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Holy spirit/ghost, angels, demons, aliens,shekinah glory, and all that Jazz.

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posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 02:21 PM

I'm A Dakota-Old Footage & Pictures.wmv

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 02:39 PM

originally posted by: maceov
The voice asked, "DO YOU SEE THIS WOMAN?" I was seeing an elderly woman with hair of white, dressed in a sumptuous and beautiful floral dress. And I also understood that she was the embodiment of WISDOM. "I said, Yes Lord, " for I KNEW who it was that was speaking to me. The Lord said, "Through this woman, I shall meet ALL of your needs according to MY GREAT RICHES IN GLORY!"

I got a huge chill when I read your post.

Others have also had similar encounters with the Spirit of Wisdom...

This sounds exactly like Ian Clayton's experience:

This teaching is a huge box-breaking mind-bender that will challenge all of your previous notions of God the Father and the Spirit of Wisdom as depicted in the Bible.

If the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, what is Wisdom itself? What does it lead to? How do you obtain it? What do you do once you get it? How do you engage with it? Or is it literally a ‘her’?

Have you ever wondered about the Spirit of Wisdom? When we read about her in Proverbs, we think about her as a notion, or a mindset, or a gift. But, could she be more? Could she actually be a heavenly being of some sort? Can we engage with her? What would happen if we did engage with her?

Who is the Spirit of Wisdom

Ian Clayton - Spirit of Wisdom

Ian Clayton - Wisdom

"Ian Clayton, a New Zealand prophet and father of four, is a man who found himself seemingly chosen by the demonic realm to become a great occult leader. At age 12, his growing awareness of God led him to the Bible and he started reading it from the beginning. Halfway through Deuteronomy he decided that it was full of rules and regulations and didn’t want anything to do with it. Just as he shut the Bible he heard a voice say, “Put your hand on top of the table and pick the table up.” Ian put his hand flat on the table top and it rose, sideways off the floor.

“It was an amazing power rush,” Ian explained. “Suddenly, I walked in power.”

Excerpt from Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power

More links in another thread here.

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

thank you for the links.

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 08:46 PM

originally posted by: Stormdancer777
a reply to: LadyGreenEyes

Your beliefs have been always close to mine, but then I didn't realize the ancient religions had similar entities and now wonder.

Well, it makes sense. If demons have been around "forever" as far as we are concerned, they would have had many guises throughout time. Treated as "gods" by some, no doubt, and various sorts of other beings by others. Many religions around the world do hold some truth, though a lot (in my opinion, based on my beliefs) are wrong in many ways. Some of the ancient religions could hold some clues as to how that sort operates, I believe.

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: Stormdancer777

If you are interested in the Igigi, Anunnaki, Ilū Sebettû, or Utukku I would be more than happy to answer questions concerning them. I'm very well versed in the archaeological, mythological, and religious elements of Mesopotamia, and could discuss various figures, divine or mundane, and their influences on later faiths if anyone is interested. As there are so many different spiritual emanations in Mesopotamia (about 100 deities, and 40 types of spiritual being), I wouldn't know where to begin though. Anyone who is interested is welcome to reply with questions!

Below I'll give a brief outline of the types of spiritual forces I am familiar with, but first a brief guide to assist with the pronunciation of the characters present in the Mesopotamian tongue which many may be unfamiliar with:

É - is pronounced "ee," as in "seem"
ē - is pronounced "eh," as in "hey"
g̃ - is pronounced "j," as in "jeer"
š - is pronounced "sh," as in "should"
û - is pronounced "oo," as in "zoo"
ū - means the previous vowel is long



The generic term for a deity in Mesopotamian myth and religion is Dig̃ir (which I pronounce "die-jeer"), a term that means "maker of decisions" in Sumerian and Akkadian. The Dig̃ir were responsible for the creation of the cosmos, the fertility and fecundity of Nature, and the birth, life, and fate of all living beings, physical or otherwise. To accomplish these monumental tasks the Dig̃ir were divided into three classes, each with a specific domain, and unique qualities:

The Igigi: Lords of Heaven, caretakers of Nature
The Anunnaki: Lords of the Earth, governors of Fate
The Ilū Sebettû: Lords of the Underworld, masters of Death

The specific classes of Dig̃ir also had unique abodes where their essence or idols were believed to reside. These homes included sacred and mythical realms, real-world locations, and temples and shrines.

