you've never filled out a 4473, he was a prohibited person. The other was a formal disciplinary situation with the Navy, also would have made him a prohibited person.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:01 PM

originally posted by: HauntWok
a reply to: NavyDoc

It would be impossible to show you any data that would prove to your already biased opinion that maybe guns in the hands of the mentally ill might just be a bad idea, unless it's from the NRA.

Heck, just another google of a random name on the list: Scott Evans Dekraai gets you this tidbit: "Following an incident involving his stepfather, a restraining order was filed against him, barring him from possessing firearms."

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:13 PM
Jiverly Wong

"Wong was arrested there and convicted of a misdemeanor charge of fraud for forgery"
"The Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski said, "From the people close to him ... this action he took was not a surprise to them." [3] Wong had allegedly made comments such as, "America sucks," and talked about assassinating the president to his former co-workers at Shop Vac"

"In August 1991, he was arrested in California, his first arrest in the United States. Details about that case remain unclear. The next year he was arrested on a charge of passing a bad check, the authorities said.

At least five times since 1990, Mr. Wong was arrested or cited or had some minor contact with the police in either the Binghamton or Los Angeles areas. About 10 years ago, the New York State Police investigated a tip that he had a crack coc aine habit and was planning to rob a bank, but nothing came of it. At the time of the shootings, he was not a subject in any investigation, the authorities said. "

Yeah, real law abiding guy.

The conviction would have made him a prohibited person in New York. Communicating threats would have made him a prohibited person yet again, if someone had bothered to report him. One thing I noticed going through these names thus far. Every one of them showed what they were going to do and had people acted, they would have been stopped.
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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:23 PM

originally posted by: HauntWok

You are making the assumption that because of my job i am somehow less intelligent.

The only one here making assumptions is you. And if you don't see truly how ironically rich your statement is...........well there is just no help for you.
The assumptions made, are all you in what the actions, or hoped actions are of those that have firearms.
I never once, not one time suggested such a thing.
But.......I do find it very very interesting that you read any retort as such.
There is a term that comes to mind. Self-projection.
Your sub-conscience has lead you to think that is what was stated, probably because that is what you feel.
I can't help you with that.

originally posted by: HauntWok
"You are not your [snip] job" ~ Tyler Durden

Thanks for the Pop culture reference.
So, instead of a First Person Shooter, you are now residing in Fight Club land.
And that is more than likely the reasoning you have against firearms. You think all people can solve the issue by acting out what was in that movie.

originally posted by: HauntWok
I've had jobs as an accountant, a security guard, a brick mason, I do what I can to make an honest living, it doesn't define me.

And again. YOU brought up your current profession. NOT me.
YOU have made it an issue. NO one else.

originally posted by: HauntWok
But for some reason, you want to use my job as an indictment if my intelligence? Or to attempt to goad me into a emotional response.

I never stated such a thing. You have lead ti to that.

originally posted by: HauntWok
I've never claimed to be an expert on law, nor an expert on anything of the sort.

Well, that is a given. With the incorrect method of even the basics of reading a law/statute, that was understood by everyone here.

originally posted by: HauntWok
What I am though is opinionated, and the last time I checked, opinions are like noses, everyone has one.

Well, thanks for clarifying something that was already as plain as the nose on your face.

originally posted by: HauntWok
I also can read.

Not very well. Yes, you can read something and regurgitate here.
You don't understand most of what you claim to have read.

originally posted by: HauntWok
And unlike some that i have come across I can read a sentence and when i get to the end, can remember the first part of said sentence.

That is very lovely.
Except just because you can read some words, your statements above confirm that you don't understand what you read.

originally posted by: HauntWok
But let me make this clear a job isn't an I.Q. test, it's a means to make money.

That is nice.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:25 PM

originally posted by: HauntWok

The gun lobby does not have the right to strip from the people their right to choose their representatives in this government.

In an earlier thread you railed on and on about how the Govt is in fact elected duly.

Which is it??

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:32 PM
I'm starting to see a pattern here:

Patrick Purdy

Purdy had a long criminal history, which began during early adolescence. In order to support his drug addiction, he became a prostitute, which resulted in his first arrest in 1980. He was later arrested in 1982 for possession of marijuana and drug dealing, in 1983 for possession of an illegal weapon and receipt of stolen property.

In October 1984 he was arrested for being an accomplice in an armed robbery, and spent 32 days in the Yolo County Jail. In 1986 his mother called police when he vandalized her car, after she refused to give him money for drugs.

In April 1987, he was once more arrested for firing a semi-automatic pistol at trees in the Eldorado National Forest. At the time, he was carrying a book about the white supremacist group Aryan Nations, and told a County Sherriff that it was his "duty to help the suppressed and overthrow the suppressor."

Later in jail he tried to commit suicide twice, once by hanging himself with a rope made out of strips of his shirt, and a second time by cutting his wrists with his fingernails. A subsequent psychiatric assessment found him to suffer from mild mental retardation, and to be a danger to himself and others.

