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Can the 2014-15 Edmonton Oilers Rekindle the 1980s Dynasty Majic?

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posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 07:56 PM
The thing that shocked me was that Tyler Dellow was brought in on the coaching side of the organization, the fact that Eakins thought that he could in any way help with coaching is just so stupid. I would thought that at the very most he was brought in to consult with scouting, but this guy is going to help develop game plans? give me a break. When i first started to explore advanced stats he was the self dubbed "hockey genius" and i bought into it until i started to see him make one sided arguments that he could not back up aside from referring people to stats. He doesn't even entertain arguments that aren't stats based, so that right there should be a red flag for any serious mind of the game. He once made an argument that he, an out of shape 35 year old, could be an effective NHL player simply by staying in the neutral zone and skating north to negate icing's against. Like.. what? Anyone still putting stock into his work after seeing that is wilfully ignorant. I'm curious, if you have your finger prints on the Sabres, which other teams you would think are going to be the most effective this season?

To me i would break it down like this:

Tier 1) LA, CHI, BOS, PIT
Tier 2) STL, ANA, SJ, TB
Tier 3) Mostly up for grabs but with MTL, MIN, DAL, and CBJ

CBJ and ARZ are my east/west sleeper picks.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: kicked

Dellows is an excuse Factory for Eakins, the very data Eakins and others quoted as being the topic of one of Eakins defining interactions pre-hire was a face-off breakdown,the data Dellows used was scalped from NHS Intuitive Dynamic Ana;ysis of how the Oilers could best use the Players to optimise their individual strengths and produce better results using Intuitive Dynamic Management concepts.Dellows is a con-job.

Eakins is just as much of a con-job allowing people to run with the "swarm" name for the NHS impacts he was trying to produce.

Darryl Katz is badly under-informed,and has been kept out of the true loop,a sign of poor overall management,if the OEG new guns havent bothered to do their homework and Darryl is this much in the dark,people should fear his reactions when he realises his Team cut its own cojones off when he was giving them permission to move mountains to find sucess.Darryl is no fool, he has a law background and he is learned in the ways of tactical suppression and wordsmithing.Someone kept him out in the cold here,and it may have cost him early sucess and multiple Championships had things been managed properly,now this same coverup might hinder his teams growth and evolution even further.

Dellows has nothing to add to Eakins or the Oilers,his stats BS will simply add more weight to the listing side of the ship.

Check the timeline of Dellows posts and BS speils,look for a sudden and obvious swing starting 4 years ago or shortly thereafter in his perspectives,Dellows cannot hide his own evolution OR where it catalysed from,I havent even bothered to read any of his stuff.But I guarantee a Tactical Dynamic Template as per NHS concepts will easily show EXACTLY HOW AND WHEN DELLOWS EVOLVED.

I often hope Katzes son or one of his friends or someone who knows Darryl reads a thread like this one and passes it on to the right place where some real powerfull assets can be brought to bear on defining the NHSs entire History as it pertains to the Oilers.Katz would have just cause to clean house.the only way to clear a Slate for the young core,identify the cause of the poor results which is statistical overload in every area,half the current Management needs to go to be replaced by creative men who can think on their feet,and ALL BUT ONE of the stats BSers must go,they need one for internal system assesments and that IS ALL.Then bring in the NHS and introduce the Players to the System which will win them their first Stanley Cup if they accept it and to the creator who built it specificlly for them.There is NOTHING OLD or OLD BOYS CLUB about the NHS,in fact all the NHS has done is drive the olde boys club closer to retirement.The Players already know what the NHS is.

St. Louis,LA,Chicago, in terms of Playoff threats,with consistant seasons by all three.

Pit,Bos,Ana,SJ, they are all really second tier to me once the three teams I am sure are using the NHS full bore are off the table.

If no one interferes with any of my top 3 teams we are looking at the next Cup Champion out of those 3 teams IMHO.I dont think anyone will be able to stop the Systems using the NHS Modifications.Coaches cannot adapt quick enough during games to overcome the speed of execution of the NHS modded teams using Intuitive Dynamic Management concepts.

