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A Child Of The ’80s Grapples With The Failures Of The ‘War On Drugs’

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posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 11:50 PM

War has been declared on the “war on drugs.” Not by violent cartels but by economists, public health workers, human rights advocates and others who believe that punitive, blanket prohibition is not only failing but has done enormous harm. Thousands took to the streets of more than 100 cities across the globe today, “reclaiming” the United Nations' International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by protesting the fallout of the drug war, from health crises to mass incarceration.

I had not heard anything about this protest. Anyone hear or see anything?

No one is arguing the devastating effects illicit substances can have, but current efforts to demystify and decriminalize cannabis have fueled a larger discussion about the demands of a world that is nowhere near drug-free. "Decades of evidence conclusively show that the supply and demand for illicit drugs are not something that can be eradicated. They can be managed, either well or badly. They are currently being managed badly," states the London School of Economics report Ending the Drug Wars: Report of the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy. Supported by the Open Society Foundations, the report asserts that despite more and more enforcement spending worldwide, drugs have gotten cheaper and more pure. The authors call for massive redirection of resources toward public health-based policies of harm reduction and treatment, insisting that the war on drugs "has failed based on its own terms."

“I think if we’re open-minded and willing to accept that options other than prohibition should be under discussion, then we will learn something from it. But as things stand, prohibition is sold as the only option, and that dramatically limits how effective we can be,” says Malinowska-Sempruch, who has helped formulate policy at the Global Fund and the World Health Organization and co-authored her native Poland's first national AIDS program. She got into this line of work 20 years ago as an HIV educator, and that experience allowed her to see the drug war—and drug users—from a different side. “I’ve never met a drug user who wants a dirty needle," she says, adding that among them, addicts represent roughly 15 percent.

Emphasis mine. Prohibition doesn't work, and never has. Although the CIA might argue that our badly managed policies are working for them. The High Times Encyclopedia Of Recreational Drugs(sorry, no link as there not one to be had) states that in ancient Egypt there was a law if you were drunk in public you would be executed. Didn't stop anyone then and it doesn't work today. Yet here we are still waging a "war" that cannot be won.

Well, anyway, there's another article to add to the collection. Make of it what you will.

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 11:59 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

People will never stop trying to opress each other in this Age. Its in our fallen nature.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 12:29 AM
From the article

“I’ve never met a drug user who wants a dirty needle," she says, adding that among them, addicts represent roughly 15 percent.

Off and on during parts of my life, I was sent to go live with my mom the drug addict. Her house was always filled with fellow tweakers and junkies. Let me tell you, THEY DID NOT CARE! They never once thought twice about using a dirty needle. They would willingly use a needle they knew was infected if it meant getting their fix. Drugs make you completely apathetic. I saw enough in the few short years I lived with my mom as an early teen to steer clear of all drugs.

The problem with drug addiction is that it doesn't just affect the users but their loved ones and anyone else who happens into their path. Drug addiction make a person incapable of caring about who they hurt. Drugs stole my chance at ever having a relationship with my mom, and by the time they claimed her life I had completely cut her from my life.

The sad thing is people don't realize you are falling into the TPTB's trap they set for you. They know that a drugged populace is less willing to take action for change. By making it forbidden, it becomes all that more enticing. If they told you that you had to take something, you would rebel against it. So instead they use human psychology against the masses and put it behind a locked door to get you to fight for it. Then they slowly allow it, first with medical marijuana then legalization in some state, and the people think they have one this great and glorious victory!

You have been played! You didn't win anything they didn't want you to have in the first place. They did it this way to give you an illusion of still having some rights and power, but you don't, can't you see they want you doped up. If they can't get to you through the pharmaceutical industry they will get to you by forbidding you to have it.

Congratulations on giving TPTB exactly what they want, an easier to control populace who have the illusion that they are "fighting against the man" who will be too stoned to revolt or even pay attention while they strip you of more of your freedoms.
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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 01:08 AM
a reply to: calstorm

Cal, look. I'm truly sorry you were stuck with a sh***y parent in this life, really I am. No kid deserves that crap. But everything you just said also applies to alcoholics. You've got plenty of kids-of-addicts company if you include them, they get the same short straw in the family life. I grew up with a couple of kids of alcoholic parents, and my sister-in-law's were, too. Their parents pulled the park-at-a-bar-all-night-til-closing stints regularly growing up, they had a bottle in their hands 24/7 at home, they had their parents' & parents' "friends" keep them up all night drinking, they dealt with plastered mom and/or dad just as often as a junkie's kid deals with a high parent.