Multiple convicted felon with multiple prison stays. He was a very prohibited person and could not legally be in the same room with a gun, much less own and purchase one. That Mother Jones article is so full of lies that it is ridiculous that anyone with any sort of brain would believe it for a second. The list that was posted by the anti-gun rights person in this thread is serving to actually hurt his point.
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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:40 PM
John T. Miller

The Sheriff said he had arrested Mr. Miller in 1970 for failing to pay child support and that Mr. Miller had also served six months in jail for failing to pay support. He said Mr. Miller had been arrested several times on similar charges. ls-4-who-collected-child-payments.html

Six months in jail and multiple arrests = prohibited person and not a legal gun owner.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: HauntWok

Richard Farley

A former employee of ESL Incorporated in Sunnyvale, California, he stalked co-worker Laura Black for four years beginning in 1984. Black obtained a temporary restraining order against him on February 2, 1988, with a court date set for February 17, 1988 to make the order permanent.

In fall of 1985, Black asked the Human Resources Department at ESL for help. ESL ordered Farley to attend psychological counseling sessions, and even though he attended these sessions, his harassment of Black continued. By spring of 1986, Farley was threatening fellow ESL employees. Because of his poor work performance, his employment with ESL was officially terminated in May 1986.[5][6] He had been working for ESL for nine years and spent several months stalking Black full-time, then found work at a rival company, Covalent Systems Corporation in Sunnyvale

Stalking and with a legal restraining order = prohibited person, not a legal gun owner. This case also goes to show how restraining orders do not protect women one iota and that those who say a woman should not own a gun or CCW but get a restraining order for protection against an abusive ex or stalker are idiots.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:51 PM
Carl Robert Brown:

Interestingly enough, we see two of those people whom you hate, the law abiding armed citizen stopped him.

When Mark Kram, an employee at a nearby metal shop, was told of the massacre, he grabbed a .38 revolver and set out to pursue the shooter in his car. Down the street he picked up Ernest Hammett, who was trying to flag down cars, and together they tried to get hold of the perpetrator. Six blocks away from the crime scene, near Miami International Airport, they caught up with Brown and Kram, according to himself, fired a warning shot "over his (Brown's) head",[8] though the bullet hit Brown in the back and later proved to be the cause of his death. When Brown turned in his saddle, aiming at his pursuers with his shotgun, they ran him over, crashing him into a concrete light pole. Brown, who still had 20 shells in his pockets, died shortly afterward

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:54 PM
Thomas McIlvane

Oakland County officials a year ago had issued Mr. McIlvane a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The permit was revoked May 7 after the Oak Park police became concerned that the man was mentally unstable during a police investigation into complaints that he was being threatened.

Pistol permit revoked due to threats, prohibited person, not a legal gun owner. The cops revoked his permit but didn't bother to collect his guns. How' s that for "protect and serve."

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: NavyDoc
Nice work.

That's some list of 'law abiding' citizens there!

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 01:00 PM

originally posted by: butcherguy
a reply to: NavyDoc
Nice work.

That's some list of 'law abiding' citizens there!

I'm still working on it brotha!

Note to everyone--anything coming out of Mother Jones is crap.

Wade Michael Cage:

Online records show Page had a brief criminal history in other states, including pleading guilty to misdemeanor criminal mischief after a 1994 arrest in El Paso. He received six months’ probation. Page also pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Colorado in 1999 but never completed a sentence that included alcohol treatment, records show.

Also general discharge for malfeasance from the army.

Misdemeanor arrest that carries potential jail sentence. DUI conviction without fulfilling the sentence = felon = prohibited person = not a legal gun owner.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 01:16 PM
Ian Stawicki

One of Stawicki's ex-girlfriends, who he dated for three years, noticed his personality "suddenly changed" in late 2007, when he began flying into a violent rages, according to a domestic-violence court filing. In February 2008, she came home to find Stawicki smashing more than $1,000 worth of belongings, including her computer monitor and vinyl-record collection.

When she tried to call 911, "All of a sudden I was on the ground and my nose was bleeding," she told police.

He grabbed his .45-caliber handgun and fled into nearby Discovery Park before a police K9 unit tracked him down.

He was charged with four domestic violence-related misdemeanors, but the charges were dismissed when the woman filed a sworn statement to Stawicki's attorney, Michael Kolker of Seattle, disputing the police report. Kolker declined to comment.

Two years later, in March 2010, Stawicki displayed similar rage when, according to police report, he attacked his brother, Andrew, at their family's Ellensburg home. Stawicki said he "was blind" because of his younger brother, and began punching him in front of their mother.

Andrew Stawicki said the incident is the reason he stopped talking to his brother.

Ian Stawicki was again charged with misdemeanor assault, and represented by Kolker. This time it was his mother disputing the police report, describing it as a verbal, not physical, confrontation, and prosecutors dropped the charges.

Multiple domestic violence charges, prohibited person according to the Lautenberg Amendment, prohibited person, not a law abiding or legal gun owner.

You see this a lot--violent criminal background that is ignored or swept under the rug and a guy that could have been stopped much, much earlier does evil things.

Not a law abiding gun owner.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 01:35 PM
guys that would have been stopped, but weren't, for years, before this administration. Not stopped from legally buying a firearm.

But why?

Could it be pressure from the gun lobby? I think it might.

The gun lobby, making sure violent criminals have access to guns.

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: HauntWok
More likely they were overlooked by the bloated, incompetent government to which you so eagerly entrust your life.

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