The Igigi dwelt in Dilmun, the paradise garden, which most likely served as the model upon which the Hebrew scribes based their mythical Garden of Eden. The Igigi were also worshiped in sacred groves, woodlands, mountains, and bodies of water like the Euphrates, Tigris, and Persian Gulf. Anywhere that Nature could be found it was likely that veneration of the Igigi soon followed.

The Anunnaki dwelt in a number of places. Foremost, their ethereal forms were denizens of Upšinka, the Heavenly Hall, and model upon which most other faiths of the Ancient Near East based their Heaven. While dealing with the fates of living beings though, the Anunnaki were believed to dwell in temples and holy houses. These could either be small shrines, like the É-ana (House of Heaven) in the city of Uruk, or large temples, called ziggurats, like the É-temen-an-ki (House that Unites Heaven and Earth) which stood in the city-state of Babylon, and may have served as the model upon which the Hebrew scribes based their myth of the Tower of Babel.

The Ilū Sebettû dwelt in a subterranean country known as Irkalla. Within Irkalla was a single, massive palace complex, known as Ganzir (the Eye of the Netherworld). Inside of Ganzir was a massive hall known as the House of Dust, which is where the souls of the deceased served the Ilū Sebettû in exchange for the protection and patronage of the Lords of Death. Far from the Sheol or Hell of Judiasm and Christianity though, Irkalla was a place of equality, where all manner of dead were on equal footing. Kings, priests, nobles, merchants, artisants, laborers, and slaves all shared the same fate.



Utukku: chimera-like creatures of immense power in the Spirit World
Lilû: sentient spirits with intellect and higher reasoning
: conscious nature-spirits of instinct and emotion

The most familiar of these three classifications is probably the Utukku, whom many know as the angels and demons of Mesopotamian myth and religion. These creatures, like many of the later Greco-Roman beasts, were considered to be Chimeras, combining traits and qualities from other creatures found in nature, most commonly aurochs, buffalo, eagles, lions, and snakes.

The Utukku were not all violent monsters though. Instead, the Utukku were divided into two camps: the Šēdu aided the Dig̃ir in their duties, becoming assistants and protectors of the living, while the Edimmu opposed the Divine Law, and brought chaos upon the Earth.

The Lilû were also of diverse kinds, some of them harmless spirits, equivalent to the daemons and ghosts of Greco-Roman mythology, while others were terrible hunters whose violence toward living creatures made them feared. The mother of the latter variety was called Lamaštu, and her children included the Alû, Lilli, and Lilitû, the last of which may have inspired the Hebraic legends of Lilith.

The were nameless beings who could be found in nature, equivalent to the Northern and Western European legends of fairies, gnomes, pixies, and trolls. They could be petitioned with offerings to bless the land and ensure a fruitful season, but were often just ignored and accepted as a natural part of the world and its ways.


I hope the above gives a good introduction to the diverse and multifaceted nature of Mesopotamian folklore, mythology, and religion. Anyone who is interested in learning more is welcome to reply to me here, and perhaps we can add some of our species oldest and most potent spiritual ideas into the mix of existent topics being discussed.

~ Wandering Scribe

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posted on Jul, 27 2014 @ 12:20 AM

originally posted by: Stormdancer777
Let there be music... Sacred Spirit

You might like this video as well...

BTW, the all encompassing thread topic is a really nice touch...