And yet, alcohol is legal. Shouldn't your comment of giving the gov what they want, citizens in a stupor, apply to them as well? High is high and plastered is plastered. So why is one extreme usage ok while the other isn't?

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 01:38 AM
a reply to: Nyiah

So why is one extreme usage ok while the other isn't?

It's not by any means! And the damaging effects aren't any different. If you have read any of my posts lately I lost my beautiful babies because their father choose to get behind the wheel while drunk.

The difference is that the government doesn't need to create a desire to get people to drink, it is such an accepted thing. The average person drinks. When they made drugs illegal the average person was not a user.

My post started off as a rebuttal to the comment in the article about being not wanting to use dirty needles, it just sort of took off from there.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 01:51 AM
a reply to: calstorm

If, as she says, the policies are managed badly, then do you think maybe we could do better? If so, then legalizing a plant - not a man made chemical - whose history has shown it to be almost entirely harmless and has many more uses beyond getting high or as medicine might be a start in getting things right? Just look at all the uses of hemp, how easy it is to grow, etc.

Do you think maybe that some of those policies hurt your mother in that the conversation is always DRUGS BAD!!!! and never gets to any reasons why a particular person does anything? Treatment, at least as far as I know it in todays world, is useless. Ridiculous twelve step programs designed for you to fail. Did the system ever help your mother? They do offer jail as "treatment" and "rehabilitation" but we all know that doesn't do any of that.

Do you think the war on drugs has mitigated any of the problems associated with drugs or has it made it worse?

Do you think we should just bury our heads in the sands or cover our ears and yell LA lA LA anytime the subject of drugs come up and that we should just jail everyone who ever does any drug, ever? I ask this last question because I believe that is what you are saying. I'm reading between your lines, I realize, but you don't seem to have any wiggle room due to what you have been through. I don't think that attitude has helped the situation at all.

I ask these questions seriously. There's no sarcasm implied in any of those questions.

ETA: Saw your next post and forgot to ask this one:

DO you think people would not use dirty needles if they had a choice? That ties into my questions about the system and if it helps or hurts the people it is supposed to. If it's so hard to get clean needles then you use what you have, right?

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:19 AM
I won't argue the fact that hemp has many great uses. I'll give credit where credit is due. but hemp and the marijuana that is breed for it's high THC content is completely different. In fact, I will even go as far as to say marijuana does have medicinal value, so does opium, but it needs to be under the supervision of a dr. who can monitor the the amount and watch for signs of abuse. (notice, I didn't say government)

As for my mother, she got hooked on drugs in the 60's in the Los Angeles area where drug use was not condemned but encouraged as a way to open your mind, especially by college professors. My mother never got in trouble for drugs, she was enabled in her addiction by everyone in her life, until I got old enough to she what was going on. She was enabled in her reckless behavior as most drug addicts are. Also, the drug culture makes going to jail or prison as a status symbol. I feel the status placed on jail is just another method of enabling.

My solution is that societal attitudes have to change. That is the only way to really correct the problem. A culture that shuns reckless and harmful behavior is less likely to produce abusers. It won't eliminate it completely, but if engaging in drug use means that you aren't accepted by your peers, and it is considered "uncool" to use drugs, then one is more likely to be deterred.

I hope the last paragraph makes sense, I am falling asleep at the keyboard and it is time to say goodnight, but anxious to hear your reply.

Edit before I crash: The point I was trying to make was that the drugs made them too apathetic to care. You could have a clean and dirty needle sitting in front of them, and unless they were stone cold sober with out any symptoms of detox (aka: newer users not yet wrapped up in addiction) they just wouldn't care, they would grab whichever without a second thought. For those who are just trying IV drug use for the first time or haven't been using long enough to have reach the truly addicted state it would matter to them. However, those who are completely immersed in addiction, couldn't care less.

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: calstorm

5000 years of human history argue your point but I live in WA and its opening day (if you know what i mean).

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:34 AM
a reply to: calstorm

OK, I get it. No wiggle room. Every drug user should be in prison or dead, or shunned to use your word - the Scarlet Letter method of justice?

It's always been "uncool". That also never stopped anyone. I've also never thought of going to jail/prison as a way to build up status. I loathe the place.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

Avoiding modern American prejudices and viewing it from a historicl perspective reveals that much of our need to "GET HIGH" is more deeply tied to our primal being and need to connect with the divine. Much like religion itself it answers a longing we have buried deep within.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:56 AM
"I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet to help speed up and facilitate our evolution."
-Bill Hicks

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: Thorneblood

You'll have to elaborate. I don't see the connection to what I wrote.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 08:02 AM
Grandma and Grandpa were lied to,Mom and Dad were lied to and YOU are being lied to and your CHILDREN and THEIR CHILDREN will also be lied to if YOU do not continue forcing truths to the surface as you are doing now.