I expect Pit to come onboard fast,Sid knows the score and was trying to encourage change last season,but the NHS mods even change a System like the Pens and Coaches with no help have nothing to trust and no reason to change,teams didnt trust gretzky and Mess when they left Edmonton either which is why they didnt win more Cups,Mess got support in NY and he PRODUCED.Even Crosby doesnt have the swing to demand this type of adjustment to the System and Philosophy.

Boston follows the Oil closely maybe so close their in the dark about the NHS,maybe there are such solid connections between the Bruins and Oilers that the Bruins simply trust the Oil.I do not see the Bruins making any new changes anytime soon,they are set in their ways,they COULD easily make some adjustments but I do not see it,they are designed to win in the Eastern Conference and have no reason to change their template quite yet.Teams in the East arent admitting yet that something awfully strange is happening out West,there are rumbelings and rumors which is why scabs like Dellows can rip-off the NHS so easily,there is a MASSIVE DEMAND FOR SOMETHING NONE OF THE NHL TEAMS HAVE AN ACCURATE HISTORY ON.These stats analysis guys were in the PERFECT position to slip into the dance on the NHSs coattails,they had the co-operative bolgging world to use for themselves and they had ALL the NHS data,ha ha ha ha, man have they screwed some NHL teams hard.

I find it difficult to predict what Eastern Teams will do results wise,because their regular season results will actually be a false-positive read,because they now have to burn the candle at both ends they need to play a System which will give them playoff level results in their own Conference but once they run into Playoff teams from the West using the NHS they will be done like is simple,there is no way to outcoach or out react and out-adjust Intuitive Dynamic Management,it cannot be done.This means that until teams read the writing on the Wall of stumble onto it and endorse the NHS and Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis they will remian 2nd tier teams.

The NHS REMOVES substantial volume of an entire Coaching Crews work from the Head Coach down,and this PRODUCES SUPERIOR RESULTS.

Opponent Coaches CANNOT keep up to the speeds the NHS functions at,they cannot make timely read and reacts or adjustment,it is not possible.

I consider set play systems to be statisticlly catalysed because they are,they are numbers safe defensive and risk and reward free.

Dallas likes this type of system because it offers the excusatory benefits of stats and defense the only tools he has at the moment.

NOTHING about the NHS is stats based and this is why it eats ALL traditional stats based teams alive.It was CREATED to FEED upon the opponents consistancy,the tighter the defense gets the more the NHS rips it apart.

I seriously cannot tell you there is a bigger screw-up in professional sports history than how the Oilers have sacrificed so much for their attitudes.This is the epitome of derelict and stubborn.I mean have you SEEN THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS this season? They are 7-1,at this time last season they were heavily stats influenced and were 1-7,they have completed an OPTIMAL turnaround,a 100% turnaround and it is because they DITCHED a large portion of the stats influences and AS A TEAM and ORGANISATION embraced a NewAge Professional Sports Management philosophy.AN OPTIMAL SUPERIOR system,sound familiar?Does originating in E-Town sound familiar?It should.Now if I told Katz the NHS hostory and outlined how it was created for his team then blackballed by it,THEN it went right over his teams head and directly impacted the next THREE Stanley Cups,and THEN the same true Professional Sports innovator took the show to pro Football and created an IDENTICAL impact,would he believe it? He would if I had permission to disclose my sources,which I have not asked permission to do to date.

Put your money on the Eskimos this year and maybe for the next few if the Players can stay on task.

You see it doesnt matter how an NHL team gets to the Playoffs,because when the chips go down it is a read and react game and it is won and lost in 60 minute increments,the KINGS were fading 3 years ago and IMMEDIATLY turned it around,the Hawks came into a season prepared better than the Kings with the same NHS data and modifications and RIPPED IT UP,they had my help along the way to dethroning the Kings,but then last season I switched it up and GUARANTEED the Hawks they would not repeat back-to-back with the NHS without aknowledging source.They did not repeat.The Kings did not repeat as I told them they would not as I Guaranteed them they would not,then the Hawks made the same suppressionist move as the Oilers and Kings by not disclosing source of data and aknowledging the NHS and they were put into place.Now the Kings are back sniffing for back-to-backs again,which I GUARANTEE they will not have,for original reasons.And to drive a stake into the teams who have spurrned the NHS and disrespected it by not crediting it and to drive a stake into BS con-job stats imposters I will TAKE the LONGEST SHOT POSSIBLE to the Stanley Cup Win and as I unequivoclly disenfranchise stats analysis and applications for the frauds they are I will also by proxy introduce the NHS to the Eastern Conference with the same BANG it caused in the Western Conference.A Stanley Cup BANG.God knows there is no erasing the NHS history,a few Bloggers have already tried to cover their tracks after utilising the data without crediting source.

