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Humans must be Aliens here on Earth

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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 07:17 PM

originally posted by: Tichy

originally posted by: tetra50
a reply to: Tichy
Yeah, but who is watching those "watchers and deciders?"
Cause I'm not so sure they've got anyone's best interests in mind, though they might say they do…..
And appreciate your thoughts, truly, but your lack of punctuation and quotations makes your thoughts seems like mine. Hmmm. What is that telling us, I wonder?

Man, this last post was messed up by quotings. Hope it's fixed now...its late here, im gettin tired.

But what you mean by "lack of punctuation and quotations" by the way?

Okay: Yeah. I would, too. But don't know if the evidence I'm aware of, at least, suggests that. There's a fine line between manipulation and support, isn't there, really? I have the uncomfortable feeling most manipulation is justified by the claim it's support. Know what I mean?

this is what I replied to you.

This is your response after that:

Personally i don't need no alien to get in touch with my DNA just to explain how we could have evolve but rather i think it's some kind of "cosmological constant" that life - however it will look like and whatever level of consciousness it will gain - will develop, if the circumstances are given.

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And if anyone cares to investigate, though it's so ridiculous….they would look into my writing times and your editing times.
As I replied to what you wrote, before you edited….
But this seems to be the way of life, these days, and supports, actually, exactly what I was saying.
Because it really does matter who brought us what, when, and how.
NM. Great thread, anyway.

Perhaps, reflectively, this illustrates something far more important: how close plaigarizing and sharing another's thought process really are, and what mayhem can result if history is respun through editing, and attributed elsewhere…..
thanks for giving me this reflective break through, Tichy.
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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: tetra50

Don't get me wrong.

I mean, that my post was messed up by myself by trying to quote yours :=). Somehow i messed it up and had to edit many times.

My answer, though, was somehow more general. There is a fine line between manipulation and support, of course. But that's not how i look at this topic. The "support" thing is just something i think, that could be true but i wouldn't state this as final opinion.

The other thesis i mentioned, regarding some universal principle is indeed my personal opinion, neverthless it's nothing that is, in any way, proofed.
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Edit: I think i know what you mean with all the coincidence in replying/editing, though im not really sure. But if i get you right: I think this is some kind of discussion how it should be. The benefit from other opinions can be great if you just look into the detail of the arguments, that supports them. At least thats my opinion and i also often have to think myself into the others perspective to decide if i want to post something or not.
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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 11:19 PM
We most definitely are aliens. At least in the sense that to other planets, we are unknown extraterrestrials.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: Tichy

I, too, have "felt" that at an intuitive level (re: a force or principle in nature that favors life) ... life in of itself is weird... little extrusions into matter ... like some mad puppeteer, somewhere else, forcing its myriad tentacles into matter to animate it... or something, heh. Maybe an invasion into this realm... maybe a purposeful construction for habitation... if nothing else at least grist for the intellectual mill.

I think folks, in general, forget just how weird life.... the universe and everything we experience... really is, intrinsically.

And Tetra50... yup, read Animal Farm and Watership Down years ago ... in school... just so's you don't feel even more alienated in this world...heh.

Deep thoughts will get cold shoulders from most of the asleep... and for those of us oddballs who over-think we at least get to consider ourselves a little more cognitively advanced, or awake...heh.

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 12:31 AM
a reply to: maxzen2004

We never needed fur, because we originated in the Desert... We also started out black... Yep, Black was the original human color. Then as we spread out in the world our colors changed. White is a genetic mutation, that technically should have screwed us, but we used our intelligence and ability to learn to adapt to our environments. Because we are a communal species we teach each other about what we know.

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 01:01 AM
a reply to: Hijinx

From what I've seen, the oldest mummies rather had red hair.
History has only been recorded by the area which was already conquered once and other history, such as research books were usually burned or hidden, for example the library of Archimedes under the name of the "Romans" or all the disappearing ancient texts today, such as metal plates from the past. 70 years ago military from many countries was sent to set camps at the north pole. Perhaps to remove ancient evidence where the ice is melting.

