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Gnostics vs Archons

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posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 09:12 AM
In this topic, I will translate a series of articles in my country about ancient knowledge.
This topic has it all, ufos, entities, what are they, what are they doing, why and all these stuff happening, etc. I am also dyslexic, so dont complain... I wrote it...

Part - 1
In ancient years there was the elders and it was the first targets of the archons. Each civilization have elders, sophistic beings of the laws of the universe, protectors. (I will come back to the elders later on in the story).
The Gnostics in ancient years, have had knowledge about the past and what really happened. There is also a reason why they destroy all the libraries in each Alexandria (Great Alexander each country he conquered, he created an alexandria library and gave knowledge to the people.

According to the Gnostics and some of their remaining books, the earth is been invaded long long ago, thousands of years ago. This issue/story didnt suited thos who maintain the system we live on, so they hided, manipulated history, so this thing to be unknown/hidden.. Just consider your self, why there is so much darkness in all history of the past, everything from 3-4000bc and back, is a myth, why they created myths. To hide the truth.

Also its hard to describe with in nowadays, how is it possible our humanity to be constructed, under an evil alien race constitution - system. Its hard for humans to understand and believe.
In the Egyptian and old Alexandria library, they found a pack of 13 leather-papyrus books, they are all Greek written and they are known as Nag Hamadi books (because they found them there).

Before I write anything about these books, you have to understand that the word Gnosis or the ancient Gnostics, has nothing to do with religions, religions manipulate today the word for their own texts. Gnosis in ancient greece is "understanding" " knowledge".
The ones who carried this knowledge, worked and hided inside the crowds, their identities were hidden and their social level in societies may vary (it didn't matter, if you are a fisherman or the president of a star system), it was warriors of light, the so called "telestes" executors / of an action / a mission. They also had different names among them, but different names in their everyday lives. So nobody knowed them.

An example is Asklipios was a telestis and all doctors know asklipios because of the oath. Thats how the snake appears today in medicine! You will understand why bellow in part-3.

The books teaching us, that the archons, live among humans. Its about beings that dont live in the energetic world, the physical world or the world of the living beings. Its entities without physical bodies, or in other words they dont have a body in the 3rd dimension (but in higher densities). Archons are parasites of the universe and they live in very low vibrations of living energy, all in all the in the negative forms of energy. An example is Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) studied the energies of life and he concluded that there are negatives and positive vibrations/ energies.

And humans as we live today, we live inside their energy prisons. To make you understand it better : We humans have animals as a food resources, its the same thing with humans and archons. Humans live inside a cattle farm.
During the pass of the years (millenniums) archons, have improved the way they extract the negative energy from humans, that's why humans today they live inside a bubble of negative events, repeatable events, feelings, actions and criminal acts against each other.
The system we live on is constructed by them and given to their puppets/agents to promote it into humanity. Politics, religions, democracy, medicine (for bad purpose), technology, music, movies, everything!

To be continued in part two, later on this day... Because I have to write them and I am dyslexic.
I will bring you 3 parts of this kind of stories and knowledge and in times I will bring more. I will post them as part 1 - part 2 - part 3 and so on (and as I said, these things are part of an article series that analyze the books of Gnostics) I will also add some of my knowledge if you allow me. I didnt translated the article as it is, I gave you the essense of it. To be easier to understand, ofcourse if you wish the links I can give them to you.
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posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

Very well written and this is a topic I have been interested in for years. I will wait to comment properly until I have read the other parts.

posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 10:22 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

Like! but for some reason (maybe because i dont comment much) i cant flag posts.
Anyway, ill sure subscribe and star.

posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

What about reincarnation some Gnostic groups believe reincarnation was imposed by the archons.

posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 08:23 PM
Prologue :

The Dementor in the Harry Potter movies, present them! The energy suckers who attack the heroes of your children and the movie therefore teaches your children that witchcraft is a path to fight them! The director does not know, the producer and the founders knows. You know what your children watch??????

Part - 2 - Part 2 describes what are the archons.

The writings of Nag Hammadi, describing the invasion of Archons, as a kind of a virus. The explanation is simple. The books speaking about the possibility of the archons, to repeat exactly the same reality, to make it a double, a manipulated one. More specifically on the issue, "them" and therefore their puppets (media, politicians, etc) they are envious/heinous and they like to make us adopt their truth until it becomes ours. (examples to understand it) An example is advertisements, we buy what they tell us, a different example is for the Christians and those who oppose implementation of chips under the skin, they implementing chips into animals and humans got used to it, they gave you mobiles that everybody accepts, that he is monitored, they give you tv's with online webcams, they give you terrorism and at the end, their truth, becomes yours. That is 2 examples and if we search other sections, we will find always the same thing - 2 realities.

