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MISSING 411 - Incident in Cherokee Land

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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: milomilo

you've posted some more great information in this thread. i just love reading about these kinds of stories. especially the one about the guy walking into the mist and it leading to another time/place. it definitely seems as though he was enticed to follow that path, which from a lot of these types of stories seems to be a trend. it also seems like sometimes who or whatever is there can't directly force or influence the person to cross over to that parallel place. like they have to walk through the "portal"(for lack of a better word) on their own volition.

what's especially odd though is the doppelganger experiences. where people are in the parallel dimension or what have you and they see a relative, speak with them, eat with them and when they eventually come back home (if they are lucky enough) the relative says they've been in their home the entire time. so in those cases who are those people talking to? is it just another version of their relative that exists in that parallel reality? or is it something more sinister tricking the person into thinking that they are their relative. incredibly creepy considering all the people who have had that experiences like that never seem to be able to tell that there is anything different from the doppelganger version of their family member. i wonder if indigenous mythology specifically covers the doppelganger thing aside from say maybe a shape-shifter.

lastly, i would imagine that areas such as the devils triangle and other hotspots all fall on the ley-line grid. and since that grid extends all over the world there are many such spots that one could potentially encounter while out and about. points where multiple ley-lines converge seem to be the places where "the veil" is weaker.

and as for mount shasta, that place is supposed to be an incredible hotspot for paranormal activity of all kinds. local lore says that there is a gateway to the inside of mountain, where there exists the remnants of Lemurian society. I read one story where a little girl got lost in the area and was taken inside the mountain where she witnessed a whole other world. There she saw another little girl who went missing from her town a long time ago, but she hadn't aged a day. She was asking the other girl to take her back with her to their village but, her keepers wouldn't let her go. After asking the first lost girl a buncha questions they let her go back home where she told everyone her story and how she had seen the other missing girl inside mount shasta.

i would never go to shasta alone, but man, that area really intrigues me. would love to go hiking there. that is, with a emergency gps transponder/beacon, handgun and supplies as David Paulide's suggests. lol

posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 09:14 AM
mt shasta is northern california right ? Near Redding and Cisco Grove ?

heck practically every Scary UFO case i read were located in northern california area.. these entities seems to change their looks to suit the victims, aka they appeared like aliens to some, as bigfoot to others.. as indians to others.. all paranormal / psychic entities living in wilderness..

the famed Dion Fortune, a white magician in the beginning of 20th century, said that if you are psychic , beware of the wilderness because the power of elementals very strong there, very very very strong. That is why miss Fortune advised people who are psychic and weak/low on energy/sick to NEVER go into wilderness to prevent elemental attacks.. the ebook pdf is free to read on the internet , called Psychic Self Defense. Not that i used the book personally but miss dion's personal stories with psychic problems solving are fun to read.. (yes vampire exist, real vampire, sucking spiritual energy not blood)

and about bigfoot, there's also a story from mexican american who used to hunt in californian wilderness. on the hunting trip they ALwAYS make a circle of stones and put miscelanious item there , like food or whatnot. The item always gone and replace with other item from unknown being. the strange trade continues until at last the unknown put an Eagle Feather in the circle. (used by indian shamans ?).. suddenly they each encounter / see bigfoot when they alone , never together.. and the strangest thing they said when the bigfoot go , they just 'vanish' instantly.. Certainly not physical being by a long shot
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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 09:32 AM
This is a story that was experienced by Prof Michael Sword's family. Every single brother and sister including the profesor experienced paranormal things in their life. The prof saw UFO when he was a kid, poltergeist sister l clairvoyance brother and many more..

with that introduction , here's the family story as told to mr swords by his brother..


Helen Lane...An Encounter Inexplicable

It was July 1998. My sister-in-law's grandmother was dying and she, my brother, her mother, and other family members had gone to the old home area to be with her in the last days. People were spread out, residing with other extended family members et al, quite a few miles apart.

My brother and sister-in-law got a call saying that the time was probably near, and late in the evening (c.11pm) began driving to pick up her mother at another location and then drive to the nursing home. My brother was driving. The trip to the mother's temporary residence was through a relatively non-built-up stretch but which contained suburban structures at intervals and was normally quite well-travelled, even at night.

This night there were no cars at all. Out ahead, alongside the road, they could see someone walking dressed in white. As they passed, in a hurry to pick-up the mother to get to the grandmother's location, they saw that this was an older woman in a white nightgown. As they proceeded on down the road, they had a wave of guilt as they felt that this was almost surely an old lady, probably with Alzheimers, who needed help. They picked up the mother and a cousin and retraced their drive down the still empty road. Up ahead again was the old lady.