Many people don't know that the Native American Indians knew the sacred name YHWH - (GOD - The Father) - before others ever came to this land... YHWH's name is all through the history, the songs, the stories and the ways of life of the Eastern Shawnee, Eastern Cherokee, Powhatan, Hopewell and Fort Ancients... Although there are a few spelling variations and/or attributes - YHWH - YHVH - YOWAH - YaHWeH - YaHVeH - YeHoWaH - YeHehaWaHeha - YoHehaWavoHe - Yodh Heh Wah Heh... They all are the name of the Eternal Creator of heaven and earth.

Native Americans had a REAL connection to the "Great Spirit" which is why their prophecies have been so accurate.



1st world: Ended when volcanoes erupted and an all consuming fire.

2nd world: Ended when the poles shifted and the earth was covered in ice.

3rd world: The third world was very corrupt and destroyed through water by a 'cleansing' great flood. The continents sunk and broke apart. This is the world we live in today.

4th world: A purge by fire. The final stage, called "The great day of Purification" culminate either in total rebirth or total annihilation.

The Native (North and South) American Indians have a relationship with YHVH (YHWH) that precedes the white man’s gospel. How did they know? I have asked one American Indian, and he says they do not consider themselves as descending from ancient Israelites. Yet they have similar spiritualities. The spirit of Indian music reflects the spirit of Yahweh. How did the 10 commandments end up in New Mexico? Especially on stone? It is clear that the Indians of America possess a special spirituality that reminds Christians and Jews of the holy teachings given by Yahweh.

In some tribes, there may be a direct ancestral connection to the ancient Israelites. In other tribes, there may be no connection at all. But, it is clear that Yahweh has revealed Himself to some of these peoples, and this reflects in their actions, values, songs, prophecies, and traditions. We need to de-program ourselves from thinking that Yahweh would only want to reveal Himself to just one part of His creation, the Israelites.

Yahweh and the American Indians

The American Cherokee Indians worship the Supreme Being, Ye ho waah or Yo ho wah, which is very similar to the Hebrew name of God (Yahweh or Yahoveh). The Cherokee Indians believe in one Supreme Being--the Creator-- and have surprising connections to Christianity.

Ancient Cherokee Indians believed before 1750 that God was going to appear on Earth as a man and they called this person by five different Old Testament (Hebrew) names for Jesus. The Cherokees have three actual cities of refuge, they have the stories of the great flood, and many other Old Testament stories. They also adhere to the prohibitions found within the Ten Commandments.

The Cherokee belived in Yahweh (God of the Hebew)

The Native American Indians descended from the ancient Hebrews and called God “Yo He Wah” (the three Hebrew letters) and Yah-Wah (not Yahweh, Jave, Java, nor Jehovah).

“From these different writers, it is plain that where the Indians have not been corrupted by foreigners, their customs and religious worship are nearly alike; and also that every different tribe or nation of Indians uses such-like divine proper name, and awful [fearful] sounds, as Yah-Wah and Hetovah, being trans-positions of the divine essential name [Yo He Wah], as our northern Indians often repeat in their religious dances.

In the 1770’s, an unsuspecting man named James Adair stumbled across some powerful information in his curiosity for truth. You won’t get this from mainstream news, but the native American Indians descended from the Biblical Hebrews. You won’t hear this in mainstream Christianity, but the native American Indians worshiped the same god that the Biblical Hebrews did. Do you know what God’s name is?

Lesson from American Indians and Biblical Hebrews

Legends of the Pale Prophet from the Native Peoples of the Americas

The legends that follow are the legends of the Healer. These legends were told by the fireside of a "saintly white teacher," who performed miracles with healing and control over the winds, waters, and other natural items. All describe his eyes as gray-green like the ocean and told stories of the future. His symbol has been woven into blankets, carved on canyon walls, put on pottery and danced in dances. His name has been given to mountains and rivers.

Though the stories are many and spread throughout the Americas, they are broken into bits and pieces, hard to follow and piece together into one tale. His name varied, most names were reflective of his control over the wind and water, as he would request each tribe to name Him as they wished, stating there was no value to a name.

