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King Tut's Treasures to tour US for first time since 1970's.

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 07:23 AM
I went to the store this morning and lo-and-behold what did I find? Front Page news right up my alley!

For the first time since the late 1970's the artifacts from King Tut's tomb will be touring the United States. Best of all, for me anyway, is that the exhibit will be hosted by the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, which incidentally is walking distance from my house!!!!!

The exhibit opens in December of 05 and will continue until April of 06. Among the items to be displayed are the royal golden diadem once worn on the Pharaoh's head, the small viscera coffin that once contained his mummified organs, and a wooden manequin of the young pharaoh. Also included with the tour are artifacts from the tombs of Amenhotep II, and Yuya and Tuyu--Tut's great grandparents.

Dr. Hawass says, "We are doing very important work in Egypt now with conservation of the monuments. We need money, and we felt King Tut really can supply that." He goes on to say that Egypt got left out of the profits during the 1970's exhibit but this time will be different. "At the exhibit that was here 26 years ago, America made money, Egypt did not make a penny. I am not sending any exhibition to any museum for free."

Also mentioned in the article is the upcoming CT scan to be performed on the mummy to determine the specific cause of death.

To me, this is just unbelieveable. The last I heard, Hawass didn't want the treasures to leave the country at all, ever! Now he's changing his tune since it can generate income for conservation. They'll do anything for money!

And I wonder, will the curse follow the treasure on this exhibit? Supposedly every time the treasures leaves the country bad things happen. WHO CARES? I'M GOING TO SEE KING TUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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