In the old times Archons used different ways to suck negative energy from the humans. For centuries during the ages of kings and Marries, the concessionaires of the throne (prince) always even if they where family, they killed each other, or they did great harm, so they can secure the crowns for them, so the royal families, always acted with a negative way. Also crusaders, in the name of their holy gods, they cut throats, slated entire cities, steal, lie, envy, heinous. all religions are split in 2 but its the same and look what happens. It is always 2 realities. Their one world government, if its not one 1 country it will be another (tweaked), but its the same! So people dont fighting against their enemy truth, they fighting not to be the oposite country, even if all humans will be enslaved at the end. So, many people accepted "their" reallity, they are not fighting for their freedom, but for them.

The texts of the Nag Hammadi explain to us that the archons have a kind of envy or jealousy developed for people, because people have something that they do not possess. That is a soul. We are immortals from the true gods the ancient gods that these, will never be able to get and be...(I will explain in a different text why they can't).
It is said, that their hatred, is the feelings of the people that have Love - also derivatives, such as compassion and unconditional love and forgiveness for others. The Archons prefer violence, aggression, hate, death and war, and so they are fed by the negative harvest of this behavior and the manifestation of these events. They live by the energy of death of people and control the events that led to wars and lead us into a continues oblivion... Does it seem familiar with some of the world events that happens in nowadays????

Lets take for example the wars, the "terrorism" - these are their fast food, something that is constant and for a long time, it stops called a war, is not considered a war, humans live their daily routine, they know what's going on, but it's a reality, a second truth, people accepted it.. As I said previously, they improved the methods, that they can get what they want. Is their reality inside ours.

And as long as we support them, as long as we are the "cow milk" for them, we are in our reality and nothing is fake. They know after so many thousands of years exactly how to play with us and to reap what they need.

To ensure the production of their 'food' and in order to optimize us, these parasitic entities have long been making agreements with some families or ancient tribes(race), in exchange for power and material wealth. Thus, these are the known as our bankers - corps - politicians, etc. And that happened because that race (those families) always wanted to capture and enslave the free people forever. So the Archons gave them, their reality inside theirs.

Today, Archons are 'fed', particularly with the continues wars and use of addiction of people who are addicted to television or computer games and or other technological gadgets - technology used in a bad way, drugs, etc. It is the "staple food", but the main meals are the evils of sexual abuse of children. The elite, bankers, politicians, royal families, judges continue to sacrifice in the year 2014, children for their gods in underground societies and cults. How many children are missing in a yearly bases and never found?

In the texts of the Nag Hammadi - Gnostics tried to teach us and warn us about the Archons. The texts discribe, that when these entities transfer their form into our physical reality (3rd dimension), they look like reptiles with scales, or amoebas and entities with very large black eye and that sounds like the today aliens our governments are sold to. There are sculptures and drawings left for us, by our ancestors. There are also many people who have seen these entities or evil ancient alien race. The writings of Nag Hammadi wanted to warn us about these creatures. Shamans and sorcerers told us a lot about Voladores, the floating entities that keep us as chickens in a poultry house.

In the next part is a different section - who are the Telestes (the warriors of light) but I will make a small prologue, with some different references, about after life and what these abominations are doing to enslave souls - according with the gnostics books.
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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 12:36 PM

originally posted by: Ploutonas
They live by the energy of death of people and control the events that led to wars and lead us into a continues oblivion... Does it seem familiar with some of the world events that happens in nowadays????

Yes. Seems too familiar.

Very interesting thread. Looking forward to the third part and any extra insights you may have.

posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 09:03 PM
part - 3
The Archons among us ...

The Nag Hammadi texts describe the Archons to look like reptiles, while others resemble as embryos. As is the format of an unborn baby with gray skin and dark, non-moving eyes. The archons can therefore penetrate the human energy body and then guide them according to their plan. With active integration can bring people in a condition to do unexpected things. (mind control, or possession)
They mimic life conjure reality and "culture", so they can create chaos. There was a time, according to these writings, that the Gnostics were able to imprison the archons! But suddenly, without becoming clear in the texts, were set free again (Its like the fairytales with a gini in the bottle)

So according to the above, in the physical world we have those archons, who have incarnated as humans, and we have those whose soul is constantly hungry (organic portals) as simple people. Both types of "people" are psychopaths. From the beginning of the history of the world (we do not know exactly when) psychopaths played the role of bosses of naive innocent people (with soul) and forcing these psychopaths, (found at all levels of society) to fool humans with their vote and their faith (eg example, the Roman Catholic church and the Pope) that better days will come after the election. So people elect them and them after they get elected, hiring more of their kind into governmental or high rank positions, so they take over an entire country or planet and destroying it, like a locust.