This time they slowed, asked a question, and the "simple" reply indicated that they must take the woman in and try to help her. Her comment to them was: "Oh God bless you. I am trying to get home". She sat in the rear of the car between the mother and the cousin, and was generally "normal", saying that her name was "Helen Lane" and giving an address and phone number.

My sister-in-law's family had originally lived in this area [some still did] and they knew enough about the place to find the street address. That did not work out due to there being no numbers on any of the houses, and not wanting to wake up the entirely unlighted neighborhood by trial-and-error. They drove instead to a fire station that the family knew was active at all hours. Still no traffic.

The fire station was brightly lit as expected. They knocked at the door--nothing. They circled the building looking in windows and knocking--nothing. This was a major establishment as it served, among other locations, a wealthy area of town. But, feeling a little creepy now, they drove on, for up ahead was a police station that the family knew well. [by the way, they had also somewhere in this sequence tried the phone number and only gotten an irate individual who said he'd never heard of Helen Lane and that they'd woken him up].

The police station that they headed for was run, as Chief of Police, by another of their cousins. They didn't expect him to be there at midnight, of course, but they had confidence that the station would handle the old lady and her problems. [she had said a few "childish" things by now which convinced everyone that they were dealing with Alzheimers].

The police station was there, as it should be, but still with no traffic. It was brightly lit but showing no activity. Through the large front windows, one person could be seen. Greatly relieved, my sister-in-law took Helen Lane up the steps while my brother watched closely. Within there was only this one person. She was a middle-aged woman dressed in civilian clothes.

There were no policemen to be seen anywhere. When they came through the door, the woman said "Hello Helen." My sister-in-law told the story, in brief, and the woman said "We know Helen. We'll get her back home". Taking some information on paper, she said not to worry about anything, it would all be taken care of.

As I said, my sister-in-law was familiar with this station. It was far too empty. No dispatcher, no desk sergeant, no policemen of any kind. It just felt wrong---but who knows? They let it go and went back to their car and on to the nursing home where the grandmother had just died.

The next morning, both my brother and sister-in-law wanted to lay this to rest. They called on the police station and asked. The Chief, their cousin, was in a position to find out. He told them the following: 1). the station had no record of their visit, nor any particulars; 2). there was no record of the existence of any person named "Helen Lane",as far as their files were concerned; 3). the station should have been busy and active with several uniformed officers on duty; 4). no such person as described as being behind the desk has anything to do with the station, nor does anyone know of such an individual being in the station.

Much later my sister-in-law was showing one of her grandkids the location in which this had occurred. You guessed it. The kid noted that it was , and you couldn't see this at night, a graveyard
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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 09:35 AM
words from prof michael swords regarding the Helen Lane encounter :

I've resisted telling this encounter because it is not only inexplicable but the mere fact that it happened threatens to discombobulate almost any model of reality one chooses to lean upon.

Because of that, I thought that all the previous stuff on the blog was "required" to allow a reader to take this with an open mind. I have several brothers. All of them are great fellows, and all of them are somewhat different.

One of them is "grounded" in the real world of work, service, hammers-and-nails, small town orientation, etc. moreso than most people I know. He is not a fool, and is not to be fooled. He goes very slowly to conclusions outside of the normal.

His wife enjoys the thought of the unusual much more than he, but she is also an intelligent, substantive woman. I know them very well. There is certainty that the incident that they recounted to me was exactly as they experienced it, to their honest perceptions.


What are we to make of this? Some people would like to say that this is "just" another instance of the "Phantom Hitchhiker" phenomenon. Well, if it makes anyone feel better to give it a name, then God bless you, but that's hardly very helpful.

This case seems to be telling me that my relatives "slipped into" an alternate reality for an hour or so, wherein the circumstances were very close but not identical to our "real world". I have to believe that the details as stated happened--multiple witnesses, including some that I'd trust with my life.

If they did, then it SEEMS that they were driving about in a world which was in imitation of ours but not quite identical. As my brother said: "we know the woman in the police station didn't exist." Well, what DID exist? What-the-heck went on here? This experience hardly stands alone.

The illustration on the bottom above is meant to picture a roadway encounter in the early 20th century, where after a brief interaction, the man dressed in olde-time clothing just vanished before the witness' eyes.

In the UFO literature, cases of this "same-but-not-same" environment crop up now and again. And the mysterious "empty" road is common. I have no good "model" for this reality. I find it difficult to incorporate these displacements or slippages into a coherent way of thinking about anomalies.

