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Enough is enough!

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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: g146541

Yep, that is the quandary that we face. If people truly want their freedoms back, then retaking local offices and working your way up should be an easy road. But make no mistake that when you do you will be confronted for not drinking the establishment kool-aid. I agree, there is no longer a two party system. They are for the dollar and nothing more. It's all about them staying in power and controlling the population. When you start rocking the boat, they will come calling.

My point of violence is that sooner or later it will happen. History should be the educator on that point. You don't remove those in power without it. Just a fact of life. To think otherwise is foolish. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. If you are going to reclaim your freedoms then you also need to be prepared to back that up with force.

posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: haarvik
Now this is more reasonable response.
Your OP was looking as if you wanted to head out the door right now cocked and locked.
I understand that I cannot change peoples opinions and get them to vote the way I want.
Then even if my candidate got in, what guarantees he or she would not just take the cash like all others before them?.!
This is why I just opt out, I get my retirement and I don't put in anymore than I need to.
There are a lot of problems to be hashed through but until we reach a critical mass or the food runs out, nothing will be done.
Revolution must be avoided though, only the good and innocent die in war, leaving the wicked to continue to lead what's left.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 05:48 PM
a reply to: haarvik

Thank you for your reply haarvik. In reading through more of the thread I can see you give ample reasoned thought to your words and are not just a ' burn it all downer'.

One of the problems with a violent revolution as I see it is that PTB are waiting and watching for it. And planning for it.
In cases of individual violent outbursts, I think they are content to let local swat teams do the mopping up while giving the nod to media about one more disenfranchised looney. The masses buy it, go about their chores and wait for the next one.
For a moment there you sounded lie YOU wanted to be the next one. Thus far, these individual outbursts are easily tucked into the looney category and indeed, serve the purpose of the PTB. Look at all of the laws and public attitudes which have come about due to these individual (looney) acts. The PTB attitude is "so what if a few die as collateral damage here, it all serves the purpose of the slowly tightening of control.

As far as a coordinated violent outburst, I think this would take planning and a whole lot of secrecy to boot.
Once again I think the PTB are ahead of the situation. For decades they have had psyops training on infiltrating and instigating. You know about cointelpro and some of its sisters. We are wired, bugged,eavesdropped, and if necessary,

Somewhere up the thread you say

One can only hope that those of us who are willing to lay it on the line will inspire others to follow suit and change the course of our out of control government.
Thing is haarvik, it ain't just the government. Part of our dilemma is that so many freshly revolutionized people think in these terms alone. Not you specifically as I do not know you well enough to categorize you. But generally speaking, I think this to be the case. I also think that having people focus on "da gubbament" diffuses the bubbling revolutionary classes attention. In this light, I consider Fox News to be just one arm of the PTB campaign. They broadcast all day, everyday, all across the land. In remote mountain homes. In diner after diner, in gym after gym,Fox blares out it's message. Blame the government blame the government. Blame Obama Obama Obama. MSNBC, then certainly covers another side of that spectrum. Cut Obama slack cut him slack.

Well hell haarvik, I've gone on long enough here. I have plenty more to ramble on about as I did have another three paragraphs written in reply already when I realized that I could have gone on for another dozen. So I just erased it and will end this reply with my thanks again for your considered replies, up and down this thread.

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