The War on Drugs was a manipulation of the Global population by an organised Cabal which also controls Economics and monetary machinations Globally,Medicine,Science,you name it the same few people run it all.

The War on drugs was simply one of MANY con-jobs used to screw the Global population.

Of course it is good to stop things which harm society and its members,however Natural drugs like MJ and Opiates have incredible health benefits which TPTB do NOT want you to ever know about or fully understand.

Pay atention to the areas where EDUCATION has been suppressed or intentionally misdirected,it is much easier to discover the real dynamics that way.The SAME CON-JOBS and tactics are used in every sector.They all run paralell.

Your Generation and MANY before them have every right to be rebelliously angry,the problem is that no one knows WHO to direct their anger at,so YOU need to do some research and learn WHO HAS MADE MONEY off of the incredible epic pimping out of Global Humanity we have all been witness to for Centuries.

DO NOT blame your Government,leave them till LAST on your list,look to the people who earned the money and WHO CONTROL THE GOVERNMENTS----- do not simply blame the governments or we blame EACH OTHER BY PROXY and this is what TPTB want us to do..spin our wheels ,the wicked webs they have weaved have all been uncovered by the Kids of today who think differently than their parents.Kids who are PREPARED NATURALLY to approach things from a different perspective than the Generations before them.Use the internet,LOOK for the Wealth Familys who ARE RESPONSIBLE 100% for this destruction of Global Proportions.

What you need to do is trust yourself and your common sense MORE than the information pushed down your throat.Consider that EVERYTHING you have learned is to some degree screwed with and BUILD YOUR OWN PRIMARY DATA-BASE,make sure you EDIT EVERYTHING,becsue NOTHING is untainted,Science,Religon,Government,Industry,Medicine,ALL OF IT is tainted by this Global Cabals influences,your generations jobs are to uncover and disable then de-construct these Families economic powerbases,one by one ,with specific intentions you need to out and disenfranchise these entities,COMPLETETLY.They refuse to give your generation the truths they hold,so they must ALL be treated the same as opposition to Humanitys path.

Do NOT remain prisoners to the same system which intentionally forced your grandparents and Parents to DIE IGNORANT of Humanitys true knowledge and capabilitys,these beestards made your Familiys die WORRIED,they did not allow them to pass with HOPE for the future on their minds,they FORCED everyone to die believing there was not much hope on the horizon,for this alone,NEVER FORGET AND NEVER FORGIVE.

I am afraid that the generations to come have an epic battle on their hands to force TPTB to RELEASE TRUE DATA TO HUMANITY ,but I am glad to say that these Kids are PREPARED to WIN where those before them were not so prepared.

The path to victory for Humanity through the generations to come will be forged upon DISBELIEF and a REFUSAL TO ACCEPT STATUS QUOS.

Humanitys currently accepted and endorsed history MUST BE disenfranchised completely,not piece-meal,but in totality,and those GUILTY of Crimes Against Humanity actioned in the form of INTENTIONAL SUPPRESSION OF DATA AND KNOWLEDGE with or without fiscal gain as a Prinmary Driver,we dont care if it was Money or False Gods who catalysed the deciets .....the people responsible MUST BE NAMED AND SHAMED.... there is no other acceptable end to this condition we are all living under.Examples must be set which will outlast the impacts we have witnessed bringing Humanity to its knees,a POWERFULL HUMANITARIAN STATEMENT NEEDS TO BE MADE GLOBALLY.

It all starts with just one question ,as soon as you choose to take a stand and dig below the surface deeper than the status quo goes to find the TRUEST andswers you will begin to become a part of the SOLUTION that all of Humanity needs.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

You are wayyy off base.

ALL DISEASES have NATURAL CURES we can find in Nature.



Get that?

Sciences have invented NOTHNG, not one single drug has ever been invented which is not available in its purest most natural form in nature,NOTHING is better than Natural Cures.

Execute people who are involved in drugs?Are you starting with BIG PHARMA because they are the only drug pushers on this planet.

Execute those making money off of the drug transactions and the problem is solved,track the money to its destinations and the issue is over.Searching for and prosecuting the victims is not progressive,and we all know it,punative measures do not solve anything,so GO TO THE MONEY .