And there seems to be more than random accident here; more like an "intention". My brother said: "I think it was a test"

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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 11:51 PM
a reply to: milomilo

Ooooooh!! That creeped me out!!!

posted on Jul, 18 2014 @ 03:46 AM

originally posted by: sled735
a reply to: milomilo

Ooooooh!! That creeped me out!!!

Well.. yeah if you driving alone at night and saw a woman wearing white standing / walking alone beside the road .. do you :

a) Stop and Flirt with her
c) Pray and then b)

posted on Jul, 18 2014 @ 04:07 AM


Perhaps one of the earliest and most famous literary accounts of such a taking is that concerning Aedh, son of Eochaid Lethderg son of 'the King of Leinster, who is represented as contemporary with Patrick.

While Aedh was enjoying a game of hurley with his boy companions near the sídh of Liamhain Softsmock, two of the sídh-women, who loved the young prince, very suddenly appeared, and as suddenly took him away with them into a fairy palace and kept him there three years.

It happened, however, that he escaped at the end of that time, and, knowing the magical powers of Patrick, went to where the holy man was, and thus explained himself:--'Against the youths my opponents I (i. e. my side) took seven goals; but at the last one that I took, here come up to me two women clad in green mantles: two daughters of Bodhb derg mac an Daghda, and their names Slad and Mumain.

Either of them took me by a hand, and they led me off to a garish brugh; whereby for now three years my people mourn after me, the sídh-folk caring for me ever since, and until last night I got a chance opening to escape from the brugh, when to the number of fifty lads we emerged out of the sídh and forth upon the green.

Then it was that I considered the magnitude of that strait in which they of the sídh had had me, and away from the brugh I came running to seek thee, holy Patrick.' 'That,' said the saint, 'shall be to thee a safeguard, so that neither their power nor their dominion shall any more prevail against thee.'

And so when Patrick had thus made Aedh proof against the power of the fairy-folk, he kept him with him under the disguise of a travelling minstrel until, arriving in Leinster, he restored him to his father the king and to his inheritance: Aedh enters the palace in his minstrel disguise; and in the presence of the royal assembly Patrick commands him: 'Doff now once for all thy dark capacious hood, and well mayest thou wear thy father's spear!' When the lad removed his hood, and none there but recognized him, great was the surprise. He seemed like one come back from the dead, for long had his heirless father and people mourned for him.

'By our word,' exclaimed the assembly in their joyous excitement, 'it is a good cleric's gift!' And the king said: 'Holy Patrick, seeing that till this day thou hast nourished him and nurtured, let not the Tuatha De Danann's power any more prevail against the lad.' And Patrick answered: 'That death which the King of Heaven and Earth hath ordained is the one that he will have.'

This ancient legend shows clearly that the Tuatha De Danann, or Sidhe, in the time when the scribe wrote the Colloquy were thought of in the same way as now, as able to take beautiful mortals whom they loved, and able to confer upon them fairy immortality which prevented 'that death which the King of Heaven and Earth hath ordained'.

posted on Jul, 18 2014 @ 09:07 AM
An interesting conection might be that the mountains of Ireland and the Scottish highlands are actually the same range as the Appalacians, just split by the ocean millions of years ago.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 09:18 AM
a reply to: 8675309jenny

That is interesting, first time I had ever heard that.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 09:25 AM

originally posted by: 8675309jenny
An interesting conection might be that the mountains of Ireland and the Scottish highlands are actually the same range as the Appalacians, just split by the ocean millions of years ago.

that might something , though we have no idea whem these entiries start to inhabit the elements.. all the data indicated these entities are inhabiting wild places where there's no human population. their traditional habitations have been steadily invaded by men and i think when human expand into virgin territories and settle there, there will be a certain time period of entities manifestation and bothering men, thou in the end they will move to avoid men.

sometimes i wonder if the scary indicent in Corales , Brazil 1977 was a meeting engagement between human settlement and these beings... pretty much they terrorized everyone for a time being and the brazilian military cant do anything but document their manifestation diligently.

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 01:03 AM
a reply to: milomilo
So kind of you to bring this together for us, milomilo!
Am still going through the thread, but wanted to S&F...since I need to get some rest.

posted on Jul, 26 2014 @ 12:21 AM
Interesting thread, and some very valid, IMO, comparisons. I have been looking for some time at the similarities between old fairy stories and alien abduction tales. These possible Bigfoot takings could easily be related. I think as you do; that this is the same thing, in different forms for different times and places. There are simply too many similarities to ignore. S&F for a great late night read. Needed a distraction, too.

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