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Women's Fight of the Century?: Women MMA Bantam Weight Division Title Fight!

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posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: XsweetNspiceyX

Would have loved to have seen cat pull it off. But ronda had it going for her tonight. Cat will regroup come back and win it all.

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: metalholic

The End!

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 01:41 AM
a reply to: metalholic

I had hoped tonight we'd see Ronda at least face a little bit of adversity, but no such luck. Zingano was just way too reckless this time, but I hope she gets a chance to redeem herself in the future. I also watched the Holm-Pennington bout, and it was painfully obvious those two ladies wouldn't last 30 seconds in the octagon with Rousey.

It's quite clear Ronda is in her own league, and from this point forward the only woman who would draw any sort of hype for a showdown with Rousey is Cyborg. Or maybe Miesha again, because she's tough and she's definitely easy on the eyes.

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: LessThanZero

I get what your saying but for me it's cat all the way!

tonight was a bad showing for us. But for the other side of me because i'am a rousey fan. We gave cat something to evolve with....

till the rematch!

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 04:50 AM
That was one of the most well executed properly planned finishes I have ever seen in MMA,RR is in it to win it .

The challenge everyone faces with RR is one of instincts,nearly all of her opponents have come in with gameplans,a few have tried to wing it and fight on instinct,but at the end of the day you dont want to get into a technical spelling bee with RR in the octagon.

You need to have a gameplan which incorporates fluidity and instinct but does not forsake structure.

I have also noticed a LOT of yapping in the womens fights by their corners or someone,it is awfully distracting and you cannot fight FLUIDLY when you are constantly trying to pick up directions and verbals from the sidelines,if you think even A TINY BIT that it is worth breaking continuity and fluidity of your thinking and motion to listen for directions you ought not get into a contest with someone who knows how to properly focus.

RR executes to quickly for opponents to rely on their corners or coaches during the fights,you need to face her ONE-ON-ONE,no tricks no gameplan,just good old fashioned "I will meet you in the middle",IMHO the world class boxer I saw the other day with the lightening fast headkick MIGHT be able to run away fast enough long enough to get off a head kick,but it is a long shot,her fluidity "could" be worked with,her boxing instincts "could be" tailored into a specific MMA style for her....BUT I see her coaches taking her right up RRs alley,they are mistakenly trying to teach her to work on the ground.

RR has a lifetime of working on her fluidity and instincts,the world class boxer has a fighting chance where all others do not,she has similar fluidity and instincts...but she is being coached the direct opposite way from what she needs to be,her strengths are NOT being supported,she is being asked to find new strengths and each of these new things if not properly planned and implemented will TAKE AWAY from her fluidty and instinct which IMHO are the ONLY things she has to work with.

RR showed us this last fight that you WILL NOT pre-plan her demise,you WILL NOT remove the armbar from her arsenal,she has ten ways till Sunday to break your arm......she just showed us one,had she even put 40% of her power into that joint lock she would have broken that arm.RR sent a message that if you try to mess her up instead of fight a real fight she will snap your arm for you,she has sent the message she is Alpha and if you do not respect her you will get hurt.

I see epic holes in RRs game,things she is not recognising ,simple structure she has tailored to her own style which could easily be used to undermine her focus and rythem.Ya gotta identify the things RR has changed subtely to find ways to counter her,and this will take a type of talent beyond coaching and other competitiors,someone has to beat RR in their HEAD first and to date NO ONE HAS COME CLOSE.

RR is so well schooled and instinctual that she mentally executes like a visual thinker,this speed will not be matched by something normal or conventional,it will take a NewAge Fighting System to manage this.

posted on Mar, 1 2015 @ 09:10 PM
The only fight that I have seen Rousey in was against Meisha. I saw plenty of oppurtunities that Tate didn't take advantage of. If Tate could learn how to use her knees and pay more attention to openings she could definitely beat Rousey.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 02:07 AM
a reply to: HarryJoy

No one can generate the power needed to overwhelm RR,Meisha was able to "match" RRs power in some circumstances,but she never overwhelmed her.

Had RR had the intentions she could have ruined Meishas arm with the first submission attempt,but she held off as she didnt yet understand Meishas drive,the 2nd time I read RRs body language,she knew the 2nd time she had to hurt the arm because the arm wasnt hurting Meisha.

RR wasnt expecting the hard lefts she was absorbing early,she was set back a bit,a lot actually,Meisha was tagging RR with the left when the distances closed,she was not looking to get fancy just to make RR pay a price,punches in bunches would have possibly won the fight for meisha.But RR is the champion for a reason,she is the best,she reads and reacts and executes the best,she is the best because she adjusts the quickest.

It is possible to upset RR in the octagon physiclly and mentally...I see specific methods,hard to define ones but there are cracks.

Meisha would be a nice prospect to train as the cure for RR....but as far as I am concerned RR has the most potential I have ever seen aside from GSP who I expect her to evolve exactly like.I would love to help RR in that evolution.

But then again I think anyone can be champ if they can work with their team and if they trust someone,you might be surprised how many fighters including some champs trust only themselves.

My honest opinion is that Meisha has the mindset to be a champion,something still tells me the boxer with the scary fast natural head kick is being groomed,if they go to fast and for example feed her to Meisha then RR might dodge next years bullet because right now both Meisha and RR will crush her,that kick is very much above average and releases from unconventional angles,smooth feet from a boxers perspective will be hard for an MMA fighter to read .If the boxer can survive a smaller woman who likes to grapple then she may make it to one of the big girls.

The thing everyone needs to recognise is the unusually low number of KOs in womens fights,the power IS THERE,but the confidence is not,this boxer is confident,and there is absolutely no reason she shouldnt be hitting buttons in every fight and putting opponents big lights out.Punchers dont beat ground fighters.....knockout "punches" delivered the right way do.

Until RR fears the KO she will not evolve herself.If she only respects it she will work around it and smash anyone who tweaks her.RR learns fast and guages accurately,you need to find something she will fear....and to do this you need to DESTROY a few women she has fought to get in her head,this will not be easy and only a true-knockout artist will be able to do it,it will take KOS with hands AND feet or knees IMHO to scare RR eough to make her change her money says Meisha evolves into a terminal threat before we ever see a female puncher who can find room to use her skills in the same octagon as RR.

Without out-of-the-box thinking and help NO ONE will ever read RR well enough to outthink or outexecute her in the octagon,no one.

RR has been the answer for conventional fighting her entire life,she was raised to be this,why do you think she altered her approach to the arm in her last fight?????she didnt have to it is almost impossible to counter her in any case.....she is sending a message that if you intend to plan her demise and to hurt her she will make you rue the day.She sent a message to coaches who think they can build gameplans to beat her that she is just to smart that they cannot force her to adjust enough to take her out of stride,and that IS what champions do.She has 10 ways till Sunday to paint that arm-bar on someone,she is just saying she will not be stopped....she CAN NOT be stopped from imposing her will on her opponent.

I love watching RR, IMHO she is one of the most humble and respectfull MMA fighters out she was inclined to RR would have destroyed a lot of careers already....she has been holding back punishment because she is so classy and respectfull of her opponents.She doesnt see punishing her opponent as being the path to victoy,she sees winning being that path,ASAP.


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