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Exploit -> Poison -> Decay -> Replant | The Process of Modern Slavery

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posted on Jul, 24 2014 @ 11:43 PM
Please mods move this topic to where you see fit.

1. EXPLOIT: Growing up we are exposed to flashy things and are given the I want it now mentality.
VS Growing up with a humanitarianism foundation and true independence from debt(scams), poisonous thoughts and knowing our rights.

2. POISON: Greed is where money comes from. It's why it exists. Its the stage two after exploiting our young. Introduce money and the rat race begins. In the end Countries fell and will still fall to greed. Greed is the poison and still even knowing that we use it every day.
VS When countries fall and hope is lost, humans will finally reach their hand to help another. Its almost a fail safe of human survival. If Greed/Money can kill a country why let that same medium into our hearts. (Dont buy another *** valentine gift again.)

3. DECAY: Now we got what we've wanted. Its time to put you on 10 different kinds of pills, expedite your insanity and put you in a home to phase you out and HIDE you from our enslaved.
VS Honoring our elders of any age and showing true commitment to each other and respect we all deserve. Also, we will learn from our mistakes keeping the modern day scam stories in the light.

4. REPLANT: NOT trying to make a flame war but: This is the seed planted during the poisonous stage. Work HARD not SMART, SUFFER years and breed to make a better life for your non existent child. So that when he is born you will have provided a better life for a soul under your family. Even though some are successful most are passing the poison down the line. Teaching their children the rat race. "Go to college!" or even "MONEY IS Happiness"
VS As Said before Greed does not equal happiness. Lets always make each soul around us happier because in return we become happy. Then we can have kids and let nature takes its course in making them happy with out a 2 dimensional plan of providing better for them.

This is our world...
If you pass anything down your family line, teach them:
Happiness does not grow externally but it is nourished from within and then spreads around your world naturally.

I'm sad how things are turning up. I wish there were communities within the States that are protected against the elements of big brother. That dear ATS, would be heaven on earth.

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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 12:01 AM
very well done. i agree. this is our world.


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