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MISSING 411 - The ones that got away..

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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 10:52 PM
Im sure everyone here familiar with David Paulides's book MISSING 411 about the strange disappearance of people in US wilderness / National Park. To summarize, david complied missing people cases that have certain unexplainable factor in it and ruled out any case that can have explanation.

A few of the cases from the book indicate a strange , almost paranormal/psychic experienced by the missing person. for example, a kid was missing and later when he was found he said he was taken by a woman that looked like his grandma into a cave-like place filled with purse and guns. the woman told the boy to defecate into a piece of paper and when the boy refused the woman got angry and then return the boy back. Of course his grandma was shocked when the boy said he met her in the forest.

Another case was a kid that missing and later found , said that some bear took him and then fed him with berries and cuddle with him to warm him until he was found. No real bear / animal would to that to a human child unless it is faery tale.


The point im making is that wilderness / forests / mountains / lakes / etc are traditionally a very strong domain of the elementals or spirits or elves or things that unseen. The cases in the MISSING 411 can be easily correlated with the classic work of Evan Wentz regarding Elves in old Britain/Ireland. It is said that these 'elves' loves to kidnap humans and even transport them many miles away or kidnap them by using 'glamour' and made the human think he is somewhere he's not.

Some of the case below can be used as comparison to MISSING 411 book as for people who encounter strange things but survived and lived to tell their experience..


mid-1940s, Catskill Mountains, NY:

There was a family gathering at a relative's home in the woods of the Catskills. The adults were mainly inside while the children were playing outdoors. While the others did whatever they were doing, Jill, a little girl of 5, became fascinated with the flutterbyes and no one noticed her chasing after them into the woods. Ultimately, the adults checked back in to find that she was lost. Many people searched many hours in vain and dusk was coming, bringing a great deal of despair with it. Then, suddenly, a be-smudged Jill came running happily out of the woods unharmed. What had happened?

Once Jill had followed the flutterbyes for awhile, she lost them and realized that she was lost herself. She tried to find her way back to her aunt's house, but only got deeper into the forest. She thought she heard someone calling for her, but it was too far away, and she couldn't get a direction on it. Finally she came into a small clearing. Feeling very tired, she took a candy bar from her pocket, sat on an old dead tree and ate a little. She felt lonely and started to cry.

She looked up and saw standing at the edge of her clearing two small living "dolls" with silvery hair to their shoulders. They were dressed in shiny green clothes and had caps. She offered them some of her candy bar, but they didn't respond. Beginning to cry then she asked them if they knew the way to her aunt's house. They nodded and motioned for her to follow. As dusk came on and the forest darkened, the little "dolls" became accompanied by small balls of blinking colored light, which illuminated the way. They all seemed to be going faster and faster as they went, and Jill was surprised at how fast she was moving [she said : like a sped up movie]. The "dolls" then abruptly stopped and pointed to the aunt's house. Jill happily turned to thank them, but they were gone. And she ran to embrace her parents.


1977, Catskill Mountains, NY:

A hiker/hunter had spent many hours in these woods; he knew them well. About one hundred yards into the forest that summer's day, things began to get strange. For a few seconds, while passing a large rock formation, he felt a tingling go through his whole body. Soon after he began noticing that the environment had changed. The previously overcast sky was now sunny clear. It seemed to be tinged with green rather than just blue. The country was now more open than it should have been, certain plants grew which shouldn't have been there, large granite outcroppings that were not part of his hiking areas. There was a narrow canyon cutting into those cliffs.