(According to the author of the article, one part of them is Jesuits and its known that people like : IMF, Pope, politicians, etc are Jesuits, all of them). Jesuits are the ones who created several cults, combined with Gnostics knowledge and this must be avoided. Also according to the articles, these (psychopaths as presented) destroyed the libraries of Alexandria and Gnostics are the ones who filed them with books - and with the stolen goods and the knowledge they got, they formed the cult of Jesuits (after the age of christ)

But their knowledge is manipulated, kept only the knowledge to act power over people, destroyed the rest (how to destroy archons).

With the knowledge of almost two thousand years, the age of the Gnostic writings, teaches us that we are part of the intensive cultivation of man from the archons. It is a reality that we can draw many conclusions that hurt. As forage plants are becoming more efficient at producing meat, thus people living on top of one another in buildings (blocks) abandoning their country side and their villages, moving into major cities around the world to be "milked" best. We are the energy battery.
Releasing us is simple but ....

The solution to liberate us from psychopaths plaguing our planet is in theory very simple. Let them die in "hunger" if they are not fed with the negative emotional energies of our lives. It is so logical and simple, but then again so difficult to achieve, because we come into "conflict" with the deepest scheduled desires, our fears and other feelings from our childhood have to be trained when we get born (from our parents, schools. To be parrots! To be obedient ..... How about the constructed agony and despair of man amid the daily struggle of survival? Or the drama immersion finding money to pay their bills they forcing us.

And yet we can stop them only with one real goal of life, which ye say Love. We can fight them through courage and love. These entities have no influence over the courageous people when it comes to courage that comes from deep within the heart of man.

The information bellow is mine : We also know in our books beyond the Gnostics books, that when Nemesis comes (punishment from the gods) only the brave and the pure people allowed to move on, the rest dies.
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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 09:06 PM
Some information about after death (this article does not belong to the series of articles, its from a different article).

The world is controlled by malevolent entities, the gnostics called them Archons. The Archons use Earths inhabitants and resources. They steal the power/life-force of the life forms on Earth and rape the world of its natural resources. Their control platform is Saturn and the moon. They operate from Saturn sending blocking waves that are picked up and transmitted by the moon to Earth. The rings of Saturn are known to emit music or sound which is a frequency wave sent toward earth. This is used to control us and keep their power structure. They operate from the physical world and the spiritual. They have a hierarchy with specific duties to keep the Earth farm going.

Personal comment here : According to G.H.REES since 1997 or so, archons lost control of Saturn, thus this is why the globalists make a race competition to fulfill their plans as soon as possible, or else they know, they are all dead. According to them, the telestes have arrived in our solar system and now they are under control of the 4 external planets of our solar system. And all placed arround the sun in the trajectory of Saturn. Thats why Nasa and other space research labs, announced more than 40+ new moons around Saturn from 2002-2008 and more than 30+ new moons around Jupiter. Jupiter is considered as an archon inhibited planet... Maybe it is also related with humans start rebelling! But archons, creating controllable riots, by adding agents to influence the masses, instead of allowing humans to express themselves and fight them back.

They try to control us physically and spiritually. When people die the archons try to lure them and catch them, reprogram them, and send them back to Earth. Then the individual is born as a baby with memory erased. This is the reason most cant remember their past life. The light people see in ndes is used to lure them to the soul catcher on the moon to get their power/energy taken, reprogrammed and sent back to Earth to be milked/used as a battery.
The reprogramming/etheric implants of the archons is called the «veil of forgetfulness». This knowledge was known by the gnostics. The gnostics mentioned that when people die the archons erase their past memory and send them back to earth. This is how the Archons/TPTB stay in power and feed on the ignorant cattle that dont know their true nature and potential.

An important point I want to make is that people should not go to the light they see after they leave their bodies. Many people claim in nde's they see beautiful light and loved ones religious figures etc. This is an illusion used to lure the person. The gnostics mentioned that the archons put illusions in people's minds to get them into the trap. These illusions can include loved ones, religious figures or even fearful things. Its like the light machines we have to attract fly's and mosquitoes. Once you go there, your gone...

