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ATS. What do you think about a Age limit?

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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: yuppa


I utterly and completely disagree with that sort of idea. One hundred and ten percent against, and rising every day.

The reason for this could not be simpler. This site, as an intellectual resource, is not something which should be denied to a person, just because they happen to be young! I am twenty nine years of age now, but if I had of had access to a site like this when I was at school, I am pretty confident that I would have had a better experience of my teen years, if only for the fact that I would have had my mind nourished by access to an intellectual peer group much earlier. As it was, I had to wait till I was out of school to find such a thing.

Minds are most adaptable and energetic, when they are young. That is why schooling tends to happen at a young age. Therefore, I would say that the earlier a person comes across this site, the better for them, and for society too! Informed youth becomes informed adult, informed adult means informed voter, and an informed voting populous is better for societies than an ignorant one.

Until education standards in the free world improve, I say we follow the Pink Floyd method around here, and allow the youngsters the ability to prevent themselves from becoming just another brick.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 02:54 AM
a reply to: yuppa

Social Security number? Drivers license number? Well, if you went forward with those requirements, it would be an excellent experiment in reverse Darwinism. You would end up with a forum populated only with the utterly clueless, moronically naive, and utterly butt stupid. You would have a discussion board that would more resemble a conference of Forest Gumps.

Also, In my opinion, you are proposing a solution for which there is no problem. The clueless responses, most of us just skip past and I've been all over this board and I haven't seen anything that was inappropriate.

My thoughts.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 03:54 AM
a reply to: onequestion

I agree to disagree. nothing should be hidden from 13 years upwards

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 05:33 AM
The only way to determine age for UK based users would be if we gave ATS our credit card numbers.

And yeaaahhhh, that ain't gonna happen.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 12:33 PM
a reply to: DJMSN

you do realize i later amended my original OP on age right? I have seen age verification work on numerous sites but this one is one of the exceptions it would seem. And I only give out SS info if the site is guranteed and encrypted.

posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 03:25 PM

originally posted by: yuppa
... I only give out SS info if the site is guranteed and encrypted.

I have never seen a website that asked for a social-security number.

Unless it was a government-related website they wouldn't have access to a database to check the number and your name and age matched.

Whoever asked you for your social security number I'd double-check it's not some sort of identity-theft scam ...

5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number

Your identity is your biggest asset, and your Social Security number is the key to your personal kingdom. With it an identity thief can wreak havoc, hijacking your old credit accounts, establishing new ones, buying cars and houses, committing crimes, even obtaining medical products and services while pretending to be you, endangering not just your credit and your reputation, but also your life. Consumers whose Social Security numbers are exposed in a data breach are five times more likely to become fraud victims than those who aren't, according to the latest identity fraud report by Javelin Strategy & Research. Just say no For better or worse, you are the gatekeeper. The person most responsible for shielding your Social Security Number is you. Therefore, your mission is to limit, as best you can, the universe of those who gain access to it.
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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 03:28 PM

originally posted by: yuppa
I think there have even been a few 14 yr olds registering here too.

My daughter started this thread when she was 11 years old -
Hi, I'm Cookie Doodle .
I don't have a problem with teens being on this board.

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posted on Jul, 9 2014 @ 09:31 PM

originally posted by: calstorm
Asking for drivers license number or social security numbers is appalling!


Indeed. Checking someone's ID before you allow them to post on a conspiracy forum? Yeah. If you want to royally screw things up, do this.

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