Convinced that he had somehow gotten completely lost, he trudged up the canyon. Then he heard pretty music ahead. Peeking around, he saw four little men sitting on boulders by a waterfall, playing flutes. Another one gathered water from the fall. Our hiker had a camera and used it. The water-gatherer returned, the little folk got up, and moved off further up the canyon. Our hiker retreated the way he came with his pictures. Wandering about for around a hour, he suddenly spotted his car. Another tingling then hit him, and turning, the strange environment was gone. The tint of the sky was back to normal, and overcast again. His watch said that thirty minutes had passed, but he felt that it was at least three hours. Back home, no one believed a bit of his story. The film came back all pictures perfect, except of course for the ones taken in the "other reality canyon". They were all dusty smudges tinted in a light green.


mid-1950s, Neversink Reservoir, WA:

a hiker was walking the shore of the reservoir when he saw a bridge which he hadn't noticed before. It seemed to extend out into a large fogbank from the shore. More than mystified, the witness saw that the bridge was made of something like brass, with handrails and designs upon it which looked like some strange form of writing. He walked across into and out of the fogbank to discover a small island there [which absolutely should not have been].

This island was completely surrounded by the mist. Unfamiliar plants and animals populated the place. Thirty yards further along the shore were three small men. They were three foot tall, bearded, with long hair flowing down their backs and white robes. The central figure carried an object, but the witness wasn't close enough to see what it was. The group then walked away into the trees. Our witness, deciding that he'd risked enough, found the bridge again and moved swiftly across. Once on the shore again, the bridge and the mist slowly faded away. The little island, however, remained, as did a "new" mountain which had somehow manifested between two prominent peaks. Then that mountain and the island disappeared leaving the witness with the world that he understood.

posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 10:53 PM

From CUFOS Center For UFO Studies 1968.

This affair took place in the very north of Canada, south of the Native American [eskimo] town of Kugluktuk. This is a port of sorts and an exit point from the great copper areas of the Northwest Territories which are called the Coppermine Mountains.

On August 31, 1968. A minerals prospector and his partner had flown in from Yellowknife, where after a battle with the elements, they got to their camp at Willow Lake [basically just a cabin in the wilderness]. The two of them moved south a bit and set up a secondary camp which was merely a tent and strike out each day in search of mineral signs. They sometimes worked together as a team, but most often they ranged alone.

during the two-&-a-half months they were there, the only unusual thing that occurred was the discovery of a strange type of "rock" shaped like a double blade of a fan or windmill, that they [and, later, geologists] were not able to classify. On their last day in the field, this story happened. On that day they were as usual on their own, our miner exploring around Burnt Creek and north in the hills, but returning to camp empty handed. His buddy wasn't there yet, so he just sat and meditated on the hills.

Bored he got up and walked to the edge of a 50 foot cliff, and looked down into the gouge below. This gouge was peculiar: about 50foot long and only 4feet wide and flat. In it were some "bubbly looking rocks" and a "tubular fog bank". The apparent minerals were odd, but the unmoving fog bank moreso. He felt nervous just looking at it, but decided to go down into the gouge and explore. There he found more of the unusual unidentified mineral and it seemed to be associated with a small-scale mining activity [even though there was supposed to be no such thing in this area.] Puzzled by the rocks, but still in the presence of the unmoving mist, he finally decided to walk into the fog bank.

His words now:

"Approximately two steps into the mist, I saw a grassy field for as far as my vision was capable of seeing at that time. The grass was about one foot tall at that point. The more I advanced towards the grass, the higher the grass became. there was a wind blowing from the grass away from me. On entering the mist, my vision was limited to my left and right. I advanced until the grass, brown colored, was approximately three feet tall.

Then I decided to retreat, which I did. I cannot remember what the sky looked like; grey colored seems correct. i decided to go back into the mist and cautioned myself not to walk into the grass. I went as far as the first [time] and things were the same. As I advanced, the grass got taller [but he seems to be now walking beside it, not in it], approximately 4foot now, and my vision left and right got wider. Far off to my right there was an oasis? with medium sized trees in a circle with two tall palm? trees growing in the center of the circle.

At that point I had enough. At that time my mind went completely blank except for one little piece of my brain that was fighting the takeover of my brain. Next I was on my hands and knees with my brain powers intact and I got out of there in record time."