There is an interesting 9000 year old so called "religion" on stone walls where everyone in Babylon was convinced to either have lived together with aliens or being one (those who came from the sky), later changed to gods and angels.
According to their history they created a black haired male and a female blonde at first in east Africa - from the earths "DNA" with theirs. The previous race protested after helping them find gold after some days, so between the choice of robots and earth beings they decided to break their own rules and create a new race "to save their planets atmosphere".
However, they were angry at their female who created us like them with too much awareness, so yet another version of humans is not unthinkable of in this story.

I have looked up every single country on this planet and it seems obvious that black haired have all spread from Babylon and south east China to the whole planet, except for ancient Americans, perhaps. From there area after area was conquered and all attacked "countries" seem to have had colored hair before being enslaved, used as warriors, given a controlling system, religion and money.

There are ruins, even underwater, so even if humans really only came from Africa, there were organized life forms everywhere on this planet, perhaps millions of years ago. Even ruins are present which almost completely decayed as hard stone.

Dark skinned however, do not fit into this scheme and were also used as slaves.
Red haired were burned and are often still hated today, perhaps by media.
Many black haired are promoted by their religion to have many children.
Blonde females are liked, blonde males disliked by females.
Black hair means full absorption of the speeds mainly reflected by the, to us, physical.
Pro: more energy usage -> perhaps less required elsewhere - Con: Taking more, perhaps giving less

Also notice the change in religion where first the Jewish people (at that time people traveling between countries) have been the people of god to all of us being the creation of god.

Question is - when did this "religion" change chain start? It can be measured by the loss of accuracy of real connections.
In the 9000 year old story it was: One day one of those who came from the sky came to a man living on a mountain, telling him to turn his wooden house into a ship and take plants and animals with him, a flood would come.
Todays story: An angel came to Noah and he built a giant ship taking 2 of every type of animals of the planet on board and the whole planet was flooded by gods rage.
(This was written before the 9000 year chain of slavery)
Also, all the chains, such as origin of religion, war and so on end at Babylon, where the story came from, making it obvious to be the first location. China somehow did the same at the same time, however, slower.
According to "religion", when they left this planet, they left 2 of their people here, each ruling a planet half. The symbols of their family are today spread all over the worlds flags, government symbols and seen within movies and games.
Even if this was wrong, the symbols obviously originate from Babylon, 9000 years ago.
Their family trees can be recognized until at least 1500 years ago.

Egypt was known as the land of alchemy at first, however, other countries had tech as well. Also, pyramids are somehow all over the planet, including underwater. Reason unknown.


Well, humans do have hair, but it doesn't seem like a hairs shape would work together as fur if it were more. Personally, with clothes I feel weak, slow and tired.
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posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 10:08 AM
Perhaps we succeed because of a mistake. Since we do not have the physical prowess of the rest of the animals we were forced to adapt or die. Being too much attuned to nature means you don't have to adapt.
Our adaption is not strictly physical it's mental. Much less likely than a physical advantage. Too much thinking when nature attacks leads to a dead end. The lack of easy eats made us do something different. Being an omnivore is a large advantage.
Nudged by the environment and pushed by hunger we made an unlikely change. Third party involvement might have happened but like all of our far past it's lost in the mist of time.

posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: maxzen2004>>> I had a pretty intense dream where different people and I were picked up( abducted) and transported on a shuttle type ship where we were being studied and having our physical vital signs studied and recorded. There were " humans" there, only they weren't from earth. I asked them who they were and what they wanted from us here and one arrogantly replied " We're from Earth." Meaning that like us, they were genetically modified as our common ancestors were thousands of years ago only they lived off planet. They were aloof and looked on us as primitive cousins, but they weren't hostile. But they had yellow eyes. They also showed holograms of sea life and other habitats and creatures and the environment for our entertainment. I remember that that they used the Earths magnetic sphere as a conduit to travel to other locations in space.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 01:29 AM
a reply to: maxzen2004

There is a theory that we were "aquatic apes" and basically, when we are not swimming, we need clothes to keep warm and feel "naked" when we are not surrounded by the blanket of water.

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