The NHS data needed to create an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid like LA,and Chicago use is all availble online courtesy of the NHSs creators vigilance and the Edmonton Oilers dereliction,Boston or Pittsburg or ANYONE can find the data if they look,and I have never refused a lending hand to anyone who wants to learn.You could round out a team like Boston or Pittsburg in 20 games,less if the Management buys in 100%.This means arm them with data they can work on bit by bit that will allow them to play the NHS style by Playoff time,this is the only way anyone will rip the Cup from the Kings,Hawks or Blues,my favorite last season was the Blues,they were READY but the Coaches had no one providing Intuitive Dynamic Analysis for them,I was online[ I am an MPS fan bigtime] but had no reliable connections to them,I posted pre-emptive ON-TIME data that today anyone can see was 100% right for them,but there was no one on the other line.The Coaches refused to adjust their System in ONE small way,and they STUCK TO THEIR GUNS TO LONG,if the Blues had had the NHSs creator calling read and reacts down to the coaches I believe they would have won the Cup last season.The Blues are DEFINATELY using NHS modifications across the board.They were RIGHT to go down with the System Ship,but it cost them a possible Cup to NOT HAVE the NHS creator rightfully there running the System alongside the existing coaches,this is the same mistake the Oilers and LA and Chicago ALL made,they tried to run the data WITHOUT the NHSs creators inputs,they tried to make it fly on their own,the problem with this path is that you can ADD the NHS Modifications fine by following the data I posted,but when it comes to actioning Intuitive Dynamic Analysis I am afraid that I STAND ALONE.The ACTIVE INGREDIENT in the NHS Winning Formula is Intuitive Dynamic Analysis actioned in real-time and combined with on-the-fly applications of Intuitive Dynamic Management tactics.ALL teams follwing my directions SHOULD produce an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid System and arrive at a similar place,the recipie is reliable,however one recipie does not a Master Baker make.The NHS modifictions NHL teams love are GENERIC applications of Intuitive Dynamic Management super-imposed on top of EXISTING SYSTEMS .The NHS simply ADDS the right THINGS at the right TIMES .Remember these are just NHS modifictions NOT the pure NewAge Hockey System in its full and complete form.If Crosby and Malkin got their hands on that the Oiler core and the entire NHL would be screwed for 5 years.

Now we are illustrating just how deeply guys like Dellows are hooping NHL teams who arent aware of the NHSs true History.They are mis-representing that their stats analysis is CREATING IMPACTS NHL teams can tangibly use during games and this is NOT THE CASE,just because this dynmic has not been exposed does not mean it never will be,and imagine managers of 200 million dollar businesses being hood-winked like this because they didnt do enough online homework?Ha ha ha ha,the Oilers are INTENTIONALLY leading others as far away from the NHS reality as they can get when they hire Dellows,ha ha ha they know precisely that the NHS is the new Kid on the Block.They are just so vain they think they can simply reproduce the NHSs impacts and ignore the source,as we have seen they CANNOT DO THIS.Just pay attention to Sutter when he says his team is NOT a defensive team but is a POSSESION team,then think about what Ekins has been burning down the house to build...DEFENSE....the NHS has been pushing a possesion/transition impact for 4 long and tedious years to the Oilers,man are they a bust,only the Players who were loyal are men of honesty and integrity.

I am surprised none of the top 3 who now need NHS elite management help the most to battle each other LA,Chicago,or St.Louis have come to visit online where the data is posted as is required to break the ice,I clearly stated 4 years ago that this is a respect issue,and I want NHL teams to respect the NHS and where it was created and also how it was forced to evolve,MANY stats based sites engaged the NHS over the years,some banned it,and they ALL must learn respect with no better way than open and honest recruitment online amongst peers,this is the type of validation the RIGHT MAN WILL INSIST UPON.