The miner told neither his buddy nor anyone else what had happened to him. But he never could shake the thought that he had passed into another dimensional reality for those few minutes. He wondered about the strange stones which should not have been there and the small mining operation which likewise should not have been. As the years have gone, he has gotten more courage, and wants to go back and go through the doorway again, which he imagines as a permanent sort of location.
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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: milomilo

I really want the Missing 411 books, these story greatly interest me because when I was a child I went missing for a while and had a unexplained experience that has puzzled me my whole life.
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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 11:28 PM

originally posted by: Staroth
a reply to: milomilo

I really want the Missing 411 books, these story greatly interest me because when I was a child I went missing for a while and had a unexplained experience that has puzzled me my whole life.

its a great series of book that let the user decide on his/her own what caused the missing , which is good because so many books today tried to push one kind of hypothesis on you ..

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:32 AM
Thanks for the thread. I've heard of him, the book, but am not all that familiar, but was planning to look more into.
Found that a noted cluster area parallels with a story of the area of St. Maries, Idaho and some miles south of there, where a whole school went missing, faculty, and students during the 1920s or 1930s. The area not only know for Bigfoot sightings as talked of, also UFO clusters, strong Native history, but also Occult sect activity. Even more than once we talked of missing time incidents. Water flooding from the river, no doubt caused a lot of loss that may still linger. The water as conductor.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:53 AM
You can read the works of Evan Wentz about Faerie world in ireland and scotland.

then you re-read missing 411 and you will be astonished by the eiree similarity of old storied about faerie's habit for kidnapping humans, killing cows for food (but only take certain kind of meat from the cow) , faerie's time difference compared to human's time (time dilation), faerie glamour casted upon human so a man suddenly got confused as if they are in different world..

so many similary between the faerie's habit and behaviour in their grounds (they exists in the wilderness) and some of the case of MISSING 411.. you can see the pattern there.. first slowly it emerges and suddenly BAM they both converged..


those of you who read Dion Fortune (a magician) will remember she said that the wilderness outside population centers is haven for elementals , if one is weak spiritually it is advisable to avoid the wilderness because of the influence of these elementals on one's spirit.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:03 AM
Another Sample Case of Nearly Missing :

Case two: April 1978, Montreal, Quebec.

A young man was just finishing first Sedar with relatives and it had grown late [10:15pm] and the dog needed to be walked. He had a "standard route" for this chore and so was completely familiar with the surroundings. This night, however, there was a distinct lack of anything else going on: "I was the only person out that night. It was like in the movies when a crime is committed or a monster comes out and chases you--you are all alone and the viewer thinks how unrealistic can you get! But that's exactly what happened.

The streets were deserted , no animals, no cars passing by, no other people". There was something though. A bright yellow light was dancing about in the sky. Feeling a bit foolish at the moment, the young man said [mentally] that he'd like to go on a trip with a spaceship. At that the cylindrical yellow light became a silver saucer and instantly moved almost directly above him. [over a streetlight]. A door or hatch seemed to be opening, and the witness was scared to death.

He said [again mentally] that he didn't want to be taken and please go away. The hatch then closed, the saucer became like light, and then "broke up into smoke and disappeared", only to reappear some distance away. He and his dog [which never responded at all to this thing] were walking in the direction of the now-distant light towards a small forested area. That thought gave him pause. Did he really want to walk the dog in the forest?

Mentally he thought: No you're not getting me to go in there. The light changed to the disk again and flew straight at him. This time he completely panicked and screamed "NO!" out loud. Very near to apparently hitting him, the disk did its vanishing act again and reappeared in the distance. Dog-walking was now low priority, and he ran back towards his house.

The disk however was not quite through and resolidified and parked over the house across the street. Running inside, he told his mother what had happened, she of course not believing a word of it. Finally he convinced her to take a look. There the thing was, hatch open, and the craft vibrating. His mom said: "Oh my!" The hatch closed, the saucer became light then smoke and was gone again as a distant light.



A rugged outdoorsman and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, Tom Stienstra, was camping, fishing, and walking trails in the Klamath National Forest usually encountering nothing but the wildlife. Going out a dead-end trail in their vehicle, he and his buddy were appalled to find they had a flat tire and in the attempt to fix it, the jack broke. They knew they were, to put it in the vernacular, screwed.