The reason for these is to make the person submit. People that have claimed to have been abducted by reptilians and greys claim they had illusions placed into their mind, for example making them think they are on a mountain or with a friend or loved one. This is identical to what the gnostics said about the archons putting illusions into peoples minds.

Going to the light means you are putting trust and surrendering to something outside yourself. Going to the light is like a bug going to a lighbulb then getting zapped. You are supposed to be the «light» radiating outward. Our religions program the ignorant masses to depend on things outside themselves instead of looking within, is what they teach us from the day we get born as stated above. The problem is most people/ignorant cattle like to follow the leader and be told what to believe. People need to use their own intuition instead of depending on others.
Personal comment here : We are star entities, we shouldn't see tunnels...

The link above is from NASA, there is an strange object looks like a bat.. lol Just adding some atmosphere..
Anyway, I own you info about Telestes and I will add some info from us, ways to defend in after life.
Also the parts of this series of articles are not over, there will be many, I may delay a bit to add part 4, but I will every 1-2 weeks add a new part of it. And sorry for the delay, I always have to read them allot, study them, also translate them, fix them, add some comments, also avoid any texts speaking about gnostics, but actually are religious ones...
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posted on Jul, 10 2014 @ 11:18 PM

originally posted by: Ploutonas
part - 3

And yet we can stop them only with one real goal of life, which ye say Love. We can fight them through courage and love. These entities have no influence over the courageous people when it comes to courage that comes from deep within the heart of man.

I've been intrigued by your words, however true they may be. Your third post was comforting somehow.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 03:02 PM
this link should be a topic for itself, you can post it, but heres a proof of what is said... if its real

And its creepy, u see a dead woman portrait selfie with a snake... You see how they manipulate? Now they even send you selfies! Maybe because NASA added wifi to the moon (lol). link

As long as children and adults, get more addicted in violence in video games, internet interaction, selfie program (selfie addiction), parents must be extra careful about their children.
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posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

All I know about Archon, is that it's a really great game - the Commodore 64-version is the best (though the Atari 800-version is pretty good, it's just so lacking in the obstacles - they are too samey and too big - and the missing outline around the pieces makes everyone seem like ghosts).

I recommend it. It's like chess where you can actually affect what the end result of a battle will be, even if it's a 'superior' piece.. at least you get to fight instead of just simply surrendering the piece, like in chess!

posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 04:54 AM
a very interesting video, from a movie with hidden messages from all these texts.

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posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 05:23 AM
Thanks for the info! This all is very fascinating and I would like to read more about original text of the Nag Hammadi.
Do you maybe have any links?

posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 06:06 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

all the texts we got, are copies from the originals and there is no insurance for their originality, meaning, nobody knows if these texts have been manipulated or not.

The Gnostic texts, totally debunks the biblical relation of Jesus. As you may know, they brought dark age, in order to bring on track, their agenda... to force persuade Judaism inside christianism. Because there was a HUGE wave and expanded rapidly. That is also why, they burn and destroyed all texts and many Christians in my country, DONT believe even in the name jesus. They unite the existence/reference of Jesus, with Apollonius. Its 2 entities, 2 personalities, that lived int he same age/era... both have the same teachings (love, research, light). The difference between Apollonius and Jesus...

There are many historians who referred to Apollonius. But there is none about Jesus. Only 1 Egyptian reference written at 70ac. Apollonius was like jesus life, but he teach humans how to fight those abominations, how to progress and how to escape from the prison, how to kill you call "demons", etc, he did heal the sick and ressurected the dead, etc.. That means, its not that "jesus" never existed, but existed with a different name, even teachings, or manner. Even if Christianity kept, some of the originality, they lead humans into dragons mouth with sabaoth, who originally is Kronos or Saturn (the one who fall, the rebel) and the snake. Thats what they try to do today, is to destroy that left over of originality. I support christians because nobody says " praise yah, praise sabaoth... everybody is linked with the cross and jesus, that jesus as an entity/energy is more like Apollonius).

take notice that Apollonius is not Apollo, Apollonius was his name. Many believed that he was a reincarnation of Apollo.
So dont expect to find lots about Gnosticism books out there, because it debunks Judaism with Christianity and that would destroy the church.

I will give you a link to read a very interesting text and there are references, where to search and find some translated texts from Gnostics. (look at the end, there are references).

And for those who dont know, Gnosticism is the original Christianity, through Gnostics, Christianity was born. But dark ages, combined the left over's of Christianity with Judaism. To make people believe that YAHbeh and SABAOTH (both abominations) are the gods. I could also give you some references about Apollonius from real ancient historians, not gospells, youre going to be surprised. But it has nothing to do with judaism.