Now the Sabers will be beneficiarys of the Oilers dereliction.

Think about it,camp is around the corner, the NHS has NO connections to the Sabers ,NONE,and it needs to lead them to the Stanley Cup going in ice cold with no communication conduits open,impossible right??Ha ha ha,not for the NewAge Hockey System and its Winning Formula it isnt.

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posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: one4all

I'm glad that the NHS in its entirety remains a secret since there are still people out there like Dellow. I do believe that he has SOME original ideas but the majority of them are in the premise of a set play stemming from either a FO win/loss. He is not a hockey person so his original ideas are not going to work, it's shameful that he is employed in the industry. A lot of teams truly did get scrwed this summer. There is going to be a demographic that are at a loss for words when he does not help the Oilers see success. i know that there are others out there who share our opinion. Do you liken Kyle Dubas to Dellow? or do you think that he will help the Leafs given that he also sees the tangible benefits of stats and does not base his entire existence on them, despite how the media portrayed him.

posted on Aug, 30 2014 @ 10:30 AM

originally posted by: kicked
a reply to: one4all

I'm glad that the NHS in its entirety remains a secret since there are still people out there like Dellow. I do believe that he has SOME original ideas but the majority of them are in the premise of a set play stemming from either a FO win/loss. He is not a hockey person so his original ideas are not going to work, it's shameful that he is employed in the industry. A lot of teams truly did get scrwed this summer. There is going to be a demographic that are at a loss for words when he does not help the Oilers see success. i know that there are others out there who share our opinion. Do you liken Kyle Dubas to Dellow? or do you think that he will help the Leafs given that he also sees the tangible benefits of stats and does not base his entire existence on them, despite how the media portrayed him.

People like Dellows have been trying to hi-jack the NHSs impacts since its beginnings 4 years ago,and every single time they implemented the NHSs concepts and philosophies they strayed clearly from their normal stats besed perspectives and injected intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis influences into their now NewAge Hockey System perspective,this OBVIOUS AND CLEAR change was NEVER credited to the NHS,instead these thieves tried to hi-jack the entire NHS impacts,terminology,concepts all of it,they tried to re-write the NHS so it looked like they as stats people had created everyhting so could steal the credit to further their perspectives and potential careers,Dellows is one of many all of whom have left a CLEAR AND ACCURATE of their implementations of Moma2s Newage Hockey System,and their intentional mis-representation of source,this last action makes them frauds who are selling tainted goods to NHL teams and who are men of poor intentions.

They will get their Karmatic Justice in due time,of that you may be certain.

Dellows ripped off an online post I did on how the Oilers SHOULD set up their PP to optimise the men they had at the time as oppossed to using traditional set plays as they were doing.I used Moma2s NewAge Hockey Systems Intuitive Dynamic Analysis to break down the Oilers old ways to disenfranchise them clealry then I used the NHSs Intuitive Dynamic Management Program to put the Oilers Players in the OPTIMAL positions to succesfully succeed.Dellows took my data and found supportive stats then re-worked MY NHS WORK,and pirated it,he is part of an under-the surface Cabal of stats geeks who are trying to fiscalise their online Blogs using data theft-theft because they intentionally mis-represent source.They were anticipated and were included in the NHS original Tactical Dynamic Template I created to guide its evolution.These morons have actually put the NOOSE around their own necks,as I pointed out earlier,EVERY ONE of these people had an EXISTING ONLINE STATISTICLLY CATALYSED PERSONALITY AND PERSPECTIVE which MARKEDLY CHANGED TO AN NHS pespective the SECOND they applied NHS concepts to their pre-existing types of work.The NHS is 4 years old and is the only NEW thing that has been ADDED to the equation.None of these frauds can display an evolution into the NHS,only the real NHS can or ever will be able to do this.

People will SEE that Dellows and his con-job stats analysis pals are frauds and that they have had zero positive impacts,but the Oilers and other NHL teams who have been screwed in the ear will NEVER admit it,they will do damage control,look how Eakins is teaming up with Dellows,Eakins never invented the "swarm" the NHS did and Eakins used the Systems concepts and INTENTIONLLY did not correct people or credit the NHS,so he is a fraud,he was busted immeditly by me online,there was even a Winnipeg Nation Blogger trying to help out by making mis-representative supportive blog post supporting the Pegger who was a co-conspirator.No surprise there seeing as Eakins is from the Peg.