But "immediately" [less than 20 seconds] of the jack breaking, an "ancient pickup truck" came from behind and out disembarked a man and a woman dressed in Native American clothing and of astounding handsomeness. Without saying a word, they got a jack and changed the tire. They returned to their truck, still no words, waved, drove past, and went on down the dead-end road ahead of them. Stienstra and his friend were flabbergasted but got in their own vehicle and continued after [their helpers now out-of-sight somewhere up the road].

Stienstra drove on right to the dead end. Their helpers were nowhere in sight and there had been nowhere to egress from the road. Their trip to the dead-end was only two minutes long--they were sure that they could not have missed them.


CASE : 2004 , Imlay City, Michigan.

A father and daughter were driving home at 1:09am. Things went normally on this familiar road for a while. Then, "the road ahead instantly fogged and then immediately 'pixilated' back into clarity". Though clear, the road and surroundings were no longer recognizable. Both father and daughter noticed the strangeness at once.

Perhaps having nothing to do with the rest of the experience, it was nevertheless true that a large number of animals [deer, skunk, raccoons, etc.] were walking alongside and occasionally crossing the road. They kept driving until they bumped into a cross road with a sign informing them that they were on an entirely different roadway and heading in the wrong direction.

With the precision of the engineer that he was, the father noted that they experienced no loss-of-time [for you "abductions" buffs] , but the commonplace UFO quality of "no traffic at all" had been true of their strange odyssey. On arriving home both of them felt mildly sick to their stomachs


CASE Arizona mountains [in 1978] :

The woman reporting the "encounter" was a teacher at a college, and for purposes of this narrative went by the pseudonym "Dr. Jean Smith". She and her husband were camping in Arizona and hiked into the mountains where nothing was to be heard except for the occasional calls of birds. "I was standing in front of a wall of granite boulders of all sizes and shapes when all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. There were no words but the joyous music just kept on.

I stood there rooted to the spot, entranced, hardly daring, literally, to believe my ears. The music came from the boulders. I looked around, and as I did it was as if I became a truly genuine part of the universe. I had the wonderful feeling of sharing or being shared with. It was as if the sky above and the clouds, the breeze, the bushes--everything realized I could participate. I felt somehow as if I really belonged. All restlessness in me was stilled and I was filled with a glorious sense of peace and love. all the while, the beautiful voices singing from the boulders kept on..I really can't find the right words.No words can truly relate the wonder and joy of that time--the music, the singing kept on...

Her husband, meanwhile, was completely mystified. He couldn't hear the Music. All he could see was his entranced wife. He almost had to drag her away from the spot, not knowing what was going on. "
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posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:26 AM

1975: Catskill Mts, NY (Another strange case from Catskills mountains... what is it with this place ???? If you want strange experience you should camp at catskills mountains for a few nights...)

Two guys decide to get their stresses off their backs for a while with a little heavy beer drinking at a camping ground in the Catskills [this was a "regular" affair for them--nothing like the great outdoors and a six-pack]. They were awakened by a bright light that illuminated even the inside of the tent. Going out to investigate, everything went pitch black.

Soon they saw a dull glowing object up on the hillside [no roads up there]. Then, what we all love, ghostly-phosphorescent shining entities floating down the hill towards them. A siege mentality arose, with the heroes panicking and lighting fires in the nearby covered picnic area, and generally going nuts. The "ghosts" would come nearer, then retreat for a while.

During a more "away" period, one guy ran for the car. [he was going to get something to defend themselves]. Ultimately, they decided that all that was foolish and both of them made it to the car and drove home as fast as the bad conditions allowed.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:50 AM

Late 1800s, Portmeirion, Wales. A young woman and the household servant, a brute of a man nicknamed Dafydd Fawr [which I believe means something like Strong David], were walking back to their home. She wanted to get there before night and hurried on, as he walked a slower pace with a big parcel of meat that he was carrying from the neighbors. She got to the house promptly, but Dafydd did not arrive until three hours later. What happened?