As for Christianity, lets take as an example the gospel of Magdalena. They burned it and made called it bad and against. Because that gospel spoke about reincarnation and the process. They named her prostitute, because thats what mongoloid race does and behave to women and they buried it. And if you read the texts above, its actually references from the texts, it speaks about reincarnation. What happened is, after they start killing, burning and executing humans at that age, in order to destroy all knowledge, the name jesus popped up, just to code and save some of the teachings, because dark ages lasted few centuries. When they felt it was safe...


ps: and some info, the gnostic texts they found arround 1947, are not original texts, its a copy from the originals, somebody made a copy and barried it.
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posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 07:00 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

It's always pretty fascinating how a few overly phantastic conclusions can end in bombastic illusions like this.
I started reading and was thinking, "well maybe okay, metaphorically speaking, could be..." and then bam!

Let's go back to what we maybe can agree on as facts. There are some strange similiarities hinting towards an alien contact. What is alien? Something that alienates you, feels foreign, different, strange etc. Old souls, connections to a yet to be discovered hive-mind, in fact other telepathical beings, but from a different perspective, empaths picking up on all the floating psy-screams of our fellow with-Earthling, but feel alien because they are animals. But how, you'd just know it is this or that, is beyond me. Got any valid sources or facts to support your theory?
And besides that, of course religious texts have been "manipulated", it is a written text=>fiction, if you want to learn something from it, you need context. Will say: who wrote it, when, why and who was the target crowd? But that's no excuse to make a fantastic xenophobia feeding pseudo-science story out of uncomfirmed facts and your wild conclusion from the wrong interpretations you draw from there.

to lure them to the soul catcher on the moon to get their power/energy taken, reprogrammed and sent back to Earth to be milked/used as a battery.
Pathetic, really. And very dangerous and damaging to those who want to leave the dark ages behind and finally find out the truth. What you could have stated is: "Gnostic knowledge comes from the greek word knowing." But behind that you do nothing but speculating with no basis but a few hints in written texts. How is that a knowing? You know nothing. What gnostics maybe knew is exactly that: our mind is a powerful instrument, properly tuned and played it is capable of miraculous things. Alienating to those profoundly groundet in reality and due to late philosophical and scientific advances we became a very realistic society, but never the less: Not all of us are. Not every technocrat is a born realist and not every spiritist is empathic. What you do is to put more wrong and off-putting flavours in an already tainted kettle.

posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 07:17 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: Ploutonas

to lure them to the soul catcher on the moon to get their power/energy taken, reprogrammed and sent back to Earth to be milked/used as a battery.
Pathetic, really. And very dangerous and damaging to those who want to leave the dark ages behind and finally find out the truth. What you could have stated is: "Gnostic knowledge comes from the greek word knowing." .

It is not at all, you actually call that as dark age, but without sharing your belief, so we all understand, your bases. As I said, these are not my texts, I translated them. Its actually references from those who read these texts.

It is very clear to the entire world actually, what is been promoted today and while we speak about progress, we also speak about about chosen's, secret cults and teams, (massons, illuminate, skull and bones, etc) who are religious fanatics to their false gods and they actually rulling this modern era? False gods that pointing into robbery, death and even planetoid departures. So this is not actually dark age, this some info from forgotten knowledge, the opposite experience from what we live on today. Because today, we live in a wrapped modern era, but inside it, it stinks with false symbols, religions, etc.

So could you please share with us, what you believe, what's your bases? What is not dark age for you? This knowledge actually answers for what is going on. It was not a religion, it become a religion.

Are you an atheist? Controlled by relligius fatatics? This knowledge does not speak about relligions. It even gives knowledge what to do in the other side, in order to avoid the things that may try to trap you. I havent wrote this parts, in the texts. Because even if I did, you wouldnt understand. But you should know, if you are an atheist, is because thats what the religius fanatics want you to believe
. So lets try to translate, what is dark age?