Common to almost all:

• He was a white man with a beard
• He said He came from across the sea
• He would choose twelve "disciples"
• He spoke of His Father's Kingdom
• He wore a bright white garment with golden sandals
• He made references to the future
• He had control over the wind and all elements
• He had the ability to heal wounds
• His sign was the cross
• He taught love and peace
• He taught that good deeds were important
• He referred them to the Dawn Star

He Walked the Americas - A story about Christ in the Americas

originally posted by: G0v0D47
Check the DNA analysis of Native Americans and other tribes around the world that scattered during different time periods, u will find those peoples are the original tribes of Judah and everything the modern state of Israel has cooked up is pure propaganda. Real "Jews" would not consider non jews to be Goyim and want them killed off for it. smh doesnt anybody watch youtube vids anymore? No offense OP, just saying, facts are more the just standard research and documentation, you have to go behind the scenes to find the answers from a land full of liars(apostate state).

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posted on Jul, 27 2014 @ 10:37 PM
Question: solid black shadow of young boy in my house yesterday afternoonHi, I know Im probably going to get feedback from you guys saying i must be crazy but i really don't know who else to tell or ask advice from without the people in my life becoming concerned for my sanity.
it sounds completely impossible but i seen this, i cant believe it myself, i'm in shock and spooked.
Yesterday afternoon at about 2pm i was laying on my bed waiting for my partner to get ready and i heard a big bump come from my laundry. I looked up and out into the hall, i saw a completely solid black figure, race out of my laundry and into another bedroom directly across the hall. The figure was 2D, looked like cartoon-like, cardboard or hard plastic or something. The outline of the figures' head looked similar to a young boys haircut and the figure itself was a similar height and build to that of someone who would only be 7-9 years old. I got up and looked in the room, laundry and the entire house for something/anything that might have helped me make sense of what i had just seen... but there was nothing there.. Im really confused.
The noise that initially alerted me sounded like the metal industrial trolley (that we have as a bench in the laundry) had been suddenly moved or sounded like it had been jumped down off ..
Should i be worried, should i go tell a professional what i saw.. it was not blurry or distorted in anyway.
The figure was perfectly clear, it looked so much like precisely cut out cardboard (or something) that was walking smoothly like a person. I could even see the perfect outline of the spikes of the hairstyle. the figure had no features at all.. no eyes ears, etc.. it looked just like looking at black cardboard cut into the exact shape.
I really need to know what is going on.. do you know anything about anything like this? i just posted my story on here, cause I'm that confused and scared and am worried i might be crazy... its not normal to just see a shadow/boy thingy in your house.. please help me.. any info is appreciated..

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:10 AM

originally posted by: MoonHotel
I know Im probably going to get feedback from you guys saying i must be crazy... Should i be worried, should i go tell a professional what i saw.... any info is appreciated..

Telling a 'professional' you saw a ghost or whatever would be the very WORST thing you could possibly do.

Yes they WILL call you crazy, but those who do are actually the ones in need of the most help.

Do yourself a big favor and just ignore them.

Might want to listen to Mark Houser's videos...

Another good source of help: they aren't what they appear to be... it's a RUSE...

The spirits who haunt our houses, call our names, slam doors, turn lights and appliances on or off, appear as fleeting shadows, cause mechanical toys to be set off with or without batteries, speak through spiritual mediums, etc. are not spirits of the dead. They're demonic spirits masquerading as spirits of humans who've died. Demons masquerade as ghosts

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Stormdancer777

You are welcome friend and congratz on sharing such an interesting topic on the Trinity...


posted on Jul, 29 2014 @ 11:18 PM
a reply to: Stormdancer777

maceov here - Not sure why my name is not popping up automatically, but I''m quite glad that you brought the facts out and laid them out so perfectly. She is flying off into left field here and there but you kept it together and made it succinct! It is appreciated. Truly!

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