Dafydd said that shortly after she left he observed a meteor flash through the air, and soon after that a hoop of fire descend. Standing on the bottom on the fire hoop were two small beings, each grasping the side of the hoop as if balancing themselves and one another with their other arm. As the hoop touched the Earth, they jumped off and began to draw a circle on the ground [It is not said how this was done, but the circle seems to have been a place of light.] The hoop of fire apparently left back up into the sky at this point.

The well-dressed Little Folk watched as a large number of diminutive men and women appeared out of nowhere and began dancing round and round the circle to beautiful music. By this time Dafydd was totally entranced and the three hours flew by in what seemed to him to be minutes. Then the "meteor" again flashed, and shortly the Hoop descended. It touched the Earth near the circle of light and dancing, the original pair jumped onto it, and rose away. At this the circle of light and the dancing fairies vanished, leaving Dafydd alone in night's darkness.


1976, Mongaup Valley, NY:

A mother was just in the process of leaving for a special family get-together, but the young son of one of the woman refused to get in his mother's car. He would run towards the woods saying that he wanted to stay and play with his friend "the little man". Absolutely refusing to budge on this, the child talked his mother into going into the woods to meet him.

Relenting, she did. When they reached a clearing, there stood a 2 1/2 foot tall gnomish creature, who was she said the ugliest individual she'd ever seen. She and her son left the scene, and reaching their car, drove out rapidly to meet the rest of the family. Upon arriving at the meeting place, she jumped out and excitedly told everyone what had happened. No one believed her, despite the young son backing up her story.

On driving back to her home, she wrecked her car just near the woods where she'd had the encounter, hospitalizing herself.


1956, Chester, CA :

A deputy sheriff of a local community was out bow hunting with other family members. Hearing movement on the slope, he turned to see a 4' tall man clad in green and gold. He had fine [i.e. not gnomish] facial features under a red and gold cap. Brown leather boots. He leapt away in twenty foot jumps. The deputy, who hadn't been drinking, retreated to camp where he remedied that oversight. [from MUFON Journal].

1965, Luumaki, Finland :

People were out picking berries. One heard an odd bubbling sound from higher up the hill. Looking closely, there was a small man staring at him. The 3' tall being began walking towards the witness. It was stoutly built with skin-tight green coverall and a carrot-red face. One of the other berry-pickers saw this from a greater distance. The being abruptly changed directions, walked to the edge of a bog, and vanished. [from the UK UFO magazine SPACELINK].

1973, Bedarrides, France :

A person was out collecting mushrooms. There at the edge of a clearing was a 4' tall man clad in beige coveralls and black beret. Soon he was joined by another who could have been a twin. They looked at and laughed audibly at the witness and ran into the woods. Shortly thereafter the witness saw a blue-gray oval rise from the woods, make a whistling noise and shoot off, its rising greatly disturbing the dead ground-clutter leaves. The researcher on the case said that he had at least six other cases of beings laughing at the witness. [From the MUFON Journal].

1974, Chingford, UK. :

Two men, one a BUFORA UFO researcher, watched through binoculars a "woman", almost as a silhouette, with long blond hair, a long black dress, and a featureless face. This figure never moved. Then a second like figure was seen moving among trees. The first figure then vanished. The second did likewise shortly. The first then reappeared 150' away standing motionless. It then vanished again.

Less than an hour later, the witnesses again saw two figures dressed this time all in white. One was again motionless while the other darted about in quick movements. These movements were not biological but gliding/floating type. At this time they were distracted by a lighted object rising up over the trees. It seemed lens-shaped with central white light, blue light revolving about its edge, and two other lights blinking. It passed directly overhead making a throbbing or thrumming sound. [HUMCAT; from a personal report to Allen Hynek].
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posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 03:19 AM
Perhaps this same kind of portal phenomenon also leads to our reality.

It could explain how the Green Children of Woolpit arrived here a long time ago

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 05:16 AM
Starred and flagged and loving this thread! Thank you MiloMilo!