Lets take all today relligions that try to speak about aliens. They think how to convert them and baptise them, even if "god" never spoke about them. Let me tell you this, in order to believe in the real GOD, you should know what GOD is. And GOD is the entire cosmos/universe. That is also why, we have modern religions that promote these, such as scientology and that is very dangerous paths. Because they promote the bad entities, archons, demons for you, as the aliens and creationism. Thats more dangerous paths than believing in Buddha or Allah, or anything else.
In my country religions created after the destruction and cataclysmic event, in order for these abominations to promote their agenda and force humans praise them as gods. Even the 12 gods religion is fake. The names are real, but the protagonists is something else and the stories behind it. Because we do have references, that our gods departed about 9000bc and gods is different meaning from GOD. We have different meanings for it. And why I tell you these? Because I believe gnosticism is based on that.
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posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

hello plutonas
i have the revised and updated translations of the nag hammadi scriptures by marvin meyer.
it is by far (for now) the most fascinating read i have set my eyes on. labelled 'heresy' by the early
christian leaders, some monks decided the codices were too valuable to destroy and buried them in a jar
by the mountain.

'the discovery of the nag hammadi library took place in about december 1945, when several egyptian fellahin,
including muhammed ali, his brothers khalifah ali and abu al-magd and others, were riding their camels
to the jabal al-tarif(mountain a few kilometers from nag hammadi flanking the river nile) in order to
gather sabakh, a natural fertilizer that typically accumulates around there.'
from the nag hammadi, introduction.

i look forward to reading your ideas on the matter and will consult if required. i've had the scriptures for four
years now with regular reading.
best wishes fakedirt

btw what is your take on 'the wisdom of jesus christ (or the sophia of jesus christ) is the fourth tractate
of nag hammadi codex 111?

posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 08:27 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

My belief doesn't matter, because I try to talk facts. But if you really want to know, hereThat's the whole point stop drawing weird conclusions. But with this:

It is very clear to the entire world actually, what is been promoted today and while we speak about progress, we also speak about about chosen's, secret cults and teams, (massons, illuminate, skull and bones, etc) who are religious fanatics to their false gods and they actually rulling this modern era? False gods that pointing into robbery, death and even planetoid departures.
it just gets further and further from any proven facts.

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posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 08:31 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas

Possibly these Archons are Boltzmann Brains that feed off our negative emotions? If so i imagine there are also Boltzmann Brains the feed off our positive emotions. Possibly we are even Boltzmann Brains given the statistical lightly hood.

"Boltzmann brain is a hypothesized self aware entity which arises due to random fluctuations out of a state of chaos. The idea is named for the physicist Ludwig Boltzmann (1844–1906), who advanced an idea that the Universe is observed to be in a highly improbable non-equilibrium state because only when such states randomly occur can brains exist to be aware of the Universe."

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posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 02:56 PM
a reply to: andy06shake

that is actually the so called organic portals, google it. If you read the translated into english texts, it says, in a point they start to reincarnate among us and due to the luck of soul, emotions, they copycat emotions and the end result is they look very fake and drain others. These humans normally love to be the center of attention, they demonstrate their power, they look like dolls, pretty but thats what they are designed to be... to maintain the system/matrix, for example I may write these things to inform others and some people may start bullying to make me stop. Even if we stop reading Gnostics, you find the same things into other researches and stuff. If you google it, you will learn about them "organic portals". Organic portals is exactly it says here, about reincarnated archons.

I also had a seminar today about bullying and if you read bully psychological profile, is exactly that thing and their victims are the ones who are drained.

so even without gnostics, humans into our age/era, came into the same conclusions.

@peeple from what I ve read in ur topic (I didnt read it all, because its a long read and I am dyslexic), you trying to debunk by "philosophizing" human need of the divine, the easy victim "jesus" "the boat of the religions sink" "about symbols", you ment the cross? well. Its the actually opposite from what a philosopher would do. You see, philosophy died long ago, there in no such philophers for millennia's now. Philosophers were capable of calculating and explaining, "how" the soul is attaching into the body and how the soul moves while the body that is attached on, is in motion.. Philosophy is not earned by taking a class in a university, is knowledge from the unknown, they study till they die and they still feel they know nothing, philosophy in ancient years was a title before you be come a demon. You are an ANTI-philosopher
(or at least you try to anti-philosophize)

Demon or DAIMONA is actually a honorable title. Devine title, above humans, not the today meaning. Because they took most of our worlds and they reversed their meanings. That is why, I also call them "abominations", you will never see me call them demons. So explain me, what is dark age? We live in an age, that even the bad, we gave it honorable titles. The vise verse from what the actual ancient world was. The word DAIMONA was equal to the meaning of FATE, divine. It still is, but you call demons the wrong ones.. lol
As for the symbols, I could help you with that, if you want to. I could explain you the cross, the pentagram, the moon, the stars. All these symbols are so easy to learn and understand and there is no complications on them, but they do have deeper meanings.

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