I do not liken Dubas to Dellows,Dellows is a fraud,Dubas is a documented proven professional who incorporates stats in one of the FEW ways they can be progressively used by an NHL team.

Stats are the peer group agreed upon and endorsed 'NHL Currency" and as such carry tremendous impacts on the Game itself on every level.Because these are AGREED UPON baseless valuations they can be changed WHEN AND HOW the catalysing agreeing group see fit to ensure their GROUP health and well being,this means stats ENABLE collusionary behaviour BY PROXY.This means the Fans are at the mercy of a large NHL MACHINE which bleeds them dry of dollars,and uses stats to enable the entire charade.This also leaves Players defenceless to define a real-market dollar value for themselves ot to maintain or grow that true and fair valuation they are intenionlly denied.

Stats interpretations and explanations are like Snake-Oil because the can be appled to anything and will always create noticable heat and friction due to their inherant NEED to create microdisconnects to as to maintain a positive static filled environment in which they are REQUIRED,stats are self-sustaining,once they get their hooks in they are like a virus,with similar escalating to terminal impacts that can be very difficult to diagnose and illuminate with out Intuitive Dynamc Analysis exposing the dynamic con-jos .

Dubas uses "current peer accepted and endoresed stats" because he must do so as an NHL GM,the NHL uses stats to define player valuations ,to assigne accepted and agreed upon dollar/values to the Players "potentials".This is at its core manipulative,simply because the stats are baseless,stats generated in a specific NHL System actioned by specific minutes and dynamic applications CANNOT be used to valuate a Players future ability to re-produce past stats in a DIFFERENT NHL System actioned by a different volume of minutes created in and through different dynamic applications,nor can these stats be used to accurately define a dollar/valuation on Players.This is why the stats are baseless.

If a Player was playing in the same system on ALL NHL teams he ever worked for , AND he played similar minutes in similar dynamics then the GMs COULD accurately and fairly use stats generated this way to define player/dollar/valuations.

We can also say that an NHL Head Coach should only use one stats input which ONLY uses in-house stats genearted by that specific System and its progressive adaptations.NO OTHER stats can enter into this level of Hockey Operatons without causing regressive , disconnecting False/positives and inaccurte read and reacts.The Head Coach must be the spear-tip of ONE SINGLE core value focus to propely lead.The growth and evolution of HIS roster in terms of consistantly executing his EXACT SYSTEM TEMPLATE.

A GM and a Head Coach have very different areas,levels and degrees of requirement for stats catalysed data support.

A GM must be well veresed on "current cutting edge" BUT established PEER ENDORSED AND ACCEPTED STATS Plyer/dollar/valuations ,this changes because stats are baseless and fluid when mis-applied,and most times they are intentionally mis-applied in a GMs world,advanced stats analysis creates this exact dynamic it is baseless BS that when misused will suppoort ANY perspective using excusatory numerical manipulations .

I believe Dubas will help the Leafs because he is well versed in the current stats BS which has forced the peer accepted valuation process to like a sleeping dinosaur finally move in an online cataysed direction,the online stats people ripping-off the NHS are actully forcing the entire NHL to change in a very very dangerous direction, they are de-stabilising the traditional NHL markeplace structural integrity,and they have NO SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE to implement when things soon fly out of control.

These online stats frauds MUST be exposed, these dvanced stats analysis entrepeneurs are hi-jacking the NHS and its impacts to embed themselves right into NHL teams internal frameworks,this saturation from GM to Coaches to Players to on-ice evolution of the game itself are all at GREAT RIISK.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey Systems Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis programs EXPOSE the stats virus and its damages and its potentials CLEARLY and the NHS provides curative measures to PERMANENTLY REMOVE STATS FROM THESE NHL PROCESS AD INFINITUM.It would in fact be my pleasure.The NHS PROVIDES a SUPERIOR PROCESS to REPLACE THE OLD WITH SOMETHNG Newage and to achieve an accurate and true League wide Player/dollar/valuation which will by proxy stabilise the NHL and re-inforce it so it may sustain the long term growth it is trying to action.