I've read up to the one about the 5 year old girl who chases the 'flutterbyes' off into the woods and gets lost, only to be guided by the two little silver haired 'dolls' and glowing lights back to her home that night. Absolutely fascinating! Thank you for taking the time to put this thread together! Now going to carry on reading :-)

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 06:50 AM

originally posted by: Aelfrede
Starred and flagged and loving this thread! Thank you MiloMilo!

I've read up to the one about the 5 year old girl who chases the 'flutterbyes' off into the woods and gets lost, only to be guided by the two little silver haired 'dolls' and glowing lights back to her home that night. Absolutely fascinating! Thank you for taking the time to put this thread together! Now going to carry on reading :-)

your welcome

the information is from dr michael sword's blog site, mainly about UFO but he also a believer of paranormal including faerie, ghost and cryptozology and thus it is a great site.. and his family also experienced many many many incident of paranormal nature..

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 06:54 AM
i found this bit about the Catskill mountain... beware those of you who want to try camping there ...

Henry Hudson and the Catskill Gnomes
A New York Ghost Story

On September 3rd of 1609, Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon into the mouth of the great New York river that later bore his name. The explorer and his crew journeyed north for several days, trading with the native residents and searching for the fabled northwest passage to the Orient. By the time he reached the area that would become present-day Albany, Hudson knew that he had not found the passage for which he sought. Reluctantly, he turned the Half Moon and sailed back down the river.

That night, Henry Hudson and his crew anchored the Half Moon in the shadow of the Catskill Mountains. Around midnight, Hudson heard the sound of music floating across the mountains and down to the river. Taking a few members of his crew, he went ashore and followed the sound up and up into the Catskills. The sound of the music grew louder as Hudson and his men marched up to the edge of a precipice. To their astonishment, a group of pygmies with long, bushy beards and eyes like pigs were dancing and singing and capering about in the firelight.

Hudson realized that these creatures were the metal-working gnomes of whom the natives had spoken. One of the bushy-bearded chaps spotted the explorer and his men and welcomed them with a cheer. The short men surrounded the crew and drew them into the firelight and the dance. Hudson and his men were delighted with these strange, small creatures, and with the hard liquor that the gnomes had brewed. Long into the night, the men drank and played nine-pins with the gnomes while Henry Hudson sipped at a single glass of spirits and spoke with the chief of the gnomes about many deep and mysterious things.

Realizing at last how late it was, Hudson looked around for his men. At first, he couldn't locate them. All he saw were large groups of gnomes, laughing and joking as they sprawled around the fire. Then, to his astonishment, he recognized several of the gnomes as his crewmen! They had undergone a transformation. Their heads had swollen to twice their normal size, their eyes were small and pig-like, and their bodies had shortened until they were only a little taller than the gnomes themselves.

Hudson was alarmed, and asked the chief of the gnomes for an explanation. It was, the chief explained to Hudson, the effect of the magical hard liquor the gnomes brewed. It would wear off when the liquor did. Hudson wasn't sure that he believed the little man. Afraid of what else might happen to him and his crewman if they continued to linger in such company, Hudson hurriedly took his leave of the gnomes and hustled his severely drunken crewmen back to the Half Moon. The entire crew slept late into the morning, as if they were under the influence of a sleeping draught. When they awakened, the crewmen who had accompanied Hudson up into the Catskill Mountains, aside from ferocious headaches, were back to normal

Hudson continued on his way down the great river, and by October 4th, the Half Moon had reached the mouth and Hudson and his crew sailed for home. In 1610, Hudson set off on another journey, searching for a northwestern passage to the Orient. Trapped in the ice through a long winter, Hudson's crew eventually mutinied and set Henry Hudson and eight of his crewmen adrift in the Hudson Bay. They were never seen again.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:09 AM
Neat tread...