And NO,the Kid wearing fancy clothes and a gold chain IS NOT THE PERSON WITH THE MONEY,he is the popcorn trail to the real crininals,and you know exactly who those people are,THEY ARE YOU...... it is the idiots who simply follow the status quo who enable this dynamic to continue unabated.

But YOU already know this,this is why you are on ATS.

FYI...... every single person taking a prescription drug manufactured in a laboratory is a drug user,and because those drugs were intentionally created using nature as a template,they are IMITATIONS of the real thing,they are KNOCK-OFFS,you are having drugs PUSHED on you which are NOT NATURAL AND ARE KNOWINGLY LESS EFFECTIVE than the natural cures the pharmaceuticals were designed to imitate.

Mj taken in oral doses kills parasites which KILL US ALL,and any doctor who is honest and does his own research will easily discover this.

Apricot seeds,and Black Walnut Husks,and Indian Sweat Lodges,and Fasting,ALL kill different stages of these parasites,there are MANY ways to improve our own health dramaticlly using only natural cures.

There are LAWS preventing us from doing this,right there the buck stops and your blustering about justice and executions sound like rhetoric,and silly.

People are not stupid any more,and being intentionally underinformed and ignorant of available data is NO EXCUSE,so educate yourself,your perspective is outdated.

Stop yelling,execute!!, most people who have computers now know how screwed up the legal and justice systems are and how intertwined with TPTB abd corrupt people and institutions they happen to be,stop fear mongering and start targeting the real catalysts of Humanitys problems,look in the mirror and see what you are supporting before you yell fire.

NO ONE is jumping on the old BANDWAGON anymore,capiche??? No One will run to your calls, times are changeing quickly.

People want the heads of the snakes now,not the victims, people want the MONEY MONGERS NOW,and there is no escape,and people who simply push the current status quo and scream for executions and spout the party line,NO LONGER GET HEARD.

No one is focused upon the low level victims anymore,ha ha ha, everyone knows there are a small number of Families running the Global economy and they also know WHO THEY ARE AND HOW THEY DO IT.

People want to REALLY CURE the problems and that means following the money to its end point, ,not supporting the artificially established and maintained crooked status quo,even if the rallying cry of that outdated perspective is execute the druggies,ha ha ha,forget it we are not that stupid anymore.

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 08:42 AM
a reply to: calstorm

Not a drug user here. Just to be clear.

I support the legalization of pot. 100%.

Why? Simple economics. Take money out of the international cartels banks. If that money is kept in circulation and fueling the US economy, it's a boon.

Will some people be high and lethargic? Probably. Doesn't mean they all will. It also doesn't mean they will all become addicts.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: kelbtalfenek

Excellent post,do not worry about MJ being addictive,it is not,and you cannot over-dose on it and kill yourself either.

I am more addicted to my morning coffee and its Caffine, or Alcohol, or Nicotine than anyone ever could be to MJ.

Lets NOT OVERLOOK THAT WE ALL WERE LIED TO ABOUT MARIJUANA IN AN ORGANISED MANNER INTENTIONALLY,and that these same people own and run Big Pharma and other massive fiscal enterprises.

They need to be held accountable for that intentional SUPPRESSION.

It is not enough to have it decriminalised, those behind the historical suppression which intentionnally nearly ruined America and destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Americans need to be named and held accountable.

The job is nowhere near done.

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 09:32 AM
a reply to: one4all

They need to be held accountable for that intentional SUPPRESSION.

It is not enough to have it decriminalised, those behind the historical suppression which intentionnally nearly ruined America and destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Americans need to be named and held accountable.

We can't prosecute "them" for lying to us about Iraq and starting a illegal war so I don't see prosecuting anyone over this as anything more than a pipe dream.

I'm not against it, I just don't see it happening.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 09:35 AM
a reply to: one4all

From another standpoint, the crop itself is sustainable and there are many other products that can be made using the "by products" such as stems and seeds.

I don't know the numbers on this, but I'm sure someone could find them: How many less trees would it require to make hemp paper instead of wood-pulp paper? So if we can save say...1,000 old growth trees, is it worth it?

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

I do see it happening,but it will be actioned by a Child of the 80s or 90s, everyone prior to that time is to brainwashed or fiscally controlled or simply to old to care.

The data base was not available until now to identify and hold accountable Humanitarian Terrorists.

Maybe you arent getting my gist here, Humanitarian Terrorists are the next Global Target which must be actioned upon to ensure Humanitys future path is clear and safe,there is NO OTHER OPTION.