The NHS needs support,it is quite that simple.Soner or late the right person with the right intentions and motivation and industry "ins" will learn of the NHSs true history and impacts ,will Champion her and will correct NHL history and support its future evolution in an OPTIMAL NHS direction.

If the media portrayed Dubas as stats obsessed and stats heavy in his perspectives of the current NHL game,and if this is true, then the TO Fanbase SHOULD be extremely happy,because this is what a GM needs to understand to be effective or optimal.

By the same token the Oilers fanbase needs to be EXTREMELY CONCERNED because Dallas Eakins is making the CARDINAL ERROR od stats applications,he is using Dellows as a resource in areas where Dellows stats views can provide NOTHING progressive,tactical,or functional,the ONLY area Eakins can apply stats of any type is in assesment of Player performance and evolution executing and evolving WITHIN HIS SYSTEM,and these results are stats and are baseless and uselees when used anywhere else,and must still be generated,so Dellows and his advanced stats BS are of no value,BUT, are being given value by derelict head coach.

Dallas and Dellows are birds of a feather in reading,learning,implementing and refusing to knowledge source of NHS data and by proxy supporting the establishment and growth of stats anaysis and applications in damaging ways,they intentionally mis-represent or ALLOW others to peripherally mis-represent themselves as the innovators behind the impacts the NHS generates,in doing so they TAINT THE NHLs CORRECT AND TRUE HISTORY, this negatively impacts the NHL game for everyone from Players,to owners,to Fans.It also MISLEADS other NHL teams into sourcing and incorporating advanced stats and their viral destructive impacts into their existing super-structures,this is like passing the Plague to everyone around you.When the true and impactfull NHS cure should be passed around instead.

Dubas and his stats acumen represent proper, be they manipulative and immoral ,stats applications.

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posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 04:58 AM
This is an example of the dysfunction in Edmonton.

This is Steve Smith ex-Asst. Coach who ran the defense speaking about Jeff Petrys performance when balanced against the Oilers as a whole.

Smith is defending Petrys performance.

“I wonder why fans would even approach the fact that they didn’t like the way he played,” he told Stauffer. “[Petry] did everything that was asked of him. He was a guy that on a daily basis played against the other team’s top players.”

Smith went on to note that while a player like Drew Doughty plays in Los Angeles, where his team has the puck far more often than not, in Edmonton Petry has simply had to do his best to minimize the damage on a team that has been the antithesis of a puck possession squad.

“Edmonton had the puck 40 percent of the night,” Smith said. “Jeff’s in his own end; 60 percent of the night he’s chasing guys around trying to play a strong defensive game. Eventually, as you know by the Corsi numbers, eventually you’re going to make a mistake and something’s going to happen

This is clear evidence that the Oilers were INTENTIONALLY NOT playing a possesion/transition style of hockey ,when their main Defensive Coach leaves town and voices his opinion it is becuse it was heavy on his mind,he didnt need to comment,he CHOSE TO COMMENT.

Once again LAs Sutter says his team is NOT a DEFENSIVE team ....they are IN FACT a POSSESION team.2/3 of the last 3 Cups says he isnt kidding.

Take this for what itis worth,it shows you what the Oilers were AIMING FOR and that is WAS NOT the possesion/transition game.

Now this is Delows the con-job,yapping off about more he is clueless about,trying to SELL HIS CRAP to someone who will listen.

"If someone asked me what I think the biggest failing of the eyeball test is, I’d respond that it’s the emphasis on the big mistake. There are gigabytes of information contained in a hockey game. So much information that I think it’s difficult for anyone to take it in and organize it rationally. The way that our brains deal with that is by focusing on the big mistake"

This guy is so full of spit it makes me want to puke.He has BLATANTLY ripped off the NHS,Dallas Dellows is on short notice,the NHS shall be replying to this co-operative effort by these two conjobs.

The NHS has posted nearly the same words with the EXCEPTION that the NHS shows how the System can be designed to remove the majority of those peripheral decisions and details a player is forced to process on the ice, this is what Intuitive Dynamic Management does,it changes evrything dynamic about how the game is played and processed and it streamlines this data processing issue for players and literally REMOVES a large portion of that "white noise".

