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Den of Darkness

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posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: AnuTyr

DId I read somewhere in this thread that you are (building an army?) to fight the invaders that are beyond the solar system...Can you please clarify

posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

The references to the bible were just showing that the divisons of light and dark are not nessisarly in displaying either good or bad but simply states of being.

When the bible references people and Darkness. Unless its a prophet or a convert they usually refer to darkness as in Conciling their deeds, Not having their injustices brought to *light* to be visable.

It does not reflect on all states of being, As any judgement scene in the bible always have heavy influence of Darkness on it.
And that is what those references are for. If God was a real being and he was all made of light and no darkness *In* him.
Darkness does not have to be *in* him it can be *around* him because that how the bible makes it appear. Besides the bible, There were many other religions and cults that pre-exited before Christianity and judaism.

To find the slivers of truth in the writings of man is like finding a 10,000 year old tomb with sacred texts. These things simply do not exist within our historical records *Yet* But even if we did find a 10,000 year old text the Earth is billions of years old. Many things can and have and are happening here.

As for the army quote, I am just a contactee and a witness. I can call upon the E.T from space to appear but that does not make me God. I'm i physically building an army? To some degree i am influencing people yes, But it is their own free will to confront the supreme beings that i have. I can give you all the tips you will need to have your own experiences. I can teach you how to lucid dream. I have my own theories about who i am and what i can do. I know that the Aliens im in contact with were once formerly flesh and blood. I know this because they have shown me the best *relevant* image to what they used to look like before the transfiguration. They look just like humans except are faceless and have no reproductive organs ( Because it was transmutated into a particle based being, living matter without organs)

my goal is to make this known so that when the cataklysm happens people can confront their fears and be spared.
Many people will be left on the surface, If you get your chance for freedom i suggest you take it.
Follow the Beasts. For we humans are Beasts (Mammals) and not serpents ( reptillian).
The entities i encounter only take the form of mammals with the exception of being Jet black. They are impervious to all fire-arms. They can dematerialize and reappear short distances (Teleportation) And they can move faster than physics would allow. They communicate with emotion and it is extremely potent. When you encounter them you can alse sense an overwhelming *presence*. These beings are basically the very definition of Esoteric. Their actions and appearences are usually very symbolic. And they change the lives of those who they encounter over night. They are made of black matter and energy and are an intergalatic species. Humans will be given a choice to become them. To have all their abilities, their strengths, Knowledge, And technology. It will all be passed down to us because we are their successors, their protedgy. We are a brooding colony that has been under seige from hostile E.T that have been attempting to claim our technology and the transfiguration vat's so that they can travel intergalatically too.

They are trying to hybridize with us so that the new hybrids can unlock the secrets of mass, space, and time. Think of how fast our technology has progressed.
We were destined for much more. Humans are already spirling down a path of cloning are we not? Why become a metal flesh and blood clone when you could accend all dimension? Why not sit at the top of the food chain? How would you feel about having a line of swatt shooting at you and having no effect? Missles and machine gun fire to no damage. Why carry a another heavy suit around you when you can be lighter than a a hair? and faster than light?

Their usual appearance

sometimes spotted looking like this

Or spotted looking like this

When in humanoid form

I think this metallica album has a lot of relevance. Anyways hope you enjoy the dose of esoteric i fed yeah.

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