I am a child of the 60s and everyone before and after me up to the 80s me is tainted and rotten to the core no matter what they claim, religon, economic,educational and fiscal class differentiation combined with the culture shock and resulting financial ruin of divorced families paired with the inability of single parents to properly care for and educa the children of divorce which the 60s destruction of the family unit heralded ruined several decades of Humanity, the Baby Boomers were the worst Generation in history,the most selfish ,self-serving,crooked,dishonest,cut-throat generation ever to set foot on the Planet.They enslaved and used their own children and expressed no guilt or remorse,they failed to care for and educate them enmasse and then deprived them of career and economic opportunitys,is was and will always remain sickening.

The Baby Boomers were and are NOTHING LIKE THE GENERATIONS BEFORE THEM WHO PUT THEM IN THE POSITON TO SUCEED FROM BIRTH,the Baby Boomers FAILED to make the world a better place for their children,they let them down,and this allowed the advantages those children SHOULD HAVE HAD PASSED DOWN TO THEM TO BE FRITTERED AWAY.

NO ONE who was born before the 1980s is worth their salt,and these are the people who created the mess we are all in today,and also the ones prolonging it.

The old rotten apples are dieing ,many in my opinion not soon enough,and the MASSIVE VOLUMES of wealth they accumulated and squirreled away ,LITERALLY STOLE from HUMANITY,will be REPATRIATED,simply because their old school wicked web of deciet is falling apart one old body at a time,and because they were ALL CROOKED TO THE CORE AS A GENERATION and because they ARE ALL EQUALLY GUILTY of the path of Humanitarian inequity and destruction they have created the sooner they leave the building the better.

The CHILDREN of the MONEY MONGERS will NEVER inherit the wealth their parents stole from all of us.


Change EVERY OLDE SCHOOL SUPPORT WEB YOU CAN FIND,hunt down olde money and repatriate it back to Humanity where it belongs,and PREVENT new money from ever growing into the anti-Humanitarian evil force we have allowed it to grow into today.

Repair the political system the Baby Boomers artificially structured to screw each other with ,the same system which is still screwing you,all you need to do is create a 100% participaction law enforced REAL-TIME voting system which disenfranchises the many now unneeded levels of Representative Government which is where the cockroaches hide, and your problem is solved,I am not explaining it ,it is to much for here,but mull it over in your head,this single thing can change your entire Country around overnight.

Make it impossible for these rotten old coots to buy your political system by intentionally creating a NON-VOTING MAJORITY,to pave the road for their organised undercutting of the democratic and overall political process by controlling the few who do vote with fiscaal power and influence.

Break the Free Energy Embargo and collapse the powerbase built around the purposefully inefficient methods we use now that are metered and used to control us through sufferage, break the Embargo on medical technology and force change,break the embargo Big Pharma has and ensure future generations know that nature already gives us cures for ALL DISEASES,let history know how many billions were murdered by Big Pharma and its many poisoned and unneeded potients,and how many billions have been sentenced to pending death by their intentionl and murderous addition of chlorine to our drinking water globally in one of two forms.

STOP THE SUPPRESSION OF DATA AND EDUCATION AND RESEARCH,make it a crime against Humanity to carry out research ANYWHERE ON EARTH which is not shared globally.

Find ways to release Humanitys true history and disenfranchise the religous Embargo on Humanitys true and complete history on Earth, teach each other that Oil is PEOPLE and animals and plants and it is NOT millions of years old,it is thousands of years old,let them know we are burning billions of humans in our cars,eating them,and wearing them as clothes and turning them into all kinds of products.

Learn that you live on a planet which has a self-cleaning CYCLE of natural catastrophic events and it is comong soon, learn that ALL OF the major entities of your time in history have conspired against us ALL to hide these facts.

Understand what you are up against,then bring it to its knees,you CAN DO IT TOGETHER..... but only if you go it alone,you MUST be brave and you MUST be stalwart,you must fight your masters,you must fight your own keepers,those who came before you and created this mess.

In short,dont trust anyone born before 1980 if you want to have a fighting chance.Uncover and out and hold accountable ALL OF YOUR ELDERS WHO HAVE TRIED TO STIFLE YOU AND TO CONTROL YOU AND TO DROWN OUT YOUR VOICES,these are your grandparents and your parents ,these people disenfranchised their own Children enmasse,they are my peers and YOU MUST BE HARD ON THEM,on all of us who came before you,there are to few good apples left in the olde barrels to take any chances,use a scorched earth policy upon us and have no mercy.

