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Was John Edgar Hoover made the FBI director in 1924 because of a hidden subliminal in his name ?

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posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: trader21

Below is what I have discovered about this subject.

If one pronounces Hoover as Hovah, then this name may possibly become subliminally Jehovah and thus there is the Jehovah God Federal Building in Washington DC.

These are some interesting connections... &... English speaking Americans living on the east coast (New England) would indeed pronounce "hoover" as "hoovah" just as they would pronounce "motor car" as "motah cah". That's they way they talked back in those days.

A quick look at the wiki shows that although he says he was born in Washington DC he didn't have a birth certificate filed until, what?? 43 years AFTER he says he was born... by that time he had been FBI director for 14 years...

J. Edgar Hoover was born on New Year's Day 1895 in Washington, D.C., to Anna Marie (née Scheitlin; 1860–1938), who was of German Swiss descent, and Dickerson Naylor Hoover, Sr. (1856–1921), of English and German ancestry. The uncle of Hoover's mother was a Swiss honorary consul general to the United States. Hoover did not have a birth certificate filed, although it was required in 1895 Washington. Two siblings had certificates. Hoover's was not filed until 1938, when he was 43.

How does one become the top cop in the country with out a birth certificate...? Surely, J.Edgar Hoover himself would have known he didn't have one... that he should have one... his two siblings had them... apparently everyone just believed that was his real name... kind of like Gerald R. Ford situation... (born aka Leslie Lynch King, Jr.)

But back to Hoovah man himself, if he was truly born on New Year's Day 1895, and died on 2 May 1972, he would have been "77" years old at the time of his death... which was close to the Watergate break-in's, Apollo 16, and the George Wallace shooting... and "The Godfather" came out right about that time, too!

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