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Religious affiliations of our Presidents...

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 10:56 AM
Check this out....

1 George Washington Episcopalian
2 John Adams Unitarian
3 Thomas Jefferson raised Episcopalian
later in life, belonged to no specific religion
held many Christian, Deist and Unitarian beliefs
4 James Madison Episcopalian
5 James Monroe Episcopalian
6 John Quincy Adams Unitarian
7 Andrew Jackson Presbyterian
8 Martin Van Buren Dutch Reformed
9 William Henry Harrison Episcopalian
10 John Tyler Episcopalian/Deist
11 James Knox Polk Presbyterian/Methodist *
12 Zachary Taylor Episcopalian
13 Millard Fillmore Unitarian
14 Franklin Pierce Episcopalian
15 James Buchanan Presbyterian
16 Abraham Lincoln raised Baptist;
later no specific denomination
17 Andrew Johnson no specific denomination *
18 Ulysses S Grant Presbyterian/Methodist *
19 Rutherford B. Hayes Methodist
20 James A. Garfield Disciples of Christ
21 Chester A. Arthur Episcopalian
22 Grover Cleveland Presbyterian
23 Benjamin Harrison Presbyterian
24 Grover Cleveland Presbyterian
25 William McKinley Methodist
26 Theodore Roosevelt Dutch Reformed;
Episcopalian *
27 William Howard Taft Unitarian
28 Woodrow Wilson Presbyterian
29 Warren G. Harding Baptist
30 Calvin Coolidge Congregationalist
31 Herbert Hoover Quaker
32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Episcopalian
33 Harry S. Truman Baptist
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Jehovah's Witness
35 John F. Kennedy Catholic
36 Lyndon Baines Johnson Disciples of Christ
37 Richard M. Nixon Quaker
38 Gerald Ford Episcopalian
39 Jimmy Carter Baptist
40 Ronald Reagan Presbyterian
41 George H. W. Bush Episcopalian
42 William Jefferson Clinton Baptist
43 George W. Bush Methodist
(former Episcopalian)

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