Dellows is a piece of crap who is nothing but an online pirate and thief.By goddness if it turns out OEG or some half-wit is trying to engineer a dynamic coup with hiring Dellows to cover up the suppression of the NHS,to discredit the NHS,there will be hades to pay.The NHS has NOT HUNTED THE OILERS YET,but it could.All it will take is 25 games of disconnect to sink the goodship Oilers once again and the SOONER it happens the SOONER core player spirits are broken and the SOONER we see the last of Dallas Dellows.If this is what it is then it is what it is.No one wants to be tagged as a career choke artist,and after this seasons SPUDDING there will be no doubt that a few big name Oilers will become RED-TAGGED and this simply means millions of dollars of negotiating value lost,as is is Hallsy will be getting his little beard trimmed this season and he will be the first to UNDERSTAND what this means.The NHS HAS NEVER Analysed the Oilers players online using Intuitive Dynamic Analysis simply because once you expose flaws using this process you CANNOT TAKE THE TRUTH OF THE DATA BACK. It would have been and WILL be DEVESTATING AT A FUNDAMENTEL LEVEL.This season because of Ekins and the Dellows and Darkhorse and Hackathon BS and the statistical overburden I WILL be cutting loose and providing in depth Intuitive Dynamic Analysis of Oilers roster players during games I cover,this will be LEGITIMATE AND IMPACTFULL TANGIBLE ACTION.It WILL leave marks and it will neutralise the reliance on stats by making the tactics useless,stats are built off of players on-ice results which are driven NOT by the man himself but by the System he plays,by simply neutralising specific areas of the System Dynamic relationships can be generated which can then be used to orchestrate PITFALLS,things you CANNOT AVOID OR EVADE unless you KNOW THEY ARE THERE......because Dellows is such a fraud he has NOTHING TO OFFER TO STOP THIS PROCESS.The NHS creates results,stats record results.

In case this is not apparent yet,this means that the NHS can surgiclly pick anyone and neutrlise their biggest strengths as well as illustrate their biggest weaknesses and INCORPORATE this data in REAL-TIME into NHS counter-tactics which will cripple and LAY WASTE to everything in their path.

Eakins has drawn his battle lines in the sand,and it is game on now.If you follow support and worship statistics you end up just like they are meaningless history which no one will ever remember unless some geek trying to make a few bucks off of on-line husteling can find a way to package BS in a sellable package.

Dallas OFFICIALLY threw his towel in with the stats people trying to rip off the NHS,Dallas claims a connection to Roger Neilson,Dallas is disrespectfull to Rogers legacy of innovation and honesty,Eakins is a fool who cannot see past himself.This was his terminl error.You crapped in the wrong corner when you misrepresented Roger pal,he was one of the people I referred to when creating the NHS,this is personal now.I and the NHS FOLLOWED ROGERS LEGACY and Dallas has degenerated it by supporting and hiring Dellows the antithesis of Rogers beliefs and impacts.

You want to grudge against the NHS and you want to rip it off? Game on.Your System will be DISMANTLED AND DISSECTED from game one forward using Intuitive Dynamic Analysis EXCEPT for the VERY FIRST TIME this focused power will be intending to lay waste to you,there will be NO INTUITIVE DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT curative fixes given when things are exposed. This means it will be head-to head NHS against Dallas Dellows.

This is going to be like an ugly chore,but it must be done.

This has gone on long enough and methinks a 15-6-4 record over the first 25 games ought to do it in terms of changing the guard.

I am 100% certain Dellows is a fraud,that Eakins has an empty tank,and also that Craig Ramsay will not be enough to tilt the ice in Dallas Dellows direction.

This means a smart Eakins gives Ramsay the wheel and ducks out of sight because with the NHS breaking your system down in real-time during games for the opponents there will be NO TIME TO GUT-CHECK.One game broken down by Intuitive Dynamic Analysis will set back the entire process by weeks of tactical re-planning.Craig will notice IMMEDIATLY when his efforts are neutralised and he WILL know why and from where the gift has been sent every single time because he is astute.I want to be clear I take NO PLEASURE in raking Ramsay over the Coals,he is on the wrong team right now,he doesnt know it but he is not on an Oilers team he is on Team Dallas Dellows and THAT is the wrong team to be on in 2014/15 in the NHL.