To the Children of the 80s who are our TRUE HOPE,look to the children who came AFTER you,the Children of the 90s and 2000s for your help and support,band together and begin a new future,you must feast upon the old before Humanity can grow anew again,and this means anyone born before the 80s.

There are WAY LESS HURDLES than you think,as long as you NEVER TRUST anyone who came before you and shed the brainwashing forced upon your predecessors you will find there are but a small handfull of real cockroaches running the show on our planet,simply keep learning and researching and TARGET THE CHILDREN OF THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE,......AT ALL COST ENSURE THAT THE MASSIVE VOLUMES OF MONEY THESE COCKROACHES ARE TRYING TO HIDE FOR THEIR KIDS NEVER ENDS UP WHERE THEY WANT IT TO GO.

DO NOT allow the Money Mongers to continue the Cycle,when the Baby Boomers finally die off make sure their money goes back to HUMANITY,every last red cent,make it a CRUSADE if you need to,but at all cost DO NOT ALLOW THE MONEY TO STAY IN THE FAMILIES,go for the biggest first,soon the olde dogs will be croaking left and right and their organisational structures and ability to screw with laws and every system out there will be eroded terminally,when the olde boys club gets to old to olay ball,THE GAME IS OVER.

I apologise if I come across as a little bitter,but I am trying to show you what you are up against.A VERY VERY few of US from the pre-80s will ALWAYS be supporting you in the background,BUT REMEMBER IT WILL BE A VERY VERY FEW.

I was born in the 60s and I want to puke when I think of what that particular time in History did to Humanity,what the baby Boomers have done to us all.

Our Nuclear familys were destroyed,the very fabric of what made up our society at the time was ripped to shreds,so ONE GENERATION COULD HAVE THEMSELVES AND ORGY/PARTY.

Make sure you kids get the story straight.Someone intentionlly orchestrated the changes we witnessed socially,it was an act of war upon Humanity as a whole,it crippled a massive epic Generation which could have and SHOULD HAVE propelled us far into a productive and healthy Humanitarian future,but which instead has regessed us and brought us to the prcipice of Species level destruction.

Go back to the 1800s and follow the money to today,it is clear who and how your world was taken to the brink of destruction by, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE,who suppressed Tesla in favor of Edison,who suppressed Marijuana and Hemp for Big Pharma and the Oil industry? Who are these people? You have the data, all you need to do is use it before these cockroaches find way to TAKE IT AWAY.

Remember above all else,to PUNISH THE RICH because they pimped out your Grandparents and your Parents and are going to aim for you next,they USED EACH OTHER and only a VERY FEW of the Boomers hold ALL OF THE MASSIVE VOLUME OF WEALTH,it is an inequity as large as the generation itself was.

Dont punish ALL of the Boomers because the majority were pawns in a sickening game,remember these people are now by and large POOR and facing tremendous hardship now that they are realising their Pals from THEIR OWN GENERATION HAVE SCREWED THEM ALL IN THE EAR.

Be nice to the victimised Boomers ,they are your familys,but have no mercy and force them to break the cycle,and to be accountable,force them to FACE THE MESS THEY MADE and recruit their VOTING POWER to your side while you still can.Give them a way to strike back at their few peers who screwed us all.Show them how to use their voting power and your smarts and drive to CHANGE THINGS RIGHT NOW.You DO NOT have to wait your turn,go for it right now,have no respect in terms of taking control for none was given to you when you were deprived of it.

On behalf of yourselves and on behalf of the victimised majority of your grandparents and Parents and those of you who today suffer tremendous hardships on the very streets which made these few ultr-rich cockroaches running the show powerfull, TAKE THE MONEY BACK ,it is a travesty and HUMANITY MUST CORRECT IT.

Search out the Filthy Few Ultra-rich and cut them down to size now that they are very very weak and in a transition period where they are woefully unprepared to battle you,you now have them by the cojones because of the epic volume of data spewed onto the internet in the last 15-20 years,they are now terminally vulnerable,catch them when they try to hand off the ball to their kids.It is your only chance to stop history from repeating itself.Name names as fast as you can,use the data to point fingers before they can catch up to the information revolution which has caught them with their pants down so to speak.

And finally,BLAME US,do not allow us to go quietly into the night,force us to help while we still can.



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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 01:00 AM
One acre of cannabis hemp produces as much paper making materials as 4 acres of trees. This was known way back in 1916.

Here is a link to USDA Bulletin 404


a reply to: kelbtalfenek

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