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Area 51 Tax Battle

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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 06:18 PM
The tax situation with Area 51, located in Lincoln County, has been questioned for quite a long time.

Glenn Campbell questioned the situation, maybe first to do so, in the Groom Lake Desert Rat #5. At the time (mid-1994) the base was paying about $65,517 on a property assessment of $2,517,781???:

It is also mentioned, in relation to Glenn Campbell, in the book "The Dreamland Chronicles" by David Darlington.

Despite the multiple-billion dollar installation in their county (Groom Lake/Area 51) the military has been paying minimal taxes to Lincoln County.

However, some third-party has brokered some kind of sketchy new close-to multimillion dollar tax deal with Area 51.
Details here:
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posted on Jul, 18 2014 @ 11:19 AM
If Lincoln County is getting satellite imagery of the base, it could possibly be requested through a public documents request.

It is always in their benefit to plead poverty, but Lincoln County probably knows a lot of the contractors at the base. The camo dudes for sure, since they deputize them. Certainly the road contractors, since they get stone from local quarries.


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