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Thoroughly vexed: I may not be quite myself for a while.

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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I feel your anger and I can guarantee you that it is justified, years ago the place where I worked was taken to court and it screwed everyone badly.

Mind you this was not a family run business but none the less it played havoc on all staff and managers lives alike.

Short story but true, a customer ran into our lobby during a rainstorm and was only wearing flip flops.
This person was impaired due to alcohol consumption and of course fell and broke their knee.
No doubt a serious injury, after falling this customer convinced my two co-workers to dispose of the open container of booze in the car before the ambulance arrived.

I was in the back of the shop stocking the shelves ( Yes indeed I was stocking beer)...I was at least 300 feet from the action and never saw a thing.

That does not matter because I had to drive 240 km's round trip per day for three days just to testify that I never saw or heard a thing all night until I was called up front.

Here is a very good link regarding people complaining all the time about this and that, this restaurant owner went into the archives and found out just who is screwing with who.

I highly recommend the following link to everyone in this thread.

Don't take the crap!

Regards, Iwinder

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