I would like to add a story from a close friends mother. She is from Scotland and lived there into here late teens iirc. When her mother was around 5-6ish she recalls being lured and sung to by Faeries. More than a few times her family found her in a Faery ring, which is a ring of fresh mushrooms. She recalls the faeries were very playful and loved to play tricks. Her family would have to use all of there might to pull her out of their grasp. She says that Faeries aren't what you see in the media or Disney. She says they do have wings and differently shaped noses and are quite small. To this day her mother is very adamant about her experiences and has her home decorated with faeries.

I got really into researching them about 3 yeas ago. I found someone who can see them and told me more about them. She had said they are for the most part human friendly and are what you would call inter-dimensional beings of earth energy. They can be seen and are often in gardens. They are playful and love shiny objects. They love and are often in forests. And time is experienced much differently in their dimension/space.

So keep your eye out for a faery ring.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:30 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa

that's an awesome story, thank you for sharing.

i love Paulide's books but, so far i've only read the first 2. Western & Eastern United States. Now he has four books total. Anyone interested in reading them should buy them directly from David's website. It's the cheapest option for purchasing the books and money goes directly to him. If you look for them to purchase from resellers have jacked the price up to double/triple what they cost direct from David so don't bother with Amazon. David also has a website

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:35 PM
Haven't read the thread yet, but here is the thing, we always see silly things like this in these stories


A five year old using this term

she was moving [she said : like a sped up movie].

A five year old was very different in 44, much younger and not many watched movies or would refer that way.

In 1942, there were 5,000 sets in operation, but production of new TVs, radios, and other broadcasting equipment for civilian purposes was suspended from April 1942 to August 1945 (Dunlap).

The Philco Predicta, 1958. In the collection of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
By 1947, when there were 40 million radios in the U.S., there were about 44,000 television sets (with probably 30,000 in the New York area).[82]

The story of the bridge to the island, supposedly the island could not be seen, a bridge disapeared in the mist, then when the guy gets back across the bridge it says

Once on the shore again, the bridge and the mist slowly faded away. The little island, however, remained, as did a "new" mountain which had somehow manifested between two prominent peaks.

what happened to the hiding fog that surrounded it?
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posted on Jul, 12 2014 @ 09:32 PM
i dont get this , you dont read the post but you find something wrong about the stories ? isnt that impossible ? are you clairevoyant ? you must be psychic .... wait

posted on Jul, 13 2014 @ 01:03 PM
a reply to: Char-Lee

Just to add to the 'sped up movie' thing. In 1944 it was probably more known that films could go fast then it is now, as o the silent film era ended only a few years before that, where hand turned films were quite often shown too fast, people of that time would know that effect very well.
Even in the 70, they showed these kind of films as they were taken [i.e too fast] and I knew about this as a kid [about the same age as the girl in question]. Nowadays old films are slowed down and you don't see that effect any longer, hence young people wouldn't really know.

You also say about movies and TV etc being suspended. There was still cinema and there were people who owned cameras themselves [prohibited or not]. Parents would also have told kids about films and explained that they would often look too fast [I know my dad explained that to me when I was that age because it looked funny and I wanted to know why].

I really think that back then a kid would have known very well the 'sped up movie' effect and would be able to use the term to describe what she had seen.
If toddlers can play with Ipads, a five year old would back then could easily have asked about fast films.

posted on Jul, 13 2014 @ 02:27 PM
a reply to: Hecate666

Yes it is possible, but it does not sound like what a little girl of that age from that time would say imo. People were not watching TV so thinking of a movie as a way to explain seems strange to me.

posted on Jul, 13 2014 @ 02:31 PM

originally posted by: milomilo
i dont get this , you dont read the post but you find something wrong about the stories ? isnt that impossible ? are you clairevoyant ? you must be psychic .... wait

I Didn't say I had not read the OP, I said I had not read the thread through yet

Haven't read the thread yet have a problem with me having an opinion on my own without reading everyone elses?

Is it not strange how even the OP does not star anyones posts who are not immediately agreeing or who question some of the stories..well that is not the way to get truth. Seems to me we should appreciate any questions asked. Let's all just agree with each other so we can be treated equal.:mnky
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