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Like her or not, but Ann Coulter has this pegged

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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 10:55 PM

originally posted by: olaru12
Anyone here want to pluck chickens for under min. wage?

Thats 8 Billion chickens Americans consumed every year thats a whole lotta plucken. Of course reality is a machine, they are hung from by their feet, that removes their heads and plucks them in seconds. It a pretty awful sight to watch. It is a very fast conveyor system.

The GOP and Coulter are just pandering to the conservative base and lying thru their teeth. The conservative corporate oligarchy love illegals because it means more profit with out the burden of benefits that the American worker has come to expect.

I don't know where you live but in California they are afforded every benefit any employee is, in fact they have spanish translation attorneys to file for workers comp insurance. You are seriously mistaken here. THeir biggest problem in employment in California is court initiated child support payments. It takes a couple of months for the state to catch up but many leave and find another job once the money is docked from their check.

As America slips further and further from manufacturing into service based industries; expect more illegals not less.
Business American style. GOP influenced; the party of big business, low wages and BS. Thanks Ann

Service based companies are ones that provide repairs to equipment, machinery, etc. This requires english, writing skills, and provable drivers licenses . They are here for labor, pouring concrete, laying brick, mowing yards, landscaping, housekeeping, maid service, painters, drywallers, janitors, etc.

It truly astonishes me how gullible the rightwing is to believing Rush, Sean, ORilley and the rest of the propaganda merchants.

Having been born and raised, self employed, to the age of 53 in California, it is your post that is propaganda. I lived it, everyday.

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