You can line up Dallas,Dellows and Ramsay like ducks for all the differences they will make to the 15-6-4 record I predict for them now,Dallas WILL remember his decision to undermine the NHS ,and he will KNOW it was the slap in the face of hiring Dellows that will be the causlity of his run out of Edmonton.This guy is a Pegger through and through,and it is time to boot his crooked vain attitude ridden arse right back to Winterpeg where it belongs.Ya didnt know Dallas that it was a bad idea to walk into E-Town with an attitude and a chip on your shoulder?Come on man, everyone knows how hard a City like Edmonton can be on a guy who doesnt understand how a Blue-Collar Big City works,you are about to learn a lesson in manners just like any other naive Pegger who struts into E-Town with an attitide,you THOUGHT the Peg was tough huh?Ha ha ha.You dont even get that the Red Carpet was rolled out for you from day one do you?Ha ha ha,nothing has been tough YET.You showed no loyalty to E-Town from day one,you carried the Pegger attitude from the beginning,yes we all know you are willing to take beat-downs,you ARE a pegger,but that wont cut it in E-Town,EVERYONE is tough there pal,you need to do more than compete to survive in E-Town you must PRODUCE.

Nothing personal to Craig Ramsay he is collateral damage at this point,no one informed him,it is what it is,nothing personal to OEG IF you werent aware of the NHS from Day One...if you were well sorry for your bad luck .

So simply put, the Oilers dont have a reply to the NHS, and for the first time ever it is hunting Oildrops , the sweet part is the NHS is NOT vindictive, what is exposed is what is simply there in the fist place,there is no vendetta in the PROCESS that is simply Analysis,it is the IMPACT of that SUPERIOR analysis which will FEEL VINDICTIVE but it is really curative.

Dellows will soon rue the day he left the safety of the internet, he knows what he has done and so does Eakins,togehter they have conspired and together they shall fall to the NHS.

The Flames are already using some NHS modifications,so the heat is being turned up there,the NHS will now demand the freedom from anyone it deals with in the NHL to pursue its goals it is setting now,nothing will interfere with this process.Yall made it personal now.

The worst thing the Oilers could have had happen is for other NHL teams to learn the truths and some have now.

The NHS has some research to do to learn what a Social Media Specialist is to the NHL "teams" now actively seeking the NHS to be one, you see time waits for no man.

The next time I personlly give this dynamic situation thought it will be from a different perspective, the NHS MUST GROW on into the future, this means my Oilers loyaltys will end from a tangible perspective,as a Fan MMMMmmmm its to early to tell,I am a lifelong Oilers Fan but it has been so ugly for so long I may finally break,it isnt even the losing that is going to break the Camels back,it is the crooked underhanded rotten attitudes and the distastefull mentlitys of the men running the show for so long I have grown to despise,this MUST be how Pro Teams create Home-Town disconnects,it has to be.

I simply believe to many dirty dogs have to much control of things and OEG does not have the damage control capability to make impactfull changes,they are simply window dressing,Katz had the EXACT RIGHT IDEA WITH OEG.....but when the men he trusts DO NOT PROVIDE OEG WITH ALL OF THE RELEVANT HISTORY AND DATA SURROUNDING THE LAST 4 YEARS OF OILERS HOCKEY.....they are NEUTRALISED before they even get their feet wet and Katz looks like a Putz yet again,he invests and is undermined again.The FIRST thing OEG did was support Eakins in hiring Dellows,a huge error,if they had prior NHS knowledge then they are remiss and derelict,if they DID NOT,then they need to find out WHY THIS DATA WAS NOT GIVEN TO THEM.

My god Torterella is going to love beating the snot out of Eakins with the NHS by his side if things fall into place that way ,and unbeknownst to Dallas the Canucks have treated the NHS with respect over the last 4 years, from the web-masters right down the line.The POLAR OPPOSITE to how the Oilers have proceeded.The NHS was simply extending its loyalty to the oilers,until the Dallas Dellows fiasco,now the gloves are officially off and someone is about to be put to sleep.

15-6-4....................prove me